1 WEEK!!!!

Look at that countdown.
Single digits.

In 7 days and 12 hours, I will be sat in our local cinema watching the Force Awakens and eagerly awaiting the midnight viewing of the Last jedi.

The cast, including a very relaxed looking Adam Driver, are currently all in Japan for a big Red Carpet event with rumours of a ‘special screening’ of the film.


The world premiere will be taking place in Los Angeles on (I believe) 8th December and the European premiere will be at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 12th December.

So!! expect spoilers to start feeding their way onto the internet from tomorrow.
Time for a blackout on social media if you are adamant about going into the film unspoiled.
I for one, love spoilers.
You’re never 100% certain they are correct and for me it all just adds to the excitement and anticipation of a film.

I have loved some of the press junket interviews I have seen so far and I am pleased that Domhnall Gleeson is actually being included in a lot of the press for this film.
This gives me great hope that he plays a bigger part this time around. It will be good to see Hux get more than 3 minutes of screen time.

There has been one moment during recent interviews that completely stole my heart however.
If you read my blog regularly you will know that I am a huge Adam Driver fan and that one of the things that makes Adam so endeering is his complete lack of confidence in his own work. He has major anxieties about appearing in public and always looks decidedly uncomfortable on red carpets and in interviews.

The cast and director of Last Jedi were all on Jimmy Kimmel the other night, Adam included. He was at the end of the front row of guests, furthest away from Jimmy and he kept himself very quiet during the entire show.
Towards the end of their segment, as the show was going to a break, you can clearly see Daisy Ridley, leaning around Laura Dern, giving Adam a thumbs up to make sure he’s OK!!

Talk about heart melting moment!!


Anyway, that’s my fangirling done for the day.
I have GOT to get my essay done today if it kills me.
Then I’m off out to see a preview screening of ‘Stronger’ with Jake Gyllenhaal.



OK, so with only 10 days until I’m preparing myself for a Star Wars double bill with Force Awakens followed by a midnight showing of Last Jedi, I thought I’d talk about theories, or more specifically, one theory in particular.

There are hundreds of theories flying around the internet about what people think is going to happen in the next movie.
One of the most anticipated conundrums is ‘who’ are Rey’s parents.
The discourse this question has created is a movie in it’s own right.

I am, thankfully, one of those people that can read a theory and then analyse it a little to decide whether or not it’s a possibility.

So far, in my oppinion, I do NOT believe the following three main theories…….

Rey is Kylo’s sister……. C’mon, that would be way too obvious and a little disappointing if Rian hasn’t come up with something just a little more original.

Reylo is canon…… Mmmmm….. not so sure. I certainly believe that Rey and Kylo are going to be collaborating and as much as I’d love a happy ending for them as a pair, I don’t think this will be happening either. Sorry.

Rey is a Kenobi……. wishful thinking from the fans. They are desperate to get a Kenobi in there somewhere but I just don’t think this is the way to do it. Although the following theory could prove me wrong.

I love reading theories.
The way people will latch onto tidbits of information from various sources and then come up with ideas is facinating.
A lot of the time you have a little laugh at the rediculousness of an idea, but occasionally you find yourself saying ‘actually, that’s not such a bad idea, that could actually work’.

A few weeks ago I read about a theory that I initially thought ‘really?’
But as I read more and more about why and how they came up with theory, I thought ‘actually, that’s not such a bad idea, that could actually work’.

I came across a Tumblr post by lilolgf.tumblr.com who theorised that ‘Rey is General Armitage Hux’s half sister’

That’s where I thought ‘really?’
It was so off the track of any other theory I’d read about that I decided to carry on reading.

So! I sincerely hope that lilolgf doesn’t mind me picking their post to pieces!!

They have taken into consideration the ‘Aftermath’ trilogy of books that are set between the Return of the Jedi and the Force Awakens.
These books give us a lot of information about Hux’s family and his childhood and as lilolgf points out ‘there seems to be a lot of focus on a character who had about 5 minutes of screen time’ in Force Awakens. Almost like he’ll play a bigger part than we’ve been led to believe’.

Oh I do hope so. I love Domhnall Gleeson and next to Kylo Ren, I love the character of General Hux.
Some would say a little too much!

Tattoo 2

Anyway, in the books we learn that Hux’s father is Brendol Hux. A high ranking officer who had an affair with an unnamed kitchen worker who was Hux’s mother. Yes, Hux is a bastard! He was physically and psychologically abused by his father which explains a lot about his cold character.

In the books, Hux’s home planet of Arkanis comes under attack by the New Republic and Brendol Hux and his son are evacuated but Hux’s mother is left behind. This attack was apparantly part of the civil war which ended with the battle of Jakku which is Rey’s home planet.

At this point, little bells are starting to go off in my head and then lilolgf goes on…….

Their theory is that Hux’s mother managed to escape Arkanis and went to Jakku, where she met Rey’s father and they had Rey but then had to leave her for some reason.
They go on to theorise that Rey’s father was a powerful jedi, maybe even Obiwan’s son. As neither Hux or his mother have the force, Rey’s dad would have and it makes sense if he were a Jedi.

As I started to do some math and get a little carried away with the age gap between Hux and Rey, lilolgf goes on to say…..

In TFA Rey is 19 and Hux is 34, while this gives a large 15 year age gap, in terms of time line it makes sense as Hux is 5-10 years old when he leaves Arkanis, which gives his mother 5-10 years to get to Jakku, meet Rey’s father and have Rey.

Age gap sorted!

It’s been revealed we will find out about Rey’s family in the TLJ and it makes sense for her to be related to characters we already know.
It wouldn’t make sense if she were Han and Leia’s daughter as they didn’t care much when she was kidnapped and Finn was freaking out.
For her family reveal to have an impact she needs to be related to a main character.
Her being Obiwan’s granddaughter is most likely but she could also be Hux’s half sister to have it relevant to the current plot.

OK!! I can live with that.
We know that both Kylo and Hux feel ‘entitled’ and are jossling each other for position and this could well be their catalyst.

Then lilolgf goes on to analyse the actors chosen to play the parts and draws on some interesting facts.

Rey and Hux are the only new characters with English accents so it’s plausible they’re related. Their facial structures are also kind of similar, which would have been taken into account when Daisy Ridley and Domnhall Gleeson were cast.

daisy and domhnall

lilolgf finishes off their theory by saying…..

It is stated that due to his upbringing Hux believes it’s his destiny to rule the galaxy, this could then create a parallel with Vader tempting Luke to rule the galaxy with him “as father and son”.

Hux is gonna play a bigger role in TLJ, he’s on the official posters, the cover of vanity fair and he appears in the Star Wars Tours footage.

I actually LOVE this theory!!
It will pit Hux against Kylo and it will mean that Domhnall will be seen a lot more during the next two films, although one theory I’ve read has General Hux going down in flames with his beloved Finalizer.

We know that Domhnall has signed for three films but in Hollywood this doesn’t mean anything except that they wanted to guarantee he’ll be available ‘if’ his character survives to the third movie.

Domhnall was worried about signing the contract. He has stated that ‘the fear of the fame almost stopped him from playing part of General Hux’ which is a strange thing to say about a character that had about three minutes of screen time!!

Personally I really hope this theory comes to fruition.
It will be amazing to see what Domhnall can do with General Hux if he really gets a chance to get his teeth into the part.
It would be a big enough ‘OMG’ moment to parallel ‘I am your father’

Having said all that, I know that it should all be taken with a pinch of salt because at the end of the day, we simply do NOT know how this film is going to go.


It doesn’t matter how many theories I’ve read, I will be going into this film with a clear and open mind. I can’t wait to see what ‘shock’ Rian has come up with and I can’t wait to see all the new discourse start flooding the internet as people start arguing about what Rian did right and what he did wrong.


It’s going to be a long weekend. My essay must be written, even if it kills me.

So this evening I’m chilling with a few drinks and trawling the internet for all things Star Wars: The Last Jedi and I’ve just found this little behind the scenes beauty.

Adam is going to look stunning if he does this fighting without his helmet! I can’t wait.

The talk show interviews are beginning to start and tonight sees most of the cast on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, including Daisy Ridley, Andy Serkis, Mark Hamill, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Laura Dern, Adam Driver, Gwendoline Christine, Kelly Marie Tran, Domhnall Gleeson and writer/director Rian Johnson. (ADAM AND DOMHNALL!!)
Not that I can watch it here in the UK but apparantly clips will be up on Youtube by tomorrow lunch time.

So, just in time for a lunch break from writing my essay!

Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Mark Hamill will be on one of my favourite shows on December 15th, Graham Norton!
I love this show. Graham really knows how to get the laughs with and at his guests. I’m just so glad Adam is not going to be on the couch. I don’t think his anxieties could handle Graham Norton!!


It’s official, this is now a plague house. I am seriously tempted to paint a big red cross on the door.

2 UTI’s, 2 stinking colds, 1 case of tonsillitis and an IBS flareup!
We are all feeling a little run down and poor Marjorie just can’t stop sleeping. We are currently waiting for blood results to see if there is a specific cause.
I am amazed that Ian hasn’t picked anything up yet considering his low immunity but now I’ve said that, you just know something will get him.

Apart from my stinking cold which is (I hope) on it’s way out now after a week, I am quite on top of things. Except for my Essay!!

I’ve probably spent around 5 hours in total sitting in the Dr’s waiting room.
The living room and dining room got a bit of re-organisation over the weekend.
Gentleman’s Grub Club was a success on Tuesday and the stew fed us for a further two days!!
Wednesday saw me get my Star Wars mandala tattoo from the lovely Jack at the Stone Crow Tattoo parlour.

That’s it!! General Hux will be with me for the rest of my life. Even if he doesn’t survive the movies.

Yesterday saw the arrival of the Xmas decorations.

Today I will be heading over to my Mum’s after finishing this blog, to decorate her tree.
This afternoon I will be taking Murron for a follow up appointment at the hospital and after that I will be decorating my Auntie Karen’s tree.

This weekend, I will be locking myself in my living room and working on my essay!!
I really want to see the back end of it now so that I can just enjoy the next few weeks.

Less than two weeks until The Last Jedi!!
Then I will get excited about Xmas.


Plans for annual leave have not gone as planned so far.

My first day on Friday was spent with a checkup visit to the dentist.
All went well as it usually does, I’m pretty lucky with my teeth.
I also felt like I was brewing a cold. Typical!!

However, I woke up that morning feeling like I may also have the start of a UTI.
We’re pretty hot on that in this house considering the kids histories, so after checking my own sample I new I was definately brewing something.
I checked myself into the walk in centre at 11am and at 13:00 I was STILL waiting to be seen.
Unfortunately I had to get Murron to the hospital for a booked scan so I had to check myself out.
I got back to the centre at 14:30 and the receptionist booked me back in as if I had never left so it looked like I’d been waiting 3 and a half hours. I got seen very quickly.

Saturday arrived and so did the full on cold!!
I did some tidying around the house and plans were made to de-clutter before Xmas.
These plans involved a trip to Ikea on Sunday.

Unfortunately, on Sunday, Murron also thought she was coming down with a UTI and as she’s be hospitalised in the last year because of them, we checked a sample and got her straight to the walk in centre.
Another 2 hour wait.

Anyway, we finally made our way to Milton Keynes where we stopped off at the Music Kavern to get Murron’s Xmas presents.
She’s been totally spoilt this year.
New Ukelele and a new guitar.
I don’t mind. She enjoys playing them and doing open mic nights and I like to hear her play.

We finally got home with 2 new cabinets from Ikea to re-organise our movie (Star Wars) collection.
The living room is looking less cluttered and things are finally looking more organised.

Monday, I started to do preparation for tonights Gentleman’s Grub Club and I waited for a Tesco delivery of Xmas drink and nibbles.

Today I had to do a placement with the Psychiatric Liaison Service and now I am home to do final preparation for Gentleman’s Grub Club.

What is Gentleman’s Grub Club? I hear you ask.
One of Murron’s friends, a really cool dude called Stan, usually hosts it at his place on a Tuesday evening.
It consists of lots of food, drink, jamming and fun.
Tonight, I will be hosting it with Murron.
We have made a wonderful stew, we are making herby philadephia smothered chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and we will be serving with cauliflower cheese and herby baked baby potatoes.
Starters is a garlic soup and pudding is Eton mess!! If we make it that far!

Tomorrow, I have a 3 hour sitting for my most ambitious tattoo yet! I haven’t even seen the final design yet so I may be changing my mind!!

Thursday I will be getting all the Xmas decs out and sorting out my own trees before I have to decorate my Mums’ and my Auntie Karen’s on Friday!

After that, I really MUST get my final essay done.
I’ve wasted way too much time procrastinating over it.
I want it done and dusted before I go back to work.

So, not exactly wasted my time off so far, just not gone as expected.


The last two years have been a real eye opener for me personally.
All things LGBT have been questioned and I have gone looking for answers.
In my quest for answers, I have found some amazing people.
Riyadh Khalaf –  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClTfkJcsP0M-3Q788U5sZKw
Melanie Murphy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDwHFuZJV_2qukjmkJGWIfw
Hannah Witton. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6iWKC08iw9K-R6Wh5pbZNQ
Calum McSwiggan. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6pzgnZ75lEnsOCLi64Vx2g
To name but a few.

This weekend sees the launch of #RainbowLaces.

Go to Twitter, check out the hashtag to find out all about it.
It is aimed at sport.
Whether you want to participate or support, whether you are lesbian, gay, bi, trans or whatever you identify as…. sport should be for ‘EVERYONE’!!
No one should feel left out or afraid because of who they are!!

My rainbow laces are still in the post but this weekend is their official launch.
Football and rugby club teams have all had rainbow laces for their matches and some have even had pitch flag changed to rainbow flags this weekend and Wembley Stadium has even been lit up in rainbow colours to show support and re-iterate that sport is for ‘EVERYONE’.

We can beat the hate. Together we can make a change.


So, Thursday was my last Long Day shift before just over two weeks of annual leave.
I don’t go back to work until the 11th December which is only two days before I get to see ‘The Force Awakens’ followed by a midnight showing of ‘The last Jedi’

Every year since going back to work I have taken the last week in November and the first week in December as annual leave to allow me to prepare for Xmas.
By the time I go back to work everything will be done.
Presents will be bought and wrapped.
Xmas food and drink will be bought and prepared.
Xmas decorations will be up and the house will be organised and tidy.

The only downside to this year is that I still have to attend my placements for my University course on both Tuesdays and I also have my final essay to write and reference.
Yeah, and I’m also fighting off a cold.

Yesterday was a nightmare.
I had a dental checkup in the morning which went fine and got the usual ‘come back in 6 months for a checkup’ result.
I woke up suspecting I was brewing a UTI and decided to check in with the walk in centre.
Now, bare in mind, I needed to get Murron to the hospital for a scan at 13:45.
I checked into the medical centre at 11am.
I had to tell them I was leaving to make a hospital appointment.
Thankfully, when I checked back in at 14:30, they checked me in as if I hadn’t left and it looked like I’d been sat there for 3 and half hours!!
I got seen within 5 minutes and I’m now on 3 days of antibiotics.

Not how I planned my first day of annual leave.

Anyway, today I’ve done some shopping and relaxing.
Tomorrow I’ll be spending the day out with Ian.
We are going to re-organise and consolidate our movie collection and hopefully de-clutter the living room a little before Xmas, so a trip to IKEA for some display units is on the books.
Hopefully be getting dinner out too.

Monday is going to be spent on my final essay while I wait for a Tesco delivery of Xmas drinks and snacks and I also need to prepare for Gentleman’s Grub Club on Tuesday evening.

Yes, Gentlman’s Grub Club.
I’ve been talked into ‘hosting’ Gentleman’s Grub Club.
Simply put, Murron’s friend ‘Stan the Man’ will be giving up his usual host of the event for me and Murron to host for a change.
Lots of food, booze and jamming.
Should be interesting.


I have no clue!
As long as I have my essay finished and I’m Xmas ready, I don’t care how the next two weeks go.