It’s been a tough week at work.
I start at 07:30 in the morning and finish at 20:00 in the evening and I’m lucky if I get all my breaks at the moment. It’s just so busy I can’t keep up with everything that everyone wants and that is really frustrating.
I want to give more but I can’t. I’m on my feet the whole time too which at the moment is not such a great idea as my achilles heel spurs are really starting to hurt. This job is physically running me down at the moment and I don’t know how much longer I can keep it up.
Next week is going to be a little different though. I have been asked to ward clerk for the week as we won’t have one due to annual leave. It’s a tough job in itself, I know, I do it occasionally to help keep on top of things but that’s only for an hour or two, this is for four 12.5 hour shifts! Buzzers and bells and phones and fighting to keep on top of everything without losing my head.
At least I won’t be on my feet for a change.

Thought we had a major problem with Ian’s car this week. It wouldn’t switch off!! Even with the keys out and the battery unhooked.
Thankfully, Ian managed to fix it. So hopefully if we can get it through it’s MOT in Dec, we can then run it into the ground and put some money away for a new one with Ian’s bonus in April.

Marjorie turned 13 yesterday! Where has the time gone?
She’s having a sleepover tonight and she’s taking over my living room!!
No computer, no 50 inch tv for the night!! Relogated to the bedroom with the hubby. (He has a smile on his face)….. He’ll also be bloody lucky with 7 girls in the house!!

What to watch? That’s the next question.
Could try and talk him into watching ‘Doom’. Not a great film but plenty of sci fi action that will please him and lots of Karl Urban to please me. Don’t think I’ll get away with that one though.
I must admit I have become a tad obsessed over the last week.
The trigger seems to have been our trip to the cinema to see ‘Dredd’.
I was a smidge impressed with it.
OK I was VERY impressed with it and overwhelmed by Karl Urban.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen him things before. I loved him as Eomer in Lord of the Rings and was blown away by his amazing performance as Dr Bones McCoy in the Star Trek reboot but there was just something about ‘Dredd’ that hit the right spot and now I can’t get enough of him!!

I know!!! I can leave Ian here to look after the girls and I can go to the cinema to see Dredd again!!
Can’t see him going for that one some how.

Oh well, we’ll see. Better go and get ready to be overun with giggly girls for the night.


OK, It’s been over 2 months since my last Dish of the Week!
I have neglected my blogging over the summer and have had various other things to keep me busy and things that have had me worrying.

Well today I took some time out with the hubby and while the kids were at school we actually went to the cinema.
We went to see ‘Dredd’ which I must admit I was a little dubious about to begin with.
I have never been a Judge Dredd fan and I have never read the comic books but my husband is a big fan.

I really enjoyed the film. It was actually pretty cool in a gory kind of way and the 3D effects of the gun shot wounds were really gruesome and very effective.

This all brings me to the point of this post.
Karl Urban.
He has now well and truly made it to being one of my favourite actors.

He first came to my attention in the Lord of the Rings trilogy as ‘Eomer’.

He then won the role of Dr McCoy in the re-boot of Star Trek and I really can’t wait to see the second outing of that crew next year.

I then caught him as the vampire ‘Black Hat’ in Priest.

And then along comes ‘Dredd’
I really hope this one makes it to a sequel.

I think I may just go and watch the Chronicles of Riddick. His character in that looks interesting and he’s reprising the role for another Riddick movie next year!

So there you have it. Another Dish makes it to the blog and I hope to see him in a lot more in the future.


I can’t believe we have casually slipped into September already!
Can’t say I’m sorry, this is turning out to be the shitiest year of my life so far!
I’m sick of hospital visits and follow up appointments made all the more unbearable because I work at the damn place!
I never seem to leave it and I’m tired of it, even though I love my job.

The only one of us who isn’t under a consultant at the moment is Dharma.

Ian is still under the pain team.

Murron is under Plastics for her thumb and is seeing a Paediatrician about her dizzy spells.
The Dr thinks she may be having migraines and not labyrinthitis. She’s now keeping a diary of what she eats and when she has her ‘spells’ to see if there is anything that triggers them.
She is also under an Orthodontist because her upper canines are growing the wrong way in the roof of her mouth.
She will be coming onto the ward to have her baby ones removed and adult ones exposed and chains attached that will then be attached to headgear that she must wear for up to 14 hours a day for up to two years!

Marjorie is still under Orthopaedics at Bedford for her hip displasure but I’m hoping she will be discharged at our next meeting.
She is also under Orthopaedics at Stanmore for her Freiburgs disease but again this is clearing up slowly and apart from 3 monthly follow ups there’s nothing else that can be done.

And me, I have an appointment with Orthopaedics on October 9th about the achilles heel spurs on my left foot.
I am anticipating an operation but from what I’ve seen online it’s a long recovery period.

Not to mention both of my parents who are both having health issues of their own at the moment.

Worry, worry, worry.
That’s all I’m doing at the moment.
Worrying about health issues all round.
Worrying about Murron who at one end of the spectrum has got off her arse and is now volunteering weekends and during holidays at the local Cancer Research shop in town and to say I’m very proud of that is an understatement but then at the other end of the spectrum she was caught smoking roll ups a couple of weeks ago. Really dissapointing.
Worrying about money, when will that one end. Just not enough money in the pot at the end of the month to buy clothes let alone put money aside for a holiday. This is compounded by everyone on Facebook going on about what a fabulous time they’ve had on holiday and uploading loads of pictures of everyone looking really relaxed and happy and then I get really depressed because I can’t give any of that to my kids.

The kids went stir crazy during the summer holidays.
Marjorie pretty much turned into a hermit, locking herself in her bedroom and watching tv and playing with her new IPhone.
Dharma just wanted to go out and play and when there was no one to play with she sulked and stomped around the house and generally drove me nuts.
Until Murron was caught smoking, she was out of the house by lunch time and back home by ten in the evening.
When she was caught, she was grounded until she went back to school so apart from her work at the charity shop she was stuck at home but I really don’t know who’s being punished with that one because she made my life a living nightmare.
She was so bored she enjoyed herself by antagonising her sisters and driving me insane!

The only thing I’m happy with at the moment is the garden.
I’ve created a firepit area and cleared a lot of crap out. It’s beginning to look really good. Not that we’ve had any oportunity to really enjoy it at all.
You watch, I’ll get it all finished and looking great and then I’ll end up having this surgery so come spring I won’t be able to keep on top of it and it will all turn to crap again.

Kids went back to school on thurs! WHOO HOO!!!!
It was my brother’s 40th birthday party up at the golf club last night and I was supposed to leave work at around 18:00 but I got a call from school about Murron who was having a pretty major dizzy spell and they didn’t want her walking home so I had to leave work at 14:30.
Don’t think they were very inpressed at work but what could I do? In four years it’s the first time I’ve had to leave work because of the kids.
Murron was fine though. Got her home and after a quiet hour she was back to her normal self and ready to party.

It’s actually turning out to be a pretty good weekend.
Little brother’s birthday party was great last night.
Today the sun is shining, we’re ready to BBQ a little later and actually enjoy the garden. May even use the fire pit when it gets a little cooler.
Looks like the sun is set to shine for the whole weekend and I’m not back at work until Tuesday!!
Something will happen to trash it…. just you watch.


The purgatory that is the summer holidays has started.

The Kids are bored already.
I appear to have half of Bedford’s kids in my house right at the moment but as long as they are behaving and staying out of my way, who cares!!

Absolutely typical, now my annual leave is over the sun decides to rear it’s head.
Worked all weekend which was kind of a blessing because it was the Bedford River festival and I couldn’t afford to park the car, let alone take 3 demanding kids around it.

Just cut the grass and now I’m making a start on the long over due weeding that I had planned to do during my annual leave but couldn’t because of all the rain.

Back to work tomorrow 😦

Wonder how many trips to A+E I’ll have this summer.
Marjorie has already been there but technically she was still at school and not in summer holidays so we are starting a fresh count.
With Murron and her new BMX and skateboarding fad my guess is that there will be at least one trip!!

Fridge is loaded with beer and I intend to keep it that way.
I also intend to finish my 50 shades trilogy.

There’s a water fight breaking out in the garden so gardening is about to be done at my own peril I think.

Oh well!


Well so much for getting the garden done!

I’ve had virtually the last two and a half weeks off work.
Apart from one long day and one over time shift I haven’t been at work since June 28th.
My parents were away on holiday and when they are away I lose my childcare so to play safe I just take the time as annual leave.
I can do the occasional overtime shift depending on what Ian’s working but otherwise my time is my own.

I ‘had’ planned to do my gardens, back and front.
What a joke! I’ve managed to get my patio area tidied up and the grass cut between showers but weeding just hasn’t been possible.
I can’t believe the amount of rain we’ve been having and it literally shows no signs of stopping.
Don’t think my fire pit area is going to be completed any time soon either.

Murron has continued to have dizzy spells so another  trip to the GP resulted in her being referred to the paediatric team at the hospital. We’re just waiting for a date now.

Dharma had a couple of days off school with a bad tummy but on one of the few sunny days we’ve had she had her school sports day. It was a lovely day and me and Ian actually got to go out for lunch.

Ian had his facet joint injections in hospital last Friday. It went smoothly except for the fact I had to literally dump him at the hospital and come home to look after two kids because their school had been closed for the day due to a small fire the evening before!
Nothing ever goes smoothly.

Remarkably I remembered to feed Mum’s fish every other day.

On Friday 13th Murron decided she wanted to get a BMX bike for her birthday. We found her a nice little one at Halfords but one thing lead to another and Marjorie found a bike she wanted for her birthday followed by Dharma who wanted a BMX out of her Xmas fund.
Well ! I’d rather she got it at a time she could actually use it!

We picked up Marjorie’s bike up on Sunday morning and we left her to ride it home.
An hour later I was sitting in A+E with her after she had come off her bike on the way home and knocked herself senseless.
She can’t remember how the accident happened and she doesn’t even know if she blacked out or not.
She did have a nice little gash on the back of her head that needed glueing.

The worrying thing is that we were in A+E with Marjorie a few weeks ago because she flaked out on me one morning.
The fact that Marjorie can’t remember anything about the accident means we don’t know if it was simply an accident or if she actually passed out before it happened.
So It looks like another trip to the GP for some advise and another possible referral to the paediatric team.

Our problems pale in comparison to other family members at the moment so I’m sending lots of love out to Cheryl and a bundle more out to Aunty Valerie XXXXX

Got to have an early night tonight, back on the ward tomorrow but not to work.
Murron is having another small surgery on her thumb. It’s being done under a local anaesthetic so I’m hoping we won’t be hanging around too long after she’s had the surgery.

Then it’s back to work for real on Wednesday 😦
Really would love to be a stay home Mum again.

So it’s been a very eclectic kind of two weeks.
Could have done without all the Dr’s and hospitals.
Could have seriously done with a little more sun!
Just have to get the garden done when I can.


Dish of the week number 34 has been on the boil now for over 10 years!!
Really don’t know why I haven’t gushed about him before.
He’s absolutely beautiful and to top it off he’s the same age as me so I don’t feel like a cradle snatcher.

Michael Weatherly.

He first came to my attention as a wheelchair bound Logan Cale in Dark Angel.
Logan was a cyber-journalist who used his knowledge of computer technology to bring down the corrupt power brokers of the new millennium.

But it has been from a show that is just about to go into its tenth season that he really got my attention.
He plays Anthony DiNozzo, a Navy Criminal Investigator in NCIS.

This character is so down to earth and fun loving that you really get the feeling there is a lot of Michael in him.
He is incredibly handsome, has the cheekiest smile and a really naughty twinkle in his eyes when he’s messing around.
He is maturing rather nicely but he’s kept his cheeky smile, looks amazing in a suit and absolutely rocks sunglasses!!


OK, just enough time to blog about Dish of the Week number 33.

Niall Matter.

I’ve not seen him in a lot.
He was in a couple of episodes of Stargate Atlantis and he was one of the Watchmen but it was in the soon to end series of Eureka that he really got my attention.
He’s tall, dark and cheekily handsome.
He comes across as the naughty boy next door with a heart of gold. Someone with an insatiable need for harmless fun.
Oh yes….. he has beautiful eyes!!

Although Eureka is coming to an end he has picked up a role in Primeval – New World. A Canadian spin off of the British series Primeval. We can only hope that it is successful and popular. Then we’ll get to see more of this……………….