That’s it!! I’m going for a walk around the marina.
It’s a beautiful day out there. Better make the most of it.

There’s just no way I’m going to be able to concentrate on work at the moment as the new neighbours have got a circular saw going.
They are completely gutting the house before moving in, it’s just a pain in the bum when I need to concentrate and they’ve got their electrical tools on the go all day.

On the plus side, the new owner is a bit of a babe and so are his work colleagues. Now the sun is out, the shorts are on and the shirts are off!!
Maybe I’ll just take up residence in the front garden with a bottle of wine and watch the view as they climb up and down the scaffolding!

Nope, gotto go for that walk so that I can ‘justify’ a bottle of wine later.



Great news.

Back in December, I posted a quick blog about my friend’s first novel being published.
Read about it here.

I’m happy to announce that he has now been nominated for a ‘Joan Hessayon Award’ by the Romantic Novelists Assosciation.

Check it out HERE.



And again, if you fancy a romantic read you can check it out at the following……

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble (Nook)

Happy reading!!


I did it!
I set my alarm for 02:40 to watch Tom diving in the 10m Synchro, live at the Commonwealth Games and it was worth it!!

Gold and Silver for England!!

Commonwealth 14

Considering he had Pneumonia earlier in the year and suffered a concussion during the World Series Competition in March AND he injured his hip during training on the Gold Coast, I think the boy did good!!

Tom and his diving partner, Daniel Goodfellow, dived pretty consistently and gained a good points lead over the first 5 rounds, which is just as well because poor Daniel had a bit of a nightmare on the final dive when he lost his orientation, straightened up too late and face planted the water. He was pretty winded when he got out of the water and looked like he could vomit!
Thankfully the points they’d already garnered were enough to keep the top spot.

A special mention has to be made about the Silver winners, Daniel Dixon and Noah Williams.
Both of them are only 17 years old but they kept their cool and worked their way up the points and even stood a good chance of pipping Tom and Daniel in the final dive of the competition.
It’s Daniel’s 18th birthday next week!! I think it’s going to be a happy one.

It’s such a pity that the hip injury has meant that Tom can’t compete in the individual 10m, but it’s good that’s he’s prioritising his own health over another medal!!
I hope that with all that’s going on in his life, and the addition soon to arrive for him and Lance, that he stays healthy, manages to continue his training with no issues and then smashes out some medals at the next Olympics (and all competitions in between).

Urgh, I’m going to be a zombie by lunchtime!!


It had to be done.
As much as I hated to admit it, my early blogs here on WordPress were looking a bit out of date and tired. After various changes to the look of my site and improvements in image quality over the years, some of the images used just didn’t work anymore.

I have also been getting very close to filling my 100GB of space!!

So, it was with a heavy heart that I retired the whole of my 2010 blogs and deleted all the photos associated with them.
I also thinned out some of my recent videos which were absolutely killing my space and I’ve managed to reclaim 20GB!!

When I have the time, I may take a look at 2011 and 2012.
But for now, I’m happy I still have the space to continue with my current blogs.

And now I’ve wasted and entire morning, it’s time to get some Uni work done.


After the excitement of the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, I was steeling myself for a weekend of Diving with Tom Daley.

Commonwealth 13

Unfortunately, he’s had to withdraw from his individual 10m platform event due to injury.
I am absolutely gutted.


He will still be competing in the synchronized 10m platform event with Daniel Goodfellow.

Commonwealth 12


The only problem with this is that it means the only time I will get to see Tom diving is at 3am on Friday morning here in the UK.
I’m so glad I’m not working. I’m just going to have to set my alarm.

Image result for tired coffee cartoon

Anyway, poor Tom.
All the hard work he’s been putting into defending his Commonwealth title for the third time!! I can only imagine how he’s feeling.

Team England have quoted….

“The technical dives in the individual event put enormous physical strain on Tom’s body. Due to prior illness and with his hips being the determining factor, some of the dives Tom was due to demonstrate in the individual event would be too dangerous and impactful on his body.”

I just hope he does well in the synchro and doesn’t hurt himself too much.
Permanent Hip problems could mean the end of his diving career and that would be a disaster.
I really want to see him at the next Olympics. So 2 more years of hard work ahead of him. Dealing with a major injury could make it even harder.

At least Lance is there to support him!!

Tom and Lance 1


It was back to Uni today after a few days off where I’ve been lucky enough to watch all of the Men’s artistic gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games…… well, almost all.

This morning was the last of the individual apparatus events with England taking another 5 medals!!

I was up at the crack of dawn….again…. showered, dressed and ready for Uni so that I could sit and watch as much of the last three events as I could.

Uni starts at 09:30 which means I have to leave home at around 08:20 to make sure I arrive on time if the traffic is heavy. The last of the events wasn’t scheduled to finish until 08:40!! So frustrating!!


Courtney Tulloch got a silver to add to his 2 golds for team and rings and Dominic Cunningham got Bronze to add to his team gold.

Commonwealth 8

Then my favourite, Nile Wilson took Silver on the Parallel bars, taking his medal hall to 2 golds and two silvers! He was in gold position for a while until Marios Giorgiou from Cyprus, gave an amazing performance and snatched it away. Marios has had an unbelievable games, taking a bronze in the all around event and gold in the floor and parallel bars.

Commonwealth 9

Finally, it was time for the final piece of aparatus and Nile’s strongest piece. He was also the defending Commonwealth champion. I had enough time to see Nile give his performance and see him take 1st position and then I had to leave for Uni.
I left instructions with daughter number 2 to text me the final result.

I arrived at Uni just after 09:00 and looked at my phone.

Commonwealth 11

I knew that there were another 4 gymnasts after Nile, with Frank Baines of Scotland right at the end, so what she’d messaged was quite possible.

I had a heart stopping few minutes in the car as I tried to confirm what she’d told me.
Let’s just say, the continuation of that converstion was not for delicate ears!!

Of course Nile got the gold!!! and James Hall took joint Silver with Cory Paterson from Canada.

Commonwealth 10

So!! Nile’s total medal haul is 3 golds and 2 silvers!! and he continues to amaze me with his talent, his dedication and his absolute love and enthusiasm for his sport.
His Youtube Vlogs are hilarious. His Youtube Vlogs with his dad are even funnier.

All in all, the home nations haul of medals in the gymnastics wasn’t too shabby!!
9 Golds.
6 Silvers.
8 Bronze.
If my calculations are correct.

I think my favourite win has to go to Rhys McClenaghan who snatched the Gold away from his idol, Max Whitlock on the Pommel.
Every time I watch him finishing his routine, when the emotion of realising what he’s just done hits him, the quivering bottom lip!! I just want to give him the biggest hug!

Right, time for the diving!!




So it was up at the crack of dawn today to watch some gymnastic aparatus finals at the Commonwealth Games.

After stunning performances in the Team and the Individual All-around events, Max and Nile had a bit of a dodgy start today on the individual floor.
Neither of them could get clean landings and Nile even sat down on one, so it was not to be for the floor medal.

The Pommel was the surprise of the day with the youngster , Rhys McClenaghan, from Northern Ireland taking the gold ahead of Olympic champion Max Whitlock.
They both scored 15.100 but Rhys’ execution score was higher so he took the medal.
He had obviously decided that to beat Max he just needed to go for it, and it worked!!
The emotion on his face when he landed and realised what he’d done was amazing.
I just wanted to give him a big hug.


The final piece of men’s apparatus for the day was the rings.
Courtney Tulloch for England took his second gold medal of the games and Nile Wilson got his 3rd medal of the games taking the silver.
They were both amazingly cool.

Commonwealth 7

So, it’s up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to watch the last three pieces.
Two of them are Nile’s best pieces!!