I can honestly say that we had a lovely day today.

Why is that such an odd statement?
We spent the day in Bedford!!

The shopping in Bedford is still shit to be honest BUT with the arrival of a new entertainment complex in town, the possibility of actually having a lovely day has dramatically improved.

When we go out for the day to Milton Keynes or Northampton or St. Neots, we quite often see one or two movies and choose one of the multitude of restaurants attached to them to go and have some dinner.

Bedford has always been a little bland in the restaurant department.
Curry, Chinese or steakhouse were your options.
The new complex has brought us a whole host of new restuarants including a Wagamama’s which is one of our favourites when we are out and about.

So today we decided to try out the brand new Wagamama’s that officially opened on Thursday.

We parked in the multi-storey across the road from the complex and walked over the road to the restaurant. It was fairly empty when we arrived but absolutely buzzing when we left. The food was lush and the service was excellent. We’ll definately be going back.

After lunch, we decided to walk down the embankment where we stopped for a drink at the Embankment Hotel and sat outside enjoying the weather. Murron and her friend Leigh stopped by and added to our bill!!

After that we continued down the embankment and ended up at Cineworld to see Dunkirk which is absolutely amazing!! Brilliant film.

Then we wandered back up the embankment to get the car and headed home.
It was a lovely, leisurly day.

We are happy now knowing that we can get a lift or a taxi to the cinema, walk along the embankment for dinner and then back for another film if we fancy before getting a lift or a taxi home.

Our only concern now is the survival of the Cineworld complex.
It looks like the new Vue only has 3 or 4 screens. Hopefully it won’t impact on Cineworld’s profits and they’ll continue with their refurbishment plans.
As Cineworld card holders, if we lose Cineworld, we’re going to be a bit pissed off!!

Anyway, time for bed. I actually have work tomorrow!!


I’ve just had three days off from work. That may sound odd to some of my work colleagues because they haven’t actually seen me in my own workplace for 9 days!
I was officially in my own workplace on Weds 12th. Last Friday I was on a training day, I had last weekend off, Monday was a Uni day and Tues was a placement day, followed by three days off.

Anyway, it’s actually been kind of nice.
Monday was a bit of a challenge with the maths exam, which I passed!!
Tuesday really didn’t feel like work. Best placement I’ve had yet. Can’t wait to go back next week.
Weds I actually did some ‘normal’ mummy things like cleaning the house and gardening. Tidying up the group presentation at the same time.
Thursday continued in the same way with a trip into town for some holiday bits and pieces and I finalised the group presentation.

Today is going to be chilled.
Me and Ian are going into town to sample the new Wagamama’s and then we are going to go and see Dunkirk.
I have the other members of my group coming over later this evening to (hopefully) rehearse the presentation that we have to give on Monday.

I’m actually back to work for a long day tomorrow! Although I’m on a countdown now for Italy.


A few days ago my Dish of the Week was a guy called Riyadh Khalaf.

In that blog I mentioned how he’d gone from Youtubing and radio onto BBC Three who gave him a chance to voice and showcase the LGBTQ community in a 6 part series called ‘Queer Britain’.

I am so happy to say that this show will now also be officially shown on BBC One!! starting on August 3rd.

I am absolutely thrilled for Riyadh.
I can’t stress enough what a personality this guy has.
Just spend some time going through his Youtube channel and I guarantee you will laugh, you will cry, you will drink an inordinate amount of wine and you will feel enlightened and blessed to be part of his journey.

To give you a taster, here are some of my favourite vlogs.
You already know that if I’m looking for a laugh I go straight to this one…

This is where I fell in love with his Mum!

This is where I really felt for his Dad.

This is where I could have cried for him.

But he continues to have fun and I love him….. Can you tell?!

Please tune in to BBC One on August 3rd. Open your heart and your mind and spread the love.


OK, so this blog is going to be a little boring, I am quite literally sat in bed trying out my new notepad. Familiarising myself with how it all works and this small keypad!

I will be taking this thing to Italy in the hope that I will be able to blog virtually daily and keep a diary of events and photos in real time.

I’m not great, I much prefer my PC with a full keyboard and a mouse. In fact, I’m cheating as I have got a wireless USB mouse attached to this as I can’t stand the stupid little touch pad.

Anyway, I had some good news today. It would appear that I have actually passed my maths exam!
I really am surprised by my result as I really didn’t feel at all confident when I came out of the exam itself.
Combined with the result from my first essay, it would appear that I am running at an overall A- for the course so far. I’m beginning to realise I need to have a little more confidence in myself.

I found something I want for Xmas today,

tie silencer

look at this little beauty,
Kylo’s new limo, the Tie Silencer. I can’t wait to see him piloting this in the Last Jedi.

So, that’s it for tonight. Going to do some channel hopping in the hope of finding something good to watch.


Countdown has well and truly started for ‘The Last Jedi’ in December.

Today, Disney revealed a sizzle real from the filming.

Bedsides a very quick glimpse of General Hux looking very sleek with his mullet, Kylo is looking incredibly hot!!

Daisy rehearing to fight who? The Knights of Ren maybe?


Adam rehearsing to fight who? His own Knights maybe? Actually I don’t really care. He just looks really hot!!


John Boyega in an Imperial uniform!


This is what I love about a build up to a movie like this.
We just don’t know anything. It’s all hearsay and rumour.
Just so long as Adam keeps looking pretty, I’ll keep eating it all up until I see it!

Can’t wait!!


It’s been a while since I did one of these and in a way this is a strange one for me because, as much as I love this man, his personality, his smile and his enthusiasm for everything he does, I know that as I girl I would be on a forever losing battle to win his heart.

That and the fact that I’m also old enough to be his mother!!
Oh, and by the way, his Mother is a goddess and I love her to bits! and his Dad is amazing too.

I discoverd Riyadh a few months ago when I had a quiet afternoon and a large bottle of wine.
I stumbled onto this little gem on Youtube. He was such a cheeky happy guy, I couldn’t stop watching.

At the time I was looking for a good laugh and this hit the spot!!
I just had to check out his Youtube channel and found myself spending an entire afternoon having a major fit of giggles and having my eyes opened to a whole community I knew very little about.

Riyadh developed an interest in Youtubing at an early age and worked in radio in Ireland and was recently offered the chance to present his own 6 part TV show with BBC three.
I highly recommend taking a look at Queer Britain. A wonderful show and very enlightening.

Riyadh 3

Riyadh didn’t have it easy growing up in Ireland, but he overcame adversity, followed his heart and his dreams and now he’s living his dreams and I really hope that he goes from strength to strength. I want to see him hosting his own chat show in future. He’d be amazing!

I’ll leave you with this little piece from his Youtube channel.


So, the last week has been pretty good.
Not that I’ve done anything out of the ordinary, it’s just gone really well.

It started with a huge boost to my ego when I found a note under the wiper blade of my car when I went to go to Uni on Monday.
For one minute I thought one of the neighbours was complaining about me parking across the road from their driveway and then I read the note.
It simply said “Stunningly Beautiful” and left a mobile number.
I had a grin from ear to ear all the way to Uni. I’ve never had anything like that given to me before, even when I was young enough and single enough to do anything about it!

The day just kept getting better.
I got the result back on my first Uni essay. It’s my first time writing academically and with referencing and I was really worried that I’d got it completely wrong.
I was pleasantly surprise when I found out I got 67% which puts me into the top of the B range.
HUGE sigh of relief and a glass (bottle) of wine.
Now onto the next one.

My placement this week was a bit lacklustre. It was with the DVT/anticoagulant team. I learnt a little about why people take Warfarin and how it’s a complete balancing act to keep their levels at the right level. It’s just that it was a lot of pricking fingers, checking the results and then ‘see you next time’ kind of work.
When the clinic went quiet I managed to step in on the Tissue viability nurses for a while which was actually a lot more interesting although their patients are much more time consuming. Anyway, I’m with the children’s community nursing team this coming week and I’m really looking forward to that one.

On Wednesday, I did a little Uni work and then went to the cinema to see Spider-Man: Homecoming. Brilliant film!! Even though Marvel are now beginning to play with us in the extra scenes at the end….. Bastards!

Work went well over the last two days. Busy but well. We’ve had some real characters in over the last few days. Kids coming in for surgeries never fail to make me laugh sometimes and if I can send them home with a smile, that totally makes my day.

Anyway, today I have a few chores to do before I meet up with at least one of my Uni colleagues to discuss a group project we’re working on.
Tomorrow is another long day at work before the week starts with Uni again on Monday.

Living the life of a rock star!!!……NOT