Sat here at work playing with my phone.
On a break I might add!
Just installed WordPress and thought I’d give it a go.

Seems simple enough, let’s try a photo……


OK, so far so good. If this works, this is a photo of my back garden project as it is so far. Still got a lot of planting to do to soften it all up.

OK, lets upload and see what we get


All good things come to an end.
Unfortunately, they always come to an end far too quickly!

I’ve just had the last week off work. Not for a holiday, just for a break.
Not that I got much rest.
I had a big garden project I wanted to get started and I really broke the back of it this week.
Very nearly broke my own back doing it too!

I have created a new semi-circular seating area at the bottom of the garden using old car tyres.
It has a large fire pit dug out of the centre that is surrounded by rocks to finish it off.
The tyres have all been painted in a brick red and there are 9 individual seats with planting areas still to be planted.
Sounds a bit strange I know, and for the first half of the week I was beginning to think I’d made a big mistake but now that it’s coming together and the tyres don’t really look like tyres anymore, I’m actually quite proud of what I’ve achieved so far.
All that’s left now is the finishing off. Still need a LOT of pea shingle and at the moment there are NO plants so it’s still looking very stark and bare.

It has been back breaking work. From clearing the area initially to lugging huge rocks from the front garden to surround the fire pit to digging up tonnes of dirt to fill the tyres. Each tyre took about three wheelbarrow loads that had to be rammed into all the rims to make them stable for sitting on. When you consider there are about 25 tyres in the whole creation….. that’s a lot of wheelbarrow loads.
As Ian is still recovering from major shoulder surgery, I had to do this all by myself!!

When it’s all finished and planted, I’ll post some pictures.
Unfortunately that’s going to have to wait a few weeks as we’ve run out of funds for this month and I’m back to work tomorrow.
Think I need a week off to get over this week off!

Urgh, work!!
I would do anything to be a stay home Mum. Winning the lottery would be a godsend.
I wouldn’t be one of those whiners that tell you winning ruined their lives!
I have so many ideas and plans I would probably be more busy than I am now!

Anyway, time for an early night as I’ll have to be up before 6!


Getting a little bit excited now!
All of the Autumn TV shows have finished and now we are coming into Summer it is time for a few shows to start up again.
Not too many though, don’t want to miss out on that sun too much. No, just enough to keep us happy until the big run of Autumn shows starts again.

One of the first shows to start, 9 days and counting, is True Blood!

First off I would like to congratulate Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer who will soon be expecting their first baby together.
I may be a bit slow on the uptake but I didn’t even realise they were married!!! Apparently for almost 2 years now. Doh!
Sookie actually got her Bill….. Lucky girl!

OK, now to the main event.
For anyone who reads my blogs, in particular my DISH OF THE WEEKS, you will know that I am a big True Blood fan.
Lots of dishy meat to get my teeth into.
That said, there is one particular dish who has never made it onto my blog.
Time to rectify I think.

When you think about True Blood you automatically think about vampires but there are lots of supernatural creatures that hang around in the wings.
One of these came to the forefront last season and will be playing a big part in Season 5.


Alcide is a very sexy werewolf who first came to light a couple of seasons ago and has gone from strength to strength and at the end of last season casually falls into the leader of the pack position with the local werewolves.
I think he is really going to kick butt this season!

He is played by Joe Manganiello. All scrummy 6′ 5″ and scruffy mutton chops of him!
The man is seriously built!

Roll on June 10th!


I apologise now to all my Dr friends about what I am about to blog.
I know you do a fabulous job and you work long and hard hours.


So do a lot of other people in different professions.
Some professions are not allowed to strike, they put their lives on the line and they get paid pathetic wages and have jobs that are constantly being axed.

‘Ordinary’ people are being told they are going to have to work until they are 68, what makes a Dr any more special than the ordinary person?
Most people in this country are going to be lucky to bring home a government pension of £10,000 a year.
Any new Dr’s joining the revised scheme will be collecting £68,000!! and I’m sure that current Dr’s won’t be far off that target either!!

I’m sorry but on 21st June Dr’s will be getting absolutely no sympathy from me and certainly won’t be getting any sympathy from the general public.
Dr’s need to wake up and smell the roses and be thankful that they have such ridiculously well paid jobs and pensions.

That £68,000 pension is about £20,000 more than both me and my husband currently bring home between us and we both work full time shifts and overtime! Where’s our sympathy? Where’s our £68,000 pension?

Please, do you really expect anyone to be anything other than pissed off that the surgery they’ve been waiting for for 6 months has been cancelled because you are unhappy about having to work another three years!! Boo Hoo!!


I am probably going to get yelled at by a few people for what I am about to say but I totally believe what I am about to say.

I have just been watching ‘The One Show’ with a gentleman (sorry, didn’t catch his name!) talking about the possibility of ‘No Notice’ OFSTED inspections for schools.
I’m afraid I have to totally agree with him.

When it comes to ANY inspection, be it a fire safety inspection, school inspection, hospital inspection or any inspection that has a direct impact on the public, there should be no need to be pre-warned!
I have seen the work that goes into a school and it’s pupils in the days and weeks running up to an inspection and to be completely honest, the school should be THAT good ALL the time and not just for an inspection.

The thought that anyone gets pre-warned about a fire inspection is ludicrous!
Hey guys, we’ve got the fire brigade coming round on Friday, clear that fire escape, sort all those overloaded sockets out, Let’s make sure our extinguishers are up to spec, keep all the walk ways clear until they’ve been.

I’m sorry, but surely the threat of an inspection at ANY time will keep every one on their toes and doing their best at all times and not just for when the inspectors are in.
I’ve seen some teachers almost have a break down with the stress.
Surely in the long run it would also be alot less stressful on people if they knew they were always doing a good job and had nothing to worry about if they had a surprise inspection!

Rant Over!!


OK, it’s that time of year again. All the autumn run shows are coming to an end and we are finding out which ones have made it through to another season at the end of the year and which ones have been chopped.
There have been a few surprise chops this year.

House M.D – As good as it was it was getting a little stale.
The River – Didn’t make it to Season 2. It was supposed to be the new ‘Lost’ but just couldn’t hold a candle to it.
CSI Miami – All I can say is it’s about time! The first three series were great and then it completely lost the plot. How many rediculous shoot outs can Horatio survive?
Desperate Housewives!!! – Going to really miss this one. The finale was hilarious but it was also really sad.
But the surprise chop of the season was ‘A Gifted Man’  – This was such a classy show with so much potential I was really looking forward to a new season.

I believe that all of my other favourites have made the cut.
Vampire Diaries had an amazing finale. There was an OMG moment at the end of every scene and next season is going to be ‘really’ interesting.
Grey’s Anatomy’s finale cliffhanger had me squeeling at the screen. Poor Lexi, poor Mark for that matter. With one major cast member gone and a few more possibilities in the opening episode of the next series, just who is going to make the cast cut?!!!

But it’s not all doom and gloom.
White Collar, Covert Affairs and Suits all start again during June and July.
And that brings me nicely to my choice for Dish of the Week number 31.

I have decided that this is going to be a shared entry.
Last year saw the start of a series called ‘Suits’, a very sharp and witty show with an incredible cast.

I have a found a review of the first series written by Laurel Brown of

The basic premise of Suits has a ring of familiarity to it. A young quasi-criminal by the name of Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) runs straight from a drug deal into an interview with Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), a lawyer at one of New York City’s most prestigious firms. Thanks to Mike’s genius brain (he remembers just about everything he sees) and Harvey’s restless boredom, Mike Ross is quickly installed as the newest associate at the law firm of Pearson Hardman.

What separates Suits from the majority of summer shows is what happens next.

Mike gets his law job, but he’s not an immediate star. While the young man has passed the New York bar exam (on a dare) and is therefore legally-qualified to practice law, he doesn’t know anything about the day-to-day work of a lawyer. Mike botches witness interviews, gets scared by a mean supervising partner (played by Rick Hoffman, giving definition to the word “smarmy”) and doesn’t even know how to fill out paperwork.

And then there’s Harvey. Initially coming off as entertaining but two-dimensional, Harvey Specter rapidly gains character. His perfect-lawyer arrogance melts away during interactions with his secretary, Donna, and with the firm’s managing partner, Jessica Pearson (the always incredible Gina Torres of Firefly fame).

Mike may be the super-genius on Suits, but Harvey has the smarts to keep up with him. As it turns out, Harvey knows a lot more about what it’s like to be Mike than you’d think.

Strangely, the gimmick of Mike’s perfect memory doesn’t come up too often. He uses his memory to get out of a couple of sticky situations, but mostly the plot moves on problem solving and personal relationships. Also, when it comes to the law, Harvey really is every bit as smart (possibly even smarter) than his genius protege.

It’s refreshing. So often on TV — shows like Psych, House and White Collar come immediately to mind — the hero bests everyone using his unique skills. Everyone else just tries to keep up. In Suits, everybody is running at the same speed: lawyers outwit the opposition, the paralegal performs key research and even the secretary cracks the best jokes.

Although Suits has its serious moments, the two leads’ banter and the interactions between all of the characters keep the tone light and the pace quick. The result is an excellent summer show and — more than that — a truly high-quality piece of television.

So here they are…. Harvey Specter played by Gabriel Macht and Mike Ross played by Patrick J Adams

Roll on June 14th!


After having her nose cauterised on Friday morning, Dharma went back to school but came home feeling really crap.
She spent the rest of the evening curled up on the sofa.
She started spiking Temperatures of 40+ and was very achy all over. So we kept her dosed up but couldn’t really get the temp down to much below 38.
Saturday tea time when she spiked 40.2 just an hour and half after medication I decided to take her to the local GP walk in centre. I had started to feel a bit rough myself at this time too.
She was given a full MOT and Dr thinks it’s just a viral thing. Advised to keep doing what we’re doing with the medication and to wait it out.

She had a fairly good night and is much the same today.
However, i have woken up with lovely swollen and pussy tonsils! Great!
It’s not too bad at the moment. I can still swallow without too much of a problem and I just feel generally achy and a bit rough.
I’m hoping it won’t get too much worse. It’s tomorrow I’m worried about. Busy day at work and the last thing I want to do is phone in sick……. again!!

Think I’m going to have the house declared a plague zone!