They’ve done an incredible job keeping information about this film under wraps.
Little snippets of info are occasionally given but nothing concrete.
Of course the biggest piece of info everyone wanted to know about was ‘who is the villain?’

We know he’s played by Benedict Cumberbatch and we have been told it is a man called ‘John Harrison’
Do I believe that?……. actually….. NO I DON’T!

For months it was speculated that his character was Khan but this is early days for the crew and they are yet to find the cryo ship carrying Khan and his minions and therefore he hasn’t been abandoned for X amount of years on a desolate planet building up a pure hatred and thirst for vengeance against James T Kirk. So it is actually ‘not logical’ for it to be Khan.

Then, out of the blue, another name was ‘supposedly’ accidentally thrown into the mix by Karl Urban.
Whilst being interviewed during his promotion of Dredd 3D he let slip that the villain was actually ‘Gary Mitchell’
A close friend of Kirks and a member of Starfleet who was given god like powers in an early episode of the original series.
Gary Mitchell

This threw fandom into turmoil.
Karl flailing
Was this just a very clever piece of promotion for the film?
Sheepish Karl
Did Karl Urban deliberately give the name of the villain in a bid to fan the flames of speculation and help build the anticipation of the film?
I’m actually swinging towards this as the truth.

The fact that Benedict Cumberbatch is still being listed as ‘Khan (rumoured)’ on IMDB doesn’t help things.
The official name given by Paramount is John Harrison. This name was given a couple of weeks ago but IMDB still haven’t updated their site.
This is a HUGE database that is always kept up to date. I find it hard to believe they haven’t updated the cast info for this film.
Are they being prevented by Paramount?

2 amazing trailers and the release of the first nine minutes of the film have done nothing to settle this dispute.
What it has done is get everyone even more excited and hyped.
I can happily say that it has got two of my kids hooked. After years of telling them that Star Trek is brilliant, they are finally listening.
I don’t stand a chance of going to see this one without them!

Well we’ve still got 138 days to go before we find anything out for definite.
McCoy 01


Sent home from work today.
The cough/cold bug I’ve been fighting for the last few weeks has decided to settle in my ears.
I feel like I have my head in a bucket of water which I’ve had before and it’s just a waiting game to get rid of it but this time I’ve started to get really dizzy with it too.
Every time I cough the room spins. I’m debating whether or not to get my ears checked at the GP’s just in case I have an infection.
I think it’s just a fluid build up because of the cold and I’d rather stay snuggled on the sofa.
I’m supposed to be working on New Years Eve! It’s my last shift before 2 weeks off to move house. If I call in sick there’s just no way anyone is going to want to cover for me on New Years Eve.

Can’t even be bothered to blog any more, I simply have no get up and go left.


The day after boxing day and instead of continuing with the festivities, I have had to start packing for the house move a week tomorrow.
I’ve managed to get all three of the girls rooms sorted as far as they can be.
Dharma has been moved in with Mum, Marjorie has been moved into Dharma’s room and Marjorie’s room is being used as a box store.
I have a 6 foot tower of boxes filled with DVD’s in the living room but that is as far as I am going in there for now.
I am working the next 2 days and on New Years eve. While I am at work Ian is under orders to dismantled as much of the technical equipment as he can and then he has to try and move the bulk of the boxes down from the loft without intruding on the living room and the kitchen.

I have decided that the Xmas decorations will remain up until New Years Day.
We are having a few of the neighbours over on New Years Eve and I want it to still look festive as much as possible.

I can’t believe the mess.
The stress has already started. I have pain between my shoulder blades that I just can’t shift.
I am going to spend the next half hour having a tidy up and then I am going to try an relax and loosen up the muscles in my back before I have to get up for work at 05:30!

Looking on the bright side….
Dredd BluRay in 18 days and….
Star Trek 2 is in 140 days, 11 hours
Star Trek let the fun begin
Love this GIF!!


Another Xmas day over.
Not that I felt particularly Xmassy this year with having to work an early shift.
I did have a lovely Xmas dinner at Mum’s though and then everyone flaked out in the living room because they’d all got up so early to open their presents before I went to work just before 7am.
It also hasn’t been helped by the thought of all the packing I’ve now got to do ready for the house move on Jan 4th.

Anyway, we actually had a fairly early night last night and now the batteries are re-charged we are back off to Mum’s for Boxing Day.
No stress, no arguments, just lots of goodies to eat and drink, games to play and no panic about getting everything right for Xmas.

We are going to have to make the most of today because tomorrow we are going to say and early goodbye to Xmas for this year.
The decorations are going to have to come down so that we can start packing in earnest.
Dharma will be moving in with Mum for a while so that Marjorie can vacate the dining room and we can use it as temporary box storage.

New years eve should be fun.
Got a few of the neighbours coming over for a goodbye drink and some nibbles.
No decorations and surrounded by packing boxes. Bit of Music, lots of chat and no doubt a few tears.

Really not looking forward to the move.
Actually looking forward to the new house just not the move to get there.
Can’t get one without the other though.
It’s going to be a weekend of absolute chaos.

At the back of my mind though is the thought that in 19 days (and 2 days before I go back to work after house move annual leave) Dredd will be out on BluRay.
Jan 14th, Ian will be at work, kids will be at school, the house ‘should’ be pretty much unpacked and organised.
It will be just me and Dredd for the entire day. Lovely.

Oh yes, as we are mentioning count downs…..
Star Trek 2 is in 141 days, 20 hours

We’re getting there…… just a bit slow for me though. 😦


UUURGH…. That’s how I feel today 😦
Got the head cold from hell.
Up all night coughing. I can’t lay down because I can’t stop coughing I literally have to sit up in the sofa and fall asleep.
The cough isn’t as dry as it has been so it’s more productive now, however, it’s turned into a full blown head cold.
My nose won’t stop running and my ears feel like my head is under water.
I’m working today, only 16:00 – 20:00, however I’m doing an early shift tomorrow.
Any other time of the year I’d be phoning in sick.
I couldn’t do it to them, especially as they’ve been so good at giving me emergency annual leave for the first two weeks in Jan for the house move.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my house is going to be a box storage site until we move.
Thankfully we had quite a major clear out in the loft just few months ago so it’s actually not too bad up there.
Marjorie’s room is now packed. She has out the bare minimum needed to last until we move. Dharma and Murron are not far off either.

Right, I have about three hours until I need to leave for work.
Time to get tidied up as much as I can and then have a shower. Maybe that will help me feel a bit better.
We’ll see.


OK, sitting here, feeling crap because of no sleep due to a hacking cough and feeling like my head is under water.
Got some old friends coming over for a few hours this afternoon and right this second the husband is in bed because he’s working nights, the eldest daughter has escaped the house to go into town with her mates, the youngest daughter has gone to a party in Milton Keynes and the middle daughter is doing some packing ready for the move in Jan.
Got a movie on that I’ve been trying to watch for the last 2 nights without any luck. Mission Impossible 4.
Got my milky coffee and a bowl of boiling water to steam the cobwebs out of my lungs.

Question, do I have a shower and get some packing done?

Looking at my living room I could quite easily pack up the DVD collection. I’m sure we could live without them for a couple of weeks.
The BluRays can stay out. Most of my Karl Urban movies are in there. 2 weeks without a fix might be asking a bit much.

The reality of moving at this time of year is really starting to hit home.
We are quite literally going to have to call an end to Xmas the day after boxing day.
The decorations are going to have to come down and the real task of packing will kick into high gear.
I am working on 28th 29th and 31st Dec but then I’m free and clear for two whole weeks. Plenty of time to get unpacked again before going back to work.

We are having a few of the neighbours round for drinks on New Years to say goodbye. Think the kids are going to find that one a bit hard.

Anyway, this isn’t getting anything done!
Better go and get something done.


Surprise, surprise, the world didn’t end today.
I still had a pretty productive day at work. Put the stock delivery away and manage to swipe a few boxes for packing.
The sun didn’t explode.

I did however leave a couple of hours early to go to the GP to get my damned cough looked at.
It’s driving me nuts. Gradually gets worse throughout the day and keeps me awake all night.
Thankfully it’s not got onto my lungs.
Unfortunately it means there’s nothing they can give me for it.
Took a few bits of advice like taking Honey and Lemon and inhaling steam but apart from that I’m just going to have to ride this one out.

Back at work tomorrow and then I’ve got to get some packing done on Sunday.
What an exciting life I lead!

Oh Yes, Star Trek 2 is in 146 days, 8 hours