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I decided to make the most of this day off between 4 long days.
I dragged the hubster out of bed and after a bit of a tidy up and Murron’s trip to the dentist, we made our way to MK to watch a film.
We went to see Man Up, a Simon Pegg rom com and it was pretty good.
We followed that with an obligatory trip to Wagamamas for some noodles.

Back in Bedford I dropped Ian off at home in time for the kids to get in from school and I disappeared to Tesco to see this weeks round up of DVD releases.
I can honestly say it was a really difficult decision to make today……. NOT!!

The new releases included 50 Shades of Grey with Jamie Dornan and Blackhat with Chris Hemsworth.
Let me see… 50 Shades or Blackhat? 50 Shades or Blackhat?
Easiest decision EVER!!!
Blackhat won hands down.
Chris Hemsworth could have been in a film as Postman Pat and it would have been the easiest decision ever.

Now, it had better be a good film after all that.
It’s one I actually missed at the cinema.

4 OUT OF 10

OK, so I’ll  admit it, I went to see ’50 Shades of Grey’.

Yes, I’ve read the books, although I am still to complete book 3 as it was all getting a little tedious.
I wasn’t holding out much hope for the film because I didn’t agree with the choice of actors for Christian and Anna.
As I was coming to the end of some annual leave and there was nothing else on except kids films and Ian was also at home, I decided to give it a go.
I can honestly say that if we hadn’t got our unlimited cinema cards this is the kind of film we would usually wait to see when the DVD is released.

So how was it?
It was nothing special.
In fact I found it a little tiresome and not in the least bit sensual.
Don’t get me wrong, it was an OK film and I’m not sorry I went to see it but would I rush out to see it again?

Will I be getting it on DVD?
When it hits bargain basement £3-£5… possibly.

Will I be going to the cinema to see the next one?
Probably not, I can wait for the DVD.

I will admit that Jamie Dornan was a bit of a surprise.
He was better than I was expecting but was he Christian Grey?
In my eyes…… no he wasn’t.
Christian Grey is supposed to be so drop dead gorgeous that when he walks into a room with a woman on his arm every other woman in the room would be jealous, regardless of who she’s with.
I just don’t get that with Jamie Dornan.
Good looking he may be but he is not Christian Grey drop dead gorgeous.

The biggest mistake of the film was the casting of Dakota Johnson as Anna.
Totally wrong.
This is a woman who is supposed to be untouched by a man. Sweet and innocent and ordinary looking.
Dakota Johnson doesn’t look like any of those things.
She certainly doesn’t come off as someone in her early twenties.
She’s an actress who looks older than her twenty five years to start with and she certainly doesn’t look sweet and innocent.
In the film she comes across as an actress trying too hard to be something she’s not.

So I’m afraid I will only be giving this one 4 out of 10 for a nice try.


I’ve kept quiet for a few days.
I haven’t been getting up to much, just enjoying my time off work and having a change of pace.
However, I’ve kept quiet about a couple of things for long enough.

First of all the first ’50 Shades of Grey’ trailer.

Am I excited?
Well….. no actually I’m not.

I got into the books like millions of other people did and I had a picture in my head of Christian Grey and he is supposed to be ‘stunning’.
He is supposed to be sleek and sexy and charming and he has the kind of look that makes ‘all’ women swoon and go gooey and get jealous of any other woman he may be with.

I’m really sorry if this upsets anyone but Jamie Dornan is just NONE of the above!!
OK, he’s a relatively good looking guy BUT he’s not Christian Grey.

Don’t even get me started on Dakota Johnson.
Never has a bigger casting mistake ever been made.
Too old looking, not innocent looking enough. She simply looks like a well groomed hollywood actress trying to play it down and failing miserably.
I’ll leave that one there.

Onto the next subject.
Wonder Woman.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Superman.
I was very impressed with the recent re-boot of the franchise and I was really hoping that Henry Cavill was going to get a chance to really flourish in the next movie without being overshadowed by other big names and characters like George Clooney was as Batman.

I am getting a little worried about Superman VS Batman. Ooops, sorry…. Batman VS Superman!! He doesn’t even get first billing in the title!!
I know I probably have nothing to worry about but it’s very difficult not to.

I accepted Ben Affleck as Batman.
I like Ben Affleck and after seeing the first images of him as an older Batman I am feeling quite at ease.
When I heard ‘Wonder Woman’ was making an appearance I got extremely worried.

I’ve blogged before that I am not a Wonder Woman fan.
I have always found her character to be very cheesy and the 70’s TV series is to blame.
I began to wonder how they were going to make this look work on film.

Wonder Woman 03

Then this weekend saw the release of the first official images at Comic Con 2014.

Wonder Wooman 04

I like that they’ve dropped the ‘red, white and blue’
The earthy armoured look is much more effective and much more Amazonian.
Why would any woman, particularly one who needs to move freely to fight and defend herself, want to run around in 6 inch heels!!
Why does a sexy, confident, superhero need heel’s?
Why do heel’s have to have anything to do with that costume at all?
Wonder Woman in the comics had ‘no heels’ or ‘low heels’ she never had 6 inch wedges!
I actually feel that putting a strong powerful woman in heels like this is degrading.

Anyway, we’ll see how it works out in 2016.