Day 6 of the COVID saga and I’m STILL positive!!

However, I have downgraded myself from a nasty flu to a rotten cold.
The cough still catches me out but at least I’m not coughing up a lung and I can actually sleep.
My poor voice.
If I talk too much my voice starts to disappear.
I tried to call someone from upstairs yesterday which proved a bit too much as no sound emerged.
I’m just feeling wiped out most of the time.

But it’s an improvement!


Day four of the COVID saga and I still feel poo!!
Still positive.
It has now gone to both of my ears and I feel like I have my head fully submerged in a bucket of water.
I hurt all over but my ribcage and back are the worst because of all the coughing.
With that said, the cough did actually ease off a little last night and I managed some sleep, which has helped.

Seriously hoping this means i’m over the hump!


Seriously! If I was a dog I would have been euthanized already.

I cannot remember the last time I ever felt this bad.
The cough is the killer.
I cannot lay flat without coughing up a lung.
I will just get comfortable in a chair before coughing again and having to move.
I haven’t slept properly since Sunday night.
I hurt all over and the cough hasn’t helped this either because my ribcage and back now feel like I’m getting stabbed every time I cough.
I can hear my breathing which is now crackly on exhaling.
My nose blocks when I lay flat and runs like a tap when I’m sitting. I’m now getting the subsequent red, sore nose.
My head feels like it’s exploding.
My eyes are puffy.
My ears are beginning to block and I feel like I have my head under water.
I haven’t exactly lost my sense of taste but nothing actually tastes right and I’ve lost my appetite.

I’ve had flu before, but this is something else!!
If this is something we are now going to have to live with, all I can say is, MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR VACCINATIONS!!
This will more than likely become an annual vaccine like the existing flu vaccine.
Train your body to fight it before you get it.

I dread to think how poorly I would have become if I hadn’t been vaccinated.

I have been sleeping and existing in the living room since Sunday to stay away from the Hubby and so far, fingers crossed, he is still testing negative.

It’s definately COVID.
I’ve had three positive LFT’s since Sunday and I had to get a PCR to confirm for work.
Marjorie is now free after two clear LFT’s on day 5 and 6 and she’s actually feeling much better, so I’m hoping that on Friday this week I will be over the worst and getting my first negative LFT.


It’s only taken two years, but I have finally been hit by the COVID bug.
Obviously Marjorie couldn’t keep it to herself!!

I’ve spent the last two years working on the front line in a hospital ward environment and the last 3 months in a community environment, however, I did not aquire this from work! I was actually coming to the end of a week of annual leave and I firmly believe that Marjorie aquired it from someone who was being irresponsible because of the new Government guidelines where it states….

“You will not be ‘legally’ required to self-isolate if you test positive for COVID-19. Stay at home if you ‘can’ and avoid contact with other people”

I know that there will be people who have no symptoms and will be blissfully unaware that they are positive and we do have to get back to life. I am on about those that have symptoms, even mild cold like sysmptoms, that will only think of themselves and not the effect they could have on someone vulnerable and will go out and about regardless. No LFT, no precautions because the Government have given them a ‘legal’ get out to just carry on and infect others.
I find this totally unfair to people who are immunocompromised who could be unknowingly coming into contact with something that has the potential to make them extremely sick or even kill them. They must dread going out of the house.

I tested positive on Sunday morning and I am still testing positive today. Marjorie is now testing negative and as long as she tests negative again today, she can go back to work. You see, she’s been sensible and stayed at home and isolated herself as much as possible. She was actually feeling rubbish too though so she wouldn’t have gone into work anyway.

I am feeling rubbish too.
It wasnt too bad on sunday, it felt like a bit of a cold so I informed work and arranged to do some work from home.
However, as the day progressed, I felt worse and worse. By last night I was hurting all over and could barely move and a good cough had kicked in. So I had to concede and go off sick.

The cough kept me awake all night and has pretty much taken my voice away today and I still hurt all over. I thank my lucky stars that I am triple vaccinated. I hate to think how I would have felt or how sick I could have got if I wasn’t.

I have been sleeping on the sofa since the weekend so I could distance myself from Ian who has taken to walking around the house in a mask and keeping himself in the bedroom as much as possible. So far it seems to have worked and he is still negative and feeling ok.
If he catches this it’s going to be disastrous. The cough alone will flatten him but it will send his Psoriatic Arthritis into overdrive. Thankfully he’s triple vaccinated, so fingers crossed.

Dharma is also still negative and she too is walking around the house with a mask and staying in her bedroom as much as possible. Thankfully she passed her driving test a couple of weeks ago so at the moment, we have a lifeline to supplies. With that said, I did decide to get a Tesco delivery last night and topped up for the week so we shouldn’t need anything.

I will finish this off with a plea.
Please be sensible.
If you test positive, it is the responsible thing to do to isolate yourself until you are negative.


My exciting life, yet another update.
Seriously exciting enough to be a movie….. not!!

I’m coming to the end of my second week of annual leave in the last three weeks.
It didn’t all go to plan, not that I had much planned.

Initially I had planned the week to go to Huddersfield with Marjorie, who was thinking about doing a Masters degree. She said she had always felt like she missed out on the University experience by staying at home and doing her degree locally.
We had planned to travel up on the Tuesday, spend the day checking out the University, stay the night and then come home Weds, however, we had a good chat on Monday and came to the realisation that she was doing it all for the wrong reasons and it would probably be a really bad decision.

So, Tuesday was spent having a quick pre-spring tidy of the garden.
That literally meant sweeping up all the leaves that had built up during the winter storms.
A whole garden bin later and it’s not looking too bad. I just need to remember to put the green bin out on bin day now that they are collecting them again.

On Thursday I spent the day out with the hubby as a pre-birthday treat. We decided to do something we haven’t done in over two years and go and see a couple of movies with dinner in between.
The first film was ‘Marry Me’. Bit of a sappy romance but it was actually a lot of fun and we both really enjoyed it, which is just as well because the second film we went to see was ‘The Batman’ and it was really disappointing. Out of the two I was really looking forward to ‘The Batman’ but it was tedious and slow and just under three hours too long. Batman was pretty bloody useless to be honest. No cool gadgets, useless in a fight, nothing special about the car or the bike. The last 20 minutes showed some promise but overall it was time I am never getting back!
To cap it all off, dinner was a let down too.
As we were in MK, we decided to check out the Beefeater over the road from the cinema. We haven’t eaten there in years and it used to be a lovely place to go with good food, however, it was awful, tasteless and dry, we would have been better off going to Macdonalds. Would have been a hell of lot more tasty and enjoyable.

The rest of the week has been the usual housework kind of days.
I’ve had a couple of visits from an old friend as we catch up on the new series of Picard and I introduced him to ‘Upload’ which is hysterical and a new season of that started this week too.

The one thing we didn’t plan on though is COVID.
After two years of managing to avoid it, it finally found its way into the house when Marjorie tested positive on Thursday. She is now pretty much isolating herself in her bedroom and trying to avoid her dad who is immunocompromised. She’s triple vaccinated, she feels rough, but she’s ok. Fingers crossed it doesn’t go any further. It does mean that I will be doing daily tests for a while when I go back to work on Monday.

So, quiet weekend getting back on top of the washing, binging some TV. I may do a trip to Tesco tomorrow, we may even go out for Ian’s ‘actual’ birthday, but I’m not doing much else.



OK, so I’m almost 13 weeks into my new job and things are going well.
I have a good understanding of what the Eating Disorder Team does and my own team is just about complete and beginning to formulate how our supporting the ED team will look. We’ve even made a start with a few clients already. It’s all so new that things keep changing and ideas keep flying around, but it’s getting there.

I was on annual leave 2 weeks ago, I had a week at work last week and now I have another week of annual leave!!
I really should have planned that one better!

Anyway, it’s given me time to think about how things are going, and for the most part, I’m really happy. I’m more relaxed, less stressed, more laid back……. but….. I’m still feeling like a bit of a fraud!!
It’s silly really. I’ve been qualified now for 3 years and I’m bringing plenty of experience from my 14 years on a ward but I’m now being asked to ‘specialise’ and this is where I am losing a bit of confidence in myself.
I’m working with amazing people who are very experienced and I am very much still learning, so when I talk to clients and their carers, I’m always second guessing myself and wondering if I’m telling them the right thing and asking myself if it’s my place to be saying this. It still doesn’t feel natural.
Give me an adenotonsillectomy or a fractured limb and I’ll talk with confidence until the cows come home.
ED’s are a whole new ball game but I suppose this feeling will go with time, I just need to be patient.

So what have I done with my time off?
Not a lot really.
Got my nails and hair done.
Did some cleaning.
Got on top of the ironing.
Went to the Cinema to see ‘Uncharted’ (meh!)
Had dinner at the pub.
Sat on my behind and binged some TV.
Was thinking about tidying the garden but the last few weeks have been WAY too cold and wet.
This next week doesn’t look to be getting any better.

Anyway, it’s the hubster’s birthday this week so I see a day out at the cinema and meal on the cards.

My youngest, Dharma, passed her driving test on thursday. I now cannot keep her in. There has been no stopping her and I think her confidence is going to go from strength to strength. The only downside is that she needs to look at working a bit more to cover the running cost of the car!! I certainly can’t afford to run two cars.

The only other thing I have planned this week is a trip up to Huddersfield with Marjorie who is seriousy looking at doing a Masters degree in Media Studies. She wants to check out the Uni and it’s facilities. It will give us a chance to have a good chat on the way there too.

Right, time to crack open a bottle of wine and start the new season of Outlander!!


I had a Facebook memory popup today that actually really disappointed me.

It was titled ‘ONE TO WATCH’ and I wrote it 5 years ago.
It was about Sergei Polunin, the bad boy of ballet.
I wrote it after seeing this dance video he did to Hozier’s, ‘Take Me to Church’.

I should have seen the warning signs when he got this tattoo across his chest. Not exactly subtle!

He apparantly got the tattoo shortly after his birthday. This was usually an occasion when he would receive a lot of messages from his fans on social media and he wanted to send love back in a meaningful way.
Polunin has adored Putin since childhood and considered him a powerful hero. He stated “I thought I could combine love with this man to say that we must all love. And I wrote: All the best wishes you send me for the day I will send to Putin because I see light when I look at him“.
Unsurprsingly, the news sparked a strong reaction from fans. “The answer was: Bloody hell! We will kill you. He’s a dictator. And Polunin said “God, it turned out exactly how I wanted it to be“.


After the events of the last week, the fact that Polunin was born in Kherson in Southern Ukraine makes him all the more sickening to me.

When he got the tattoo, the Ukranian Government ostracized him and told him he couldn’t return and put him on a list of terrorists and war criminals.

Putin wasn’t the only offensive tattoo he had. He also has swastika-like symbols on his stomach and, on his face, a bird flying towards his left eye.
He has stated that “soon, they will be no more. “I’m removing all my tattoos. I’m sort of clearing face, purifying the tattoos, a bit. To me now, they are childish. I’ve passed the time of having tattoos.”

I get that Polunin had a tough upbringing and he was extremey rebellious as he entered his twenties, and I get that a lot of his rebelliousness and attitude were drug fuelled, but personally, I think this turnaround is too little, too late and the damage to his reputation and career are permanent, I also don’t see any hint of remorse or apology in his comments.

When I wrote that post 5 years ago I thought he would be the next Baryshnikov, but I feel even suggesting this is an insult to Baryshnikov.


Well it’s February 5th already and I’ve only posted twice so far this year.
I haven’t really been in the mood for blogging but that’s not because anything is wrong in particular, just the usual hassles of life that I will go into in more detail later.

So! how has life been so far this year?

Not too bad really.
The new job is going really well and I am settling into a routine. My new team is taking shape and beginning to look at our actual role within the rest of the service. It won’t be long now before 9-5 will be a thing of the past and we will be doing our anticipated shifts over 7 days to make sure there is support for the clients that need it.

I now have a sparkly new PC!!
The old one was exactly that… too old to continue updating and using old packages on.
I even had to update my version of Corel Draw because the copy I had was so old it wouldn’t run on the up to date Microsoft system.
I was getting the blue screen of death every 5 minutes and it was driving me nuts!!

The diet has successfully started!!
After several false starts, the diet is now under way and is going pretty well.
I am currently 4.5kg down and I am beginning the feel the benefits. Only 36.5kg left go…urgh!!
The only way I have ever succeeded in losing weight in the past is by healthier eating, calorie counting and more exercise. However, I am currently unable to do the amount of exercise I used to do because of my knee issues, so I am being very careful about what I eat and drink.
I have cut out unhealthy snacks completely. I have seriously cut down on my alcohol intake and I am using Fitbit to help me keep track of my calories which I am limiting to make sure I am in a slight deficit each day.
I still do some exercise though as I get on an exercise bike each evening and do around 8 – 10 km. Just enough to get my heart pumping for a while and hopefully strengthen up the muscles around my knee. I’ll do this for a few months and then hopefully up the exercise a little bit more.
I am finding that planning my food for each day is a huge help because I am not just grabbing things when I am tired and hungry and I think I am now at a point where it is working nicely.
I have a planned breakfast, lunch and dinner. It leaves me with the ability to have a couple of small snacks throughout the day if I want them and I am slowly and steadily losing weight.
My aim for this year will be to get back to where I was for my brothers wedding in 2017 and get all of my lovely tops out of cupboard to wear again!!
I then need to keep it going for a little bit longer to aim for my daughter’s wedding which she is hoping to have next year if finances allow.

The house remains COVID free!!
We’ve been really lucky. Not that the winter cold hasn’t attacked us. Marjorie and Dharma have both been suffering with a bit of a cold this last week but they remain COVID negative, so all is good.

There have been few ups and down over the last few weeks.
Sadly , I attended the funeral of a friend we lost just before Xmas.
He was a friend of my daughter Murron and I would regularly see him on some of our nights out together.
I will always remember him staying in the garage one evening, when the garage was used as a den by Murron.
By the time we all got up the next day he’d tidied the garage up! He was rewarded with bacon sandwich.
I will always remember him as happy, cheeky and mischeivious and nights out on the town will never be quite the same.

RIP Mathew Flemons

To lighten things back up again, I was invited to my friends, daughter’s hen do a few weeks ago.
We started the day at Ballie Ballerson in shoreditch, with bottomless prosecco cocktails and pizza for 2 hours and several dips into the adult sized ball pits!!
It was incredible fun and I hope to go back there later in the year for either Marjorie’s birthday or Murron’s hen do….. maybe even both!!
It’s another reason to get a bit fitter in myself as I couldn’t fully enjoy the ball pits. If I had fallen over, they would have needed a crane to get me out!!

We chilled for a while at Box Park before heading over to Bar Elba in Waterloo.
This is an amazing rooftop bar with fantastic views of London and we had a private party pod for a few hours where we again had more food and drink.

The only downside to this bar is that it is situated at the top of what felt like 20 flights of stairs!!
Obviously a bar for the young and fit. I made it though, but I nearly died trying!!

Anyway, that’s all the major stuff so far.
I could go on about the situation with Ian medically but that is a whole blog on it’s own and I’m really not in the mood to discuss that one today. I’m just getting more and more angry with the whole situation.
So, I’m going to get a bit of housework done before my friend Mick comes over to catch up on The Book of Boba fett and the new series of Resident Alien.



The day I pick to start my diet for the new year I receive a gift of candy!!
Oh well, looks like that will have to wait until Monday.

Anyway, I received this little gift box of American candy as a thank you.

It was a £5 Mystery Box from Cloud City Candy and it was filled with a lovely little selection of things that I’ve always wanted to try.
Not that I had much of a chance as the Airheads, Nerds and Tootsie Rolls have all been nabbed by the rest of the family!!
I managed to save the Hershey’s chocolate, which I already know I like, but most importantly, I saved the Baby Ruth bar. I have ALWAYS wanted to try one of these and I think it will go down nicely with my coffee in the morning.

I have to say, if you are looking for an unusual gift, for whatever reason, this would be perfect.
If you head on over to and the check out their Cloud City Candy page, you will find all of these and much more. They have variously priced mystery boxes and they sell all the candy individually too. They have just started and are hoping to expand the range, so keep checking back to see what’s new.
Oh, and spread the word!!

Now, I’m going to hide my Baby Ruth before it gets nabbed!

(P.S. The Baby Ruth bar was lovely and did indeed go well with my coffee this morning!)


First of all, happy new year to all.
I genuinely hope that the next year brings you everything you had hoped for.
I think we all need a break from the shit the last few years has dealt us.

Anyway, I’m going to start my new year with an apology.
An apology for being quite quiet for the last few weeks of the year.
No real excuse except to say that I’ve had a lot on my plate getting into a new job in the last 3 weeks and my PC has decided to play silly buggers on me.

I have just completed my 3rd week in my new job and I am still getting used to the total change in pace and way of working.
So far, it’s been a good move.
My knee is not giving me as much of an issue as it has been and I am generally more relaxed.
There’s a lot more opportunity to work from home and the team I am working with have all been supportive and welcoming.
It’s been a little strange starting just before Xmas with all the breaks and people on annual leave which was unheard of in my last job. I go back to work after the new year break on Tuesday, when I expect things will take a little turn as the service returns to normality. I should start to get a feel for what my role will actually look like although I don’t think I will be doing my actual job much before Easter!
For now, I am getting to know the service I have become part of. Meeting potential future clients and getting to know my team.

My PC has sort of died on me in the last couple of months.
I have been getting the blue screen of death more and more often and after the Hubster took a look at it just before Xmas we discovered that the system can’t handle all the new Microsoft updates and won’t be able to run Windows 11! It also meant that the current copy of Corel Draw, a design package that I use, won’t run any more.
So! Decision was made to purchase a new, updated copy of Corel Draw and a new PC.
The PC Arrived on Xmas Eve and we set it aside to deal with after Xmas.
When we went to put it all together after Xmas we discovered that they hadn’t loaded the Windows 11 operating system!!
Bit annoying considering Ian had specifically asked them if it came with the operating system before we purchased.
Anyway, after querying this, they are sending out the operating system for Ian to install but because of the odd bank holidays this year, it still hasn’t turned up!! So I’ve resorted to plugging the old PC back in and putting up with the odd crash until the new PC is up and running.

We had a lovely Xmas this year.
We stayed home and we celebrated our first Xmas with our first official grandchild, accompanied by their 2 brothers and their Dad.
Jordan has made a good addition to the family and has completely turned Murron’s life around.
She has turned out to be an incredible Mum and has taken on the responsibility of Mum to Jordan’s 2 little boys like a duck to water.

We were lucky enough to avoid Covid but it didn’t miss the family completely!
My Brother tested positive on Christmas Eve, which meant that Mum and Dad’s plans were turned on their head.
Thankfully Mum had prepared for any eventuality and after coming to see us for a few hours on Xmas morning, she then spent the rest of her day enjoying a quiet Xmas day with Dad.
However, my Dad then tested positive on Boxing Day!!
He is still testing positive today, so he’s not happy.
On the up side, apart from feeling like he’s got a cold, he’s not been suffering.
He’s fully vaccinated and boosted so this has probably helped.

Anyway, because of our two hours contact with Dad on Xmas morning, we’ve all been doing daily LFT’s.
So far we are all negative, but considering how this Omicron variant seems to be spreading and considering none of us have tested positive since the beginning of all of this, I think our luck is running out.
We are all double vaccinated and boosted, so if we get it, we probably won’t be too unwell. We just have to be careful because Ian is immunocompromised because of the medication he has to take.
We continue to wear masks when we go shopping or are in crowded places and that’s all we can really do.
It will be interesting to see what happens in the next 7 – 14 days after families have been together over Xmas and people partied over New Year.

Anyway, back to today.
All my Xmas decs are now down and put away for another year.
I am on my 2nd glass of Prosecco and Limoncello.
I have a big leg of lamb defrosting for tomorrow when I plan to just put my feet up and chill.
On Monday, I will be celebrating the new year with my best friend who had to work over new year.
The aim will be to work our way through the leftover Xmas food and booze!

On January 8th, the resolutions will start. This year will be to lose weight and get a bit fitter. Like every other year since ……. forever!!
I make it a point NEVER to start a resolution on the 1st of January as it will be destined to fail.
No one is going to start a diet successfully on the 1st of January.
They are probably going to be hungover from New Years Eve and there is going to be leftover Xmas food kicking around.
Our house is no exception.
We have loads of chocolate and nibbles leftover. The booze is not a worry as it will be drunk throughout the year anyway, but the food is a real issue because I desperately want to start a diet on the 8th.
The last real diet I did was for my brother’s wedding in 2017 and I did quite well. Unfortunately, I let myself down after the wedding and have piled it all back on since.
Dieting is probably going to be a little harder this time around as I am now ‘officially’ in Menopause. I also have ongoing issues with my knee, although this can be helped by losing weight, so there’s another incentive!!

I’ve just ordered a Fitbit to help with the ‘new year, new me’.
My old work colleagues gave me an Amazon voucher when I left and I have been struggling to think what I would do with it and this evening I decided a Fitbit was required! It will be arriving on Tuesday and will give me a bit of time to get used to it before I start to use it in earnest on the 8th!

So! A couple of days to enjoy and relax before getting back to work and really getting stuck in to my job for real!

I hope you all have a fabulous bank holiday weekend and your new year starts well and continues to remain well.
Stay safe, play safe. Use your masks. Make sure you are vaccinated. Use your heads!!