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OMG! How could I have forgotten!

My last blog consisted of a run down of Adam projects that have been delayed and/or announced and I said that we have at least 2 films planned for release next year.
I am also going to have to wait until October next year for the first of those releases.

However, it has just dawned on me that I forgot a project that is currently in post production.
A film that should have been released at Cannes this year but has been postponed to Cannes next year.

Annette, a musical!!
I have blogged about it before, saying that it is a musical that is sung from start to finish. I have been waiting with baited breath to see this film. Like I’ve said before, as much as I like a good musical, I like a musical that is scripted and interspersed with songs. I don’t generally like musicals that are completely sung as a narrative. Adam is not a professional singer but he can hold a tune. It’s going to be really interesting and raw. I’m either going to love it or hate it, and I am so hoping that I love it!!

At least I only have to wait until May for this one!!


I am so annoyed with myself. I’m on a couple of days off and I thought I’d take chance on getting a Tesco delivery.
I was lucky enough to find one for a 9 – 10am slot this morning.
As I needed to do quite a big top up shop, I booked the slot.

I proceeded to add all the cleaning and hygiene products we needed for the month from Toothpaste, soap and deoderant to bleach and washing tablets and everything in between. I then checked out to confirm the booking and went to check out the cupboards and freezers.
I went back into my order and added everything else that was needed and sat back in the knowledge that I had saved myself from having to do a large shop today.

However, Dharma popped her head into the living room late last night and asked if I’d checked out to confirm the rest of the shopping and to my horror I realised that I had missed checking out after adding the rest of the shopping and I was just 5 minutes too late to do anything about it!!

At least a lot of heavy cleaning and hygiene products were delivered this morning.
Just a bit pissed off that I still have to go and do quite a large shop at some point today.

And finally!! Some Adam news. Albeit just a few snippets.

Ridley Scott did a zoom interview this week and confirmed the re-start of shooting for ‘The Last Duel’. He stated….

“We start in about 2 weeks. I’m in Ireland right now where we’re going to be shooting, probably about 5 more weeks shooting and my cast are here and we’re about to begin. We’re going to be very, very careful and very, very meticulous about the process”

So Adam is in Ireland, but the delay in filming has meant that instead of seeing the film this Xmas as originally planned, I will now have to wait for October 15th next year. On the bright side, that’s just in time for my birthday!

And there has been MORE Adam news.

Ridley Scott must like Adam Driver because it has been confirmed by ‘Gucci’ that Adam has just signed up to star alongside Lady Gaga in ‘Gucci’ being directed by Ridley Scott, although what part Adam will be playing is yet to be confirmed.
The film is a true crime drama about the Gucci family murder and is slated for a release date of November 24th next year.


Yesterday we received news that Adam is to star in a Horror Thriller!!
It’s an original script called ’65’ from Producer Sam Raimi.
Adam will apparently play an opioid addict who has become a hopeless shadow of his former self. He’s involved in some kind of catastrophic accident & the only other person to emerge from the crash is a 9 y/o girl who speaks a different language. The 2 of them must work together to survive”.

So, at least 2 films next year and already planning one for the following year.
I just need to see some up to date pictures of him now or even a small interview.
How’s he been during lockdown?
Knowing Adam, he probably thrived because he is such a private person.
He has probably relished the time he’s been able to spend with Joanne and his kid who is probably around the 2 year old mark by now. We don’t know.
We didn’t even know he and Joanne had had the kid, he’s that private.

So, time to put my feet up for a bit.
A friend is coming round for our weekly movie and a chat day in a little while and we have decided to watch ‘Black Panther’ in honour of Chadwick Bozeman.
Gone WAY too soon but what a legacy he’s leaving.


Since the release of the new Batman trailer with Robert Pattinson, my Instagram and Twitter feeds have been rammed with Adam Driver fans ‘comparing’ him to Robert Pattinson.



There is absolutely no comparison and I cannot for the life of me understand why people fawn over Robert Bloody Pattinson!!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some of his films that I really liked.
He was the perfect Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and Remember Me is a wonderful film.
His hysterical French accent as the Dauphin in The King was brilliant opposite the incredibly talented Timothee Chalamet as Henry V.

I’ll admit, the new take on Batman does look good and I really want to see it, but there is NOTHING attractive about Robert Pattinson.

There is no comparing this….

To this!!

All this has succeeded in doing is fill my feeds up with something that is beginning to really wind me up!!
The frustrating thing is that I don’t want to unfollow these people because their content on the most part is really good and makes me smile before I go to work in the mornings!!

I suppose it’s just something that I’m going to have to put up with until the Batman mania dies down again.

Each to their own I suppose.


So, it’s been two years ago to the day that we got this happy Adam at the Cannes film festival for the BlacKkKlansman premiere.

Adorable Grin Version 2.0 Adam Driver attends the photo call for ...

Spike Lee managed to create a movie that was tastefully funny, still relevant and shocking. If you haven’t already seen it, what are you waiting for?! Think I may even watch it tonight!

Spike Lee, John David Washington, Topher Grace, Damaris Lewis ...

Anyway, this also got me thinking about what we have missed out on this week.
This should have been the Cannes Film Festival week and we should have been getting the premiere of Adam’s new film Annette. A musical of all things and one which is sung from start to finish. I have been waiting with baited breath to see this film. Like I’ve said before, as much as I like a good musical, I like a musical that is scripted and interspersed with songs. I don’t generally like musicals that are completely sung as a narrative. Adam is not a professional singer but he can hold a tune. It’s going to be really interesting and raw. I’m either going to love it or hate it, and I am so hoping that I love it!!

Adam has had 5 movies premiere at the last 4 festivals.
In 2016 it was Paterson. A quirky Jim Jarmusch movie.

Adam Driver - Adam Driver Photos - 'Paterson' - Red Carpet ...

That same year, I actually won tickets to see this film at the Picturehouse Central in London with Adam doing a Q+A afterwards. It was an amazing evening and that very Q+A is on the DVD release!

2017 saw The Meyerowitz Stories released. Adam did not attend this one.

He made up for it in 2018 with not one, but two movies. BlacKkKlansman and The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Adam was there and attended the red carpets for both films.

ADAM REN - ultimate-adam-driver: Olga Kurylenko and Adam...
J.D. Washington leaves football behind with 'BlacKkKlansman' role ...

In 2019 he was there for another Jim Jarmusch film, The Dead Don’t Die.

Hollywood Stars Bring The Glamour To Cannes Film Festival Opening ...

Not the greatest zombie movie ever made, but another quirky Jim Jarmusch film.

So, this year we are left hanging. With the cancellation of the Cannes Film Festival because of the world shut down, we have no idea when Annette will actually be released.
I just hope it will be worth the wait.

Annette (2020) - Filmaffinity


OK, I’m slowly getting back on track.
I’ve been doing a lot of cat napping over the last few days and I seem to be building up some stores of energy. I might even try and soak up some sun today to top it all off.

Where I go from here, all depends on what the Dr thinks of my weeks worth of blood pressure readings on Monday.
I don’t think they have been too bad, but then I’m not the professional.
I just want to get started on HRT and get on with my life.

Anyway, that’s not what this blog was meant to be about.

How is everyone coping with lockdown?

I see we still have idiots in the US who are demanding to get their country re-opened because ‘it’s my right to get a haircut!!’
They’re doing it while armed with guns and getting away with it!!
White men, dressed in camouflage, brandishing weapons in places of government.

Says it all really.
I can only wonder what kind of scenes we would be seeing on the news, had those same protesters been black!!
It doesn’t bare thinking about.

Apparently we have idiots in Ireland too, with a gathering due to take place this afternoon.

Anyway, back to reality.

Ian is now officially working from home again after being furloughed for the last three weeks.
He also received his letter officially telling him that he’s one of the ‘high risk categories’ and should now isolate himself as much as possible for the next 12 weeks.!!
Great!! Only 6 weeks late.
Just as well we already knew that anyway and he has been pretty much self isolating from day one.

The kids are all doing great.
Marjorie and Dharma are finishing off college and University projects.
Dharma has been told that her final project will probably be default graded and averaged against her previous results, which she is really happy about because she has got distinctions throughout!

Murron has pretty much moved into the garage!!
Not complaining. It means no arguments in the house and she can play her guitars, and sing to her hearts content, and facetime her friends with no worries.

Apart from my wobble this week, I’m not doing too bad either.
Although, I really need to think about doing a little more exercise.
I seem to have stagnated.
Hopefully the Dr will be helping me to feel a little more normal over the next few weeks and I can only help that by getting off my arse and also doing something about it.

What do I miss in Lockdown?

Apart from my Mum and Dad, who are literally just around the corner, I miss jumping into a car and nipping to the cinema occasionally.
I miss going out for a meal, followed by a cinema trip.

I have loads of time to watch movies at home, but it just isn’t the same.

With everything in the film world on hold, there is not really much in the way of news coming from Adam. I saw an amusing tweet this morning that was something like this….

The man has done exactly what I thought he would and gone to ground.
There hasn’t even been any confirmation that he made it back to the US safely from France when his film was put on hiatus back in March.

I’m assuming he did, as it would be plastered all over the news if he didn’t.
No, he is tucked away at home, looking after his wife, his son and his pupper, Moose!

With that said, there was a splash of potential news on Thursday, as Variety posted and article saying that Adam will star in an adaptation of ‘Yankee Comandante’. Although this has yet to appear on Adam’s IMDB page.

It will be based on a New Yorker article by David Grann, about two people who rose to the rank of Comandante during the Cuban Revolution.
One was Che Guevara and the other was William Alexander Morgan, a man from Ohio.

Adam is reportedly playing William Morgan.
And yes, after googling the man, he has chosen another film where his character dies!! This time by firing squad.

ADAM!! We need to see you in a happy ending, give us a break!!
Or even in more comedy. You gave us a taste with Logan Lucky and you are hysterical when you appear on SNL.

Recent movies are making me sad.
You went mad in Don Quixote.
You died in the Dead Don’t Die.
You came to terms with your lot in Marriage Story.
You died in Star Wars.
We know your character will come to a sticky end in The Last Duel.
And if Yankee Comandante is made, your character dies by firing squad.

This is not doing my lockdown mood any favours!!

Right, Midday already.
One thing I’ve noticed in lockdown is that you can waste so much time doing nothing!!


So how is everyone doing during this unprecedented period in history.
How is your lockdown going?

Personally, my lockdown is going OK.
As a Paediatric Nurse, I still go to work, however, there have been BIG changes to the ‘norm’.
The feeling on a day to day basis is ‘ominous’ rather than scary and I really feel for my colleagues who work on the adult side.

My family have ‘so far’ been relatively unaffected.
My parents live just around the corner and apart from dropping something on their doorstep and then stepping to the end of the garden for a quick chat with Mum at the door, I haven’t had any contact with them for over three weeks now.

The extended family appear OK, I keep up with what’s happening over Facebook and Whatsapp.

I had a brilliant evening on Sunday as me and two of my girls joined my Brother, his wife and their kids, my Dad, and few of my Brother’s friends, for an online pub quiz via Zoom that my Brother had arranged.
It turned out to be a good laugh and we won! which was a bonus.

I have been doing a weekly, rather than every other day, shop at the local superstore and we are lucky enough to have a mini market and butcher right over the road, so basics like milk, bread and eggs are readily available when we run out, unfortunately they are also licensed and the household alcohol consumption has gone through the roof!!

The kids continue with their evening walks for exercise and I really need to think about ramping up my own exercise as I am not up to my usual level of mobility. Sitting at home on days off, drinking and snacking, has seen my weight creeping up rather quickly and Ian has literally spent three weeks locked in our bedroom and only comes down for food.

Anyway, we haven’t got away from the Coronavirus completely unscathed.
There have been several losses from the local music community, one of which hit home pretty hard as my daughter lost one of her band mates last week. He was a much loved and highly respected member of the local music community and is going to leave a very large hole in the music scene when it gets back together after the lockdown.

One good thing on my days off, is that I now have the perfect excuse to binge my movies!!
I have been keeping a record of what I watch for a few years, particularly cinema trips, so that we make the most of our Cineworld cards, but last year got completely forgotten about as I came to the end of my University course and getting registered and starting my new job as a Nurse Associate. There just wasn’t time to think about films.

So in January, I decided to start fresh. I did not consider the lockdown that was to come, and although going to the cinema is only a dream at the moment, it has meant that I get to binge to my hearts content at home.
I’ve just done a bit of a tally and, considering we are only 106 days into the year, I have watched 131 movies!!

With the world shut down at the moment, and all movie filming and releases put on hold, I am getting no news or updates about any projects I’m interested in or indeed my favourite actors.

One actor in particular has done exactly what I expected him to do.
Adam Driver, is a fiercely private man at the best of times. Let’s face it, keeping the fact that you became a Daddy secret for two whole years is pretty good going!
After filming for ‘The Last Duel’ was put on Hiatus because of the Coronavirus, there has been no news about Adam. Nothing. Not even a notification to say he’d even made it home safely.
Anyway, I have no doubt he has locked himself away with his wife and son and their dog, Moose, and is enjoying his family before everything goes back to normal.

Until last night, things had been pretty dull when it came to anything to do with future movie releases and then BAM! we get a whole slew of new images from the new production of ‘Dune’, due for release in December.

Now Timothee Chalamet is playing Paul Atreides.
Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I have a soft spot for this young man and the first look at him as Paul is very promising.


The picture of Oscar Isaac who plays Paul’s father, Duke Leto, is something else!! Oh Daddy!

Now they’ve dangled these images at us, I hope they will be followed up by a first look trailer.
Then we only have to hope that this whole shit storm is over, and life is going back to normal by December so that it actually gets it’s release date on the 18th December.

Think I have just found a new countdown to add to my blog page.

Right, Keep that social distancing going. Stay safe. XX



My self imposed, one month, Adam Driver blackout has ended.
It’s been an entire month.
I can safely say that I won’t be doing that again.
I honestly felt like I had a missing limb.

Right, what’s been happening in Adam’s world?

It looks like he will have yet another film premiering at Cannes in May (Corona virus not withstanding!!).
Annette has been in post production for a while now, so a May premiere is highly likely.

I am becoming more and more intrigued by this film.
It is, apparently, a musical, and the kind of musical where the story is entirely told by song.
I have said before, that this kind of musical is really not my cup of tea.
I much prefer a script that is interspersed with songs.

However…… Remember these guys?

Ron Mael is the keyboard player and principal songwriter for the band ‘Sparks’ which he founded with vocalist younger brother Russell Mael in 1971.

Ron and Russell have written this film and the music for the film and after hearing Adam belt out ‘Being Alive’ at the end of ‘Marriage Story’, I have no doubt that this film is going to be very interesting.

Anyway, after a bit of a break back home in New York with the Missus, the kid and the pup, and hosting yet another SNL show, Adam is now just a short train ride away in France, where he is filming his next movie, ‘The Last Duel’. (As of today, it’s possible that he is stuck in France for the forseable future, as Donald Trump has just halted travel from Europe to the US because of Coronavirus!!)

The film is set in 14th Century France and tells the story of Knight, Jean de Carrouges (played by Matt Damon) who is ordered to settle a dispute with his squire Jacques LeGris (played by Adam Driver) by King Charles VI. It is the last judicial duel ever held in France.

Some leaked on set photos recently, showed Adam’s co-star, Matt Damon, in costume.

Some photos of Adam supposedly arriving for what is thought to be costume fittings and a hair cut, were also leaked, and to say that Adam was looking a little pensive is an understatement.

I was so worried they were going chop off those luscious locks and give him a bowl cut, and if they had, I would have been seriously pissed off!!

Anyway, a couple of days later some more photos were leaked of Adam on set, and it looks like I didn’t need to worry. The luscious lock are still there, and if anything, it looks like he’s had some extensions! Adam is looking quite intriguing.

Anyway, filming continues amidst the Corona Virus hysteria.
To say, I’m a little concerned by the travelling that Adam has to do is an understatement, but at the same time, he’s a healthy man. Adam will be fine.

Other than this, it’s all been a bit quiet on the Adam front.
I still enjoy trawling the net for new pictures and news, but this time of year is a little quiet for anything like that.

I have noticed a few more GIFs from ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ appearing.

Credit for the GIF goes to driverdelight.tumblr.com

This one is one of my favourites. Adam tackling some wire work is possibly the most ‘physical’ Adam has had to get in ‘any’ movie so far and I absolutley want to see more!!
I love his little Indie movies but I’d LOVE to see him get his teeth into something with a little more action!!

The Last Duel promises to have some good sword fighting, but being set in the 14th Century, I can’t see there being much need for wire work or special effects!
No, I want to see him in something requiring a bit more physicality. He’s an imposing figure and can obviously handle physical stuff during filming.
Maybe even see a ‘nasty’ side to one of his characters.

Don’t get me wrong… Rick, Allan, Jude, Jamie, Phillip, Sevier, Paterson, etc…. ALL fabulous characters, but…….

……ultimately ‘NICE’ characters.
After seeing Adams ‘physical’ abilities in Star Wars, I want to see more!

But then, Adam is ultimately a ‘NICE’ guy in all aspects of life.
In fact he’s an absolutely hero to Ben Affleck!

He also has a comical side and this is quite evident when he appears on SNL.
So I’ll end this blog with a few of his appearances from January’s outing as host on SNL.

Adam has a wonderfully dry sense of humour.
This is hysterical. You can see the inner Kylo slowly emerging!!
Adam in leather….. nuff said!!

It’s good to have him back on the blog!!


I won’t deny I’m a little disappointed, but I knew, deep down, going into these Oscars that the Best Leading Actor Trophy would be going to Joaquin Phoenix.

So, disappointment over….. Adam’s time will come. I have NO doubt about that.

It’s time to look at my predictions and in my last post I said…..

‘My prediction for tomorrow evening is that the ladies will continue to disappoint with their ugly choices, Billy will steal the show with something fabulous and Adam will again be in black!’

Well, I was right about Adam. He’s been recycling this suit all awards season, but that’s Adam. He still looks gorgeous though, and Joanne looked stunning!

Next, Billy Porter.

I have to admit, his red carpet look fell a little flat for me.

BUT…….. His after party look ROCKED!!!

I was pleasantly surprised by the women.
Considering some of the horror creations I’ve seen this season, there were some truly stunning dresses on show last night.
In my opinion, Regina King ruled the evening in this stunning gown.

So there you have it. The movie calendar resets and starts all over again.
Roll on next awards season!


Right, tomorrow night is the BIG ONE, the Oscars. The royalty of awards shows.

For the second year in a row, Adam Driver has got a nomination.
Last year it was for Best Supporting Actor in BlacKkKlansman and this year it is for Best Lead Actor in Marriage Story.

He’s up against Antonio Banderas, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix and Jonathan Pryce.

Predominantly, the actors who win both the Golden Globe and the BAFTA, usually go on to win the Oscar. This year, they have gone to Joaquin Phoenix.
However, there are rare instances when the Academy surprise us with bucking the trend and going for the underdog.
So, I suppose I am still holding out a little bit of hope for Adam.

If you read my blog regularly, you will know that Adam’s competition throughout this awards season has been Joaquin Phoenix for his performance as The Joker.
I have done some number crunching today and as of today, the 8th Feb, the statistics for this years awards season look like this.

Adam has 59 nominations.
Joaquin has 49 nominations.

Adam has 38 wins.
Joaquin has 17 wins.

So, not only does Adam have 10 more nominations than Joaquin, he also has a 64% win ratio as opposed to Joaquin’s 34% win ratio.

In my eyes, this is quite telling.
The industry quite obviously rates Adam’s performance above that of Joaquin’s, but sadly, when it comes to the Academy voters, they will quite often take into consideration, past history of nominations and back catalogue of work. They quite often think… ‘it’s about time this guy won’ and will brush aside new talent that probably deserved that win more, simply because they haven’t ‘done their time’ in the industry yet.

They might surprise us this year, but I’m really not holding my breath.

So I am going to concentrate by efforts on the red carpet instead.
Everyone concentrates on what the ladies are wearing, and to be completely honest, the fashion choices this year have been very dubious, particularly at the Golden Globes.

Anyway, bitching aside, the men have started coming out of their shells a little bit and we are occasionally getting and little more colour and a little more daring showing up on the red carpet.

Now Adam ALWAYS looks good in a suit, but he has played things very safe lately with the simple black tuxedo’s and last week’s BAFTAs was no exception. It may have been Louis Vuitton with Louboutin shoes, but it was still just black.

Such a shame, because when he wears a little colour, it really makes him shine!

There is of course, only one KING of the red carpet at the moment, and that is of course, Billy Porter!

He broke the mould at the Oscars last year by just being himself, and it was the most glorious suit/gown on the carpet by far. (and a finger to the haters)

Image result for billy porter oscars 2019

He has proved, time and time again, that the ladies have some fierce competition.

Billy Porter in a white tixuedo with feathered train on the Golden Globes 2019 red carpet
Image result for billy porter bafta 2020
Image result for billy porter bafta 2020
Image result for billy porter 2020

My prediction for tomorrow evening is that the ladies will continue to disappoint with their ugly choices, Billy will steal the show with something fabulous and Adam will again be in black!

Watch this space (I will try not to be too disappointed)


Finally, an awards show I can actually watch!!

Being in the UK really sucks when it comes to awards season.
The big American awards are never shown here in the UK and if they are, it’s usually just highlights the day after.

So here is one set of awards that belong to us Brits. The BAFTAS!!
They will air on UK TV at 21:00 tomorrow evening.

As much as I have my hopes up for Adam Driver to win the Best Actor award, I feel, deep down, that this is going to Joaquin Phoenix.

Now don’t get me wrong, Joaquin’s performance was amazing, but Adam’s was hands down better, and when you consider that out of all of the awards that have been given so far this season, Adam has had just under 58 nominations and around 35 wins, and Joaquin has had just under 50 nominations and only around 15 wins, I think the industry believes that too.

My problem with the two big ones, BAFTAS and Oscars, is that they don’t just vote on the performance that an actor has been nominated for.
They quite clearly will look at the back history and previous number of nominations, and on the back of that, because he’s had more nominations in previous years, I can pretty much put money on Joaquin winning both the BAFTA and Oscar titles.

TBH, that’s a shame, because out of the two performances, and without trying to sound biased, I believe Adam’s performance is the more worthy winner.

You want to Netflix and chill tonight?, you like a good tearjerker?, then go and watch ‘Marriage Story’.