OK, time for my first rant of the year, albeit just a little one.

I keep seeing posts on blogs and reviews about the helmet in Dredd 3D and the fact that it doesn’t come off so we can see the gorgeous Karl Urban and that the film is constantly being referred to as a ‘remake’.

To anyone making these complaints I say, please, please, please do your research.
Go back and actually read some judge Dredd from the last 20+ years.
If the helmet should come off for some reason you NEVER see Dredd’s face.

Dredd 3D is most certainly NOT a re-make of the Stallone movie.
It is a stand alone movie in it’s own right and has a completely different story line.

The Stallone movie was not a Dredd movie from the minute he took the helmet off.
It was an OK film, it just wasn’t Judge Dredd.
Kudos to Karl Urban who, as a fan of Dredd, Stood his ground and KEPT THE HELMET ON!!

Roll on Monday when I can get my hands on a BluRay copy of Dredd 3D so I can see the fabulous job that was done in keeping to the ‘real’ Judge Dredd Mythology.

So there, please stop complaining.
That gorgeous face may be covered up but it’s covered for a reason and if you can’t except that then you simply aren’t a ‘true’ Judge Dredd fan.


Finished the tidy up on the old house today ready to hand the keys over tomorrow.
Just hope the X landlady is happy with everything we’ve done over the last ten years.
The house is in better decorative order now than it was when we moved in and we’ve had full permission to decorate from day one.
There’s nothing she can do if she doesn’t like it anyway, we never had a signed inventory on that place!

Anyway, I’ll be taking the keys back to the agents on my own tomorrow as Ian has managed to get some much needed overtime at work.
After that and with the kids at school, I’ll be on my own to potter around as I want. I’ll be able to get stuck into the girls rooms and get them organised and sorted without them interfering.

The new house is taking shape quite nicely although I have just put a complete ban on anyone frying anything in the kitchen.
I let Ian loose with the burgers for dinner and he set every alarm off in the house and when I walked into the kitchen I literally thought it was on fire because of all the smoke. Ian doesn’t believe in ‘gently’ frying anything. So from now on it’s the George Foreman grill or the oven. NO MORE FRYING!!! It will be better for us in the long run too.

Right, time to relax.
I’m in a ‘channel hopping’ kind of mood tonight.


I had hoped to get the old house ready to hand back today unfortunately it still needs about an hour or so to finish up a few odds and ends.
The doors that Murron decided graffiti all over in her room are proving a bit stubborn to cover up. I wanted the three coats I put on today to completely dry over night before I put what ‘should’ be the last coat on tomorrow.
Then it’s just a case of a quick clean in the kitchen and a hoover of the hall carpet and we’re done.

The new house is taking shape nicely. Just a few niggles to sort out with the Agents.
Things like the curtain runners that don’t actually run! Need to get permission to replace them.
And then there’s the dishwasher that keeps popping the electrics.
We’ll get there.

Can’t wait to just dedicate my time to the new place.
I just want to get everything sorted and in it’s place so I can then relax and enjoy it for a few days before going back to work.

I’m quite getting into this blogging daily.
Hopefully as time goes on I will learn to extend the content a little bit and make it more of an interesting read.

I have just sat and watched Star Trek (the reboot) with my youngest daughter, Dharma.
She was suitably impressed so I think I now have all three of my girls hooked!

So here it is…..
Star Trek 2 is in 130 days
and Dredd 3D BluRay is in just 8 days!!!
I have to have the house sorted by then so I can totally chill while Ian is at work and the kids are at school.


OK, officially back online!!

So far the move has gone swimmingly well.
All that’s left to do at the old place is the tidy up and a bit of touch up painting. So glad we went with all white a few months ago. It’s going to make things a lot easier today.
I plan to get that all done today. By the end of today I want to lock the door never to go back!

The new place is a bit of war zone. Probably will be for the best part of the next week.
The kitchen is sorted. The living room is just about there. Our bedroom is done (except for Ian’s computer area) and the kids rooms are OK.
I’m just going to spend the next week tweeking things. That will be a lot easier to do when the kids are back at school.

So today I have got to stop thinking about the war zone and concentrate on cleaning the old zone.
Better start by actually getting dressed.


Well yesterday went extremely well thanks to some amazing neighbours. The furniture was all moved yesterday so today is clearing all the odds and ends. That gives us 2 days to then make good a few bits and pieces before we hand the keys back on the old place. The initial panic is over. Virgin should be around before one o clock to install the broadband and the tv services. Time to tackle a few more boxes.


I’ve been awake now for nearly an hour.
I’ve had my coffee, I’ve had my painkillers for the mega headache I woke up with.
Ian has left to pick up the van and should be back in about 1.5 hours.
I’m trying to think about all the little bits and pieces I still have left to pack and what needs to go to the house first.

I still have a headache.

Time to stop panicking and get going.
Time to power the computer down.
The nightmare begins……