I will regret this little rant later so please forgive me in advance.

What will it take for the American Government to come up with the balls to make an amendment to the constitution and ‘seriously’ reduce or get rid of guns in the hands of the general public?

I can’t believe there has been yet another mass shooting today in Santa Fe.
10 more teens dead.

The gun violence archive is a sickening read.
So far this year there have been 21,779 gun involved incidents, an average of 157 per day!
There have been 5,406 gun related deaths, an average of 39 per day!
Think about that.
273 people are dying because of guns in America every week!!

The number of children aged 0-11 who have been injured or killed by a gun is 233, almost 2 per day.
The number of teens aged 12 – 17 who have been injured or killed by a gun is 962, almost 7 per day.

At this rate we can expect another 36,581 incidents and 9,087 deaths before the end of the year.
1,631 more teenagers and 466 children will be injured or killed before the end of the year.

And I can guarantee that the colossal idiot running the government at the moment will now reiterate what he said after the last school shooting and that is that ‘we need to put guns in the hands of the teachers’….

Yeah right, because what America really needs is MORE fucking guns!!



I am back up and running with a brand new PC.
There were a few hiccups, like the useless delivery service ‘YODEL’ who were supposed to deliver yesterday, which is what we paid for, and they eventually delivered at 5pm today.
Then re-setting all my passwords for things like Twitter and Facebook and Flikr. It all went well until I tried to log into Tumblr… one of the apps I use the most. After a small meltdown I am now back up and running on that too.
Everything seems to be running OK.
All of my files seem to have copied over perfectly.

The only downside to all this is that I am now 2 days behind my plan to start my Uni work.
At least I managed to take my frustration out on my garden today as I waited for the PC to arrive.
A little bit of housework tomorrow and I can get stuck into that Uni work…. finally.


So, it’s  been a pretty awful couple of weeks.
I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed with everything that’s been going on and the last minute annual leave I’ve taken has helped immensely.

Ian is back at work…..sort of.
He’s now on a ton of Morphine and anti-sickness medications, which seem to be helping.
He is managing to get to work with the help of a colleague who is collecting him and bringing him home so he doesn’t have to drive. He works a couple of days from home and then takes a day of annual leave to recover and start again.

Marjorie is handling her Coeliac diagnosis really well. We are now just experimenting with what she can eat and it’s been a steep learning curve. The biggest thing we’ve learned is not to just jump to all the stuff that is branded as gluten free. Read labels!!!  Quite often you can stick to what you like without paying over the odds. You just have to be careful and read the labels.
Stupid little things like plain crisps. Marjorie will only eat plain crisps. We have found out that she can no longer eat ‘Walkers’ plain crisps but she CAN eat ‘Tescos’ plain crisps!!
Why pay £3 for a TINY bottle of gluten free mayonaise when mayonaise is gluten free anyway and you can buy a huge bottle of your favourite brand for the same price!!

With the house inspection out of the way and Ian’s car through it’s MOT we now only have to worry about getting my car through it’s MOT next month. I know it needs at least one new tyre but I’m hoping that will be it.

I’m now facing my final hurdle.
I had intended to actually start my Uni work over the next five days but my PC decided to die an ‘actual’ death a couple of days ago.
Thankfully, all of my Uni work and photos and everything important to keeping me sane at the moment is still in tact on the hard drive that my husband has saved, but now I am awaiting the arrival of a new base unit.

I’m actually quite excited about it.
My old PC was over 6 years old and in PC terms… that is ancient!
This new one is going to be so much faster and slicker but it’s going to take some time to get up and running and get all of my important files onto and organised and then I have to sink things up again and get to know it before I can start to do my Uni work.

The only thing I’m sure of now is that I WILL get started on Uni work at some point over the next five days!!
I’ve not been completely without computer access as you can tell by this blog, but my little tablet style laptop is no match for a real PC and I HATE this keyboard!!

Watch this space!!


Just as I was thinking things couldn’t get much worse.

My PC, my lifeline to sanity, the holder of knowledge and my entire first year of University work, has just decided to die on me.

Hopefully it just means a new base unit and my work is safe on individual drives…. or so the hubby says.

Me?…. I’m freaking out. In tears. Don’t know where the money is coming from for a new PC and I desperately need it right now to complete my Uni course.

What do I do?


So, things have been a little more settled this past week.
I spent time on the house and in particular, the garden, which is now a place I actually want to sit in and enjoy for a change.
I’m now sitting here waiting for the rental agency inspection which could take place anytime between 9 and 12.

Good news is that the only person left in the house is Murron!
Although, I really need her out of bed so her room can be inspected.

Dharma has just gone for her ‘officially’ last day of school before her exams start next week. Scary stuff!!

Marjorie has gone off to college, even though she’s got a stinking cold and yesterday she had confirmation that she does indeed have Coeliac disease!!
So I’ll be taking a long hard look at the cupboards in the kitchen later today and making a gluten free cupboard.
Time to start making some changes and hopefully Marjorie will get her pep back!
She’s now waiting for a dietician review but hopefully we will have made a good start on the gluten free change before then.

Ian is actually at work!
He did his first day in 6 weeks, 2 days ago and it went pretty well. He pushed it and went out for dinner with colleagues after work and he paid for it a little yesterday but he’s back at work today.
So fingers crossed that with his current medication level he can continue to do 2 days at work, 2 days working from home and then one day of annual leave each week to have a 3 day recovery period until his pinched nerve can be sorted.

I am feeling a little more chilled (or at least I will be when this inspection is over).
I can now start concentrating on Uni work again.
I’m actually at work for a day tomorrow, I have Uni on Monday and a placement day on Tuesday and then I have 5 days where I plan to get stuck into Uni work.
Take a long hard look at what needs to be done, and by when, and then make a plan and actually start!

Diet and exercise has gone out the window over the last couple of months and I’m really feeling it in my clothes.
Time to get back on track with that diet!!
17 months until my 50th. I want to be ‘at least’ a size 16 by then. It’s doable.


It’s been a busy and productive day today.
Unfortunately none of it Uni related.

The biggest thing I achieved today was not dying!!

For anyone who knows the area, I was driving out of Elliot Crescent towards the roundabout on Church Lane. This section is a one way street with cars parked on one side.
Once you’ve entered into it there is literally only room for the one car to pass down the road.
I had just turned to enter this road when a bloody great 4 x 4 vehicle, being chased at high speed by a police 4 x 4 came haring towards me, the wrong way down the road.
I had to literally slam my breaks on, as did the 4 x 4 as he screamed past me followed by the cops. He barely missed my car before screaming on.
I partially pulled into a little layby just around the bend as I was shaking so badly.
The people in the first house who had heard everything came to see if I was alright and then the bloody 4 x 4 came screaming back down the road from behind me!
He raced out onto the roundabout, followed by the cops, he went all the way around and excited towards the traffic lights at the church but by this time, a big motor bike had become involved and stopped in front of the cop car, giving the 4 x 4 time to get away, before he too, screeched up the road.
By the time I got home, I was still shaking.

Anyway, I did a Tesco run this morning and tidied Marjorie’s bedroom.
I picked Ian’s car up after PASSING it’s MOT!!! Whoo hoo!
This is when I escaped death!
Then I set to jet washing the side passage and patio that had become covered in thick moss and muck.
4 hours later, it looks amazing.
I got a little carried away and started on the garden furniture too.
Then I thought I’d better call it a night before the neighbours started complaining about the noise of the jet washer.
I plan to finish it, and the windows and sills tomorrow.

Now I know, I’ll have somewhere nice to sit and have some wine, when taking a break from the Uni work I ‘should’ be doing!!

Now it’s time to chill.
Take some pain relief.
And some wine.
Attempt a movie without falling asleep!!


Time outs give us time to catch up on things.
I’ve done a little work today and now I’m playing.

I’d forgotten about this little hidden gem!!
Belly dancing is not just for women and this guy is hypnotic!
Wait until the change in pace at 2:30.

Now, what to watch tonight.
Might just have to do some naughty streaming.