Yesterday I went to see ‘Ready Player One’ at the request of one of my daughters.

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I can say that I haven’t really been on the ball with this one.
Apart from seeing the trailer, I really haven’t read much about it or researched anything to do with it, so I wasn’t all that fussed about going to see it.
I didn’t even know that Simon Pegg was in it!
I certainly didn’t know that Ben Mendelsohn was in it!!

OK, interest piqued!

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So, what about the film?

It was amazing!!
Loads of action with beautifully imagined and executed scenes.
A strong message about getting noses out of phones and tablets and computers and games and actually living in the real world!

But what actually makes the film great is the nostalgia.

The music in particular was brilliant and I just had to make a Spotify playlist with as many as I could find. If you have spotify, you can check it out here.

Ready Player One Songs.

References to films, games, comics, TV shows, in fact ALL popular multi-media are littered through the entire movie. When the Bluray is released, there are going to be millions of people pausing scenes to catch all the different Avatars used in all the scenes!!
Trust me, there were so many I missed, I would probably have to watch it a dozen times to catch them all.

We’re talking….. big breath……
The Joker and Harley Quinn.
The Delorean from Back to the Future.

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A Rubiks cube renamed ‘The Zemekis’ cube after Robert Zemekis, the Director of Back to the Future and that allows characters to travel back in time by 60 seconds.
A Light Cycle from Tron.
Jurassic Park.
Several references to Star Trek.
King Kong.
The Iron Giant who in turn references Terminator 2.

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The chestburster from Aliens.
Battlestar Galactica and the Sulaco from Aliens.
Superman, Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk.
Star Wars.
War of the Worlds.
Bill and Ted.
Dungeons and Dragons.
The Fly.
The Dark Crystal.
Ferris Bueller.
The Breakfast Club.
Nightmare on Elm Street.
Speed Racer.
Citizen Kane.
Mad Max.
Duran Duran.
Buckaroo Banzai!!
The Shining, with some of the funniest refs and scenes.
Loads of Atari 2600 games like Centipede, Swordquest, Pitfall, Motorcross and Adventure.
Saturday Night Fever.
Jason and the Argonauts.
The Spaceship Serenity.

I could go on forever. There are literally hundreds of references, mostly in mentions and seen as avatars that are literally only going to be noticed on multiple viewings or bluray pauses.

The whole film is a visual feast and I think I could quite happilly go and see it in the cinema again.


OK, time to take a chill pill.

I’ve just finished a couple of busy 12.5 hour days at work.
As busy as they were, I actually got to look after and cuddle lots of babies for a change.

I now have a couple of days off and have decided to make the most of the remainder of easter.

I have been alcohol free now for the last 4 days. I actually tried some alcohol free lager and wine. The lager was OK, I could probably have that again, but the wine was……. let’s just say, I bought 2 bottles and 1 and half went down the sink!!
Won’t be trying that again in a hurry. It’s just not right!!

So, loads of ‘actual’ wine and nibbles with a roast dinner tomorrow. Get it out of my system before I get back on the diet and undo the damage I’ve done since Italy last August!!

I’ve got some lovely clothes I bought for Italy that I’m just not comfortable in at the moment. I felt really good in Italy and I’m ashamed of the damage I’ve done. I need to take control of something in my life and the diet is the target.

This week will be my last week to really take things easy.
Now that Uni consolidation is over and year two is under way, I will have no life to speak of until this time next year.
I have a couple of days away planned with Ian in April to see CC Smugglers at a ‘Secret Show’ in Covent Garden, but apart from that, time out with each other will be precious few and far between for the next year, so the next few days are going to be priceless.

So, HAPPY EASTER, and don’t eat too much chocolate.
Thank God I don’t have a sweet tooth!!


OK, here is my quick review of Peter Rabbit.
I won’t deny that it’s a very biased review as one of my favourite actors is Domhnall Gleeson who plays Thomas McGregor.
The man can do no wrong in my eyes.
He’s beautiful, hilarious, can be totally serious when needed, does the doe eyes and panicked expressions perfectly.
Just look at this expression!!

Peter Rabbit 7

After the start of the all out war with the rabbits, Thomas is officially introduced to Peter by Bea and has to fain a begrudging smile and interest in the rabbits because he likes Bea and Bea likes the rabbits.

Anyway, back to Peter Rabbit (or General Hux gets a garden!!)

I have to admit, Peter Rabbit was a lot more enjoyable than I expected it to be.
I think that what made it more enjoyable was the fact that the audience consisted of lots of kids who absolutely adored the film and their giggles and laughter were infectious!
Although I was a little distraught at how many of the malicious little rug rats absolutely wet themselves when Thomas McGregor got electrocuted or hurt by the bunnies!!

When we first meet Thomas, he absolutely IS General Hux!!
Suited and not a hair out of place and is even said to be at his happiest when ‘rallying his troops’ as a manager at Harrods.

Peter Rabbit 2

Throughout the film, he is slowly reformed into a much more relaxed person who falls completely in love with the heroine of the movie, Bea and overcomes his hatred of rabbits.

Peter Rabbit 10

Ah, the rabbits, beautifully animated.

James Corden is absolutely perfect as Peter. Just the right side of confident and cocky, although Daisy Ridley’s crazy Cottontail is hilarious!!
That said, I think the rooster steals the show.
Waking every morning and shrieking his surprise at the return of the sun.

Peter Rabbit 9

He even gets his own little story arc with each morning becoming increasingly hilarious and concluding with a scene in the end titles that every parent can relate to.

I would have to conclude by saying that this film benefits from an audience of kids and that’s usually a real hate of mine.
Thoroughly enjoyable and worth a watch. Probably even better at a Saturday morning kids club showing!!


I’ve got a bit of a cold…. again!
It started yesterday when I woke up feeling like I was fighting something and has completely manifested itself this morning.
Nothing major. Funny head that’s making me feel a little dizzy and the usual snotty nose.


Thankfully I’m not back at work until Saturday, so hopefully it won’t get any worse and will in fact be on the run by then.

Today will be a feel sorry for myself day.
I’m seriously thinking about getting my sketch book out and tinkering around with some drawing but I’m afraid it will get me hooked again and I can’t afford that kind of distraction this year.

Checking out the usual on the internet this morning, I came across this…..


It’s the first official still of Timothee Chalamet and Steve Carell together in ‘Beautiful Boy’ that is currently in post production and due for release at the end of the year.
The film “chronicles meth addiction and recovery through the eyes of a father who watches his son as he struggles with the disease” (IMDB)

I’ve read the book. I know exactly when this scene takes place. This film is going to kill me.

So back to today.
Stuff exercise and healthy eating.
It’s movies and comfort food.


The importance of ‘chillin’ is really sinking in today.
I have vowed that, as tough as the next year is going to be, I’m going to ‘chill’ and do whatever the f##k I please, as much as possible.

My Cineworld Unlimited card is going to play a HUGE part in that.
It’s something I can do with the hubby, with my kids, or even on my own if I have to.

I will remember to take time out just for me.
Put the books down, step away from the computer, and chill.

Friday was the first such day.
Peter Rabbit finally made it to UK cinemas.

Yes, Peter actually came with us on Friday evening.

Peter Rabbit

Nobody batted an eyelid as an insane 40 (nearly 50 ) something year old woman walked into the cinema with a rabbit under her arm!!

The film was wonderful.
It was actually a lot better than I thought it would be and it was made all the more enjoyable by listening to the kids in the cinema, laughing out loud and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Tomorrow is another Uni day. Our forst introduction to one of the Units for the year and we should also be receiving our skills logs.
So I’ll have more of an idea of the things I need to tackle at work and be able to discuss with my mentor and work colleagues about how I’m going to achieve them!!

It’s going to be a very intense year and I will apologise now for using my blog as a sounding board whenever I need to have a little scream!!!


Today had been a disaster.
The fiasco with Marjorie’s appointment. See previous blog.
MRI results for me, confirming that my knee is well and truly f###ed and I will be needing a new knee at some point in my future but until I am not able to use my knee and I am a burden to the government with benefits because I can’t work, they won’ t replace it….. go figure!!!
Ian has been tooing and froing between physio and muscular skeletal for the last year  + because of his shoulder and now because both confirm that he has a problem with his neck as well as his shoulder, he has to go back to the GP to be referred officially for the neck. So another 2-3 month wait before anything is done…. frustrating.

Deep breath……

I spent yesterday, printing off paperwork for Uni.
Tomorrow is going to be a f##k it day.
I am going to do nothing except look forward to a cinema trip with Ian and two of our girls to see Peter Rabbit.

Of course, Peter will be going with us!!


I am looking forward to a carefree evening.
Being completely silly before I have to go to work on Saturday.

I think, being silly whenever I can is going to be really important this coming year.
It’s going to keep me sane.!!

Watch out famalam!!


Why is it, that in this country, you are considered to be an adult at 18 years old.

You can drive.

You can get married.

You can drink.

You can get credit cards and loans.

You can live independently of your parents. I can even give my child 28 days notice of eviction (Don’t tell my kids!!!)

But when it comes to medical treatment, even though they won’t talk to me as a parent without my child’s consent, they are still classed as children until they are 19!!!

So annoyed with a wasted day today. We needed to make an appointment for Marjorie to see a Gastro specialist to confirm whether or not she has Coeliac disease.

The online booking system gave us 3 options with the shortest wait being at a local private hospital, so we booked it, only to receive a letter saying they don’t take ‘children’ under 19!!!

A couple of days later we received an appointment anyway and attended it today. We were told the appointment didn’t exist and that this letter should have been received before the letter we received telling us they don’t do kids under 19.

So now poor Marjorie has another 2 month wait!!

Poor Marjorie is devastated, she just wants confirmation and she took an afternoon out of college to attend it.

Thankfully I’m on a day off or I would have been well and truly hacked off too!!