Marjorie had her ultrasound drainage last Friday. Unfortunately there wasn’t much to drain. In fact they needed to inject the area with a small amount of fluid to be able to aspirate anything for a culture and even after that they weren’t sure if they got what they needed. So now we are back to waiting for a result. We are hoping that whatever transpires will be discussed in their weekly gathering tomorrow morning and then we should hear something about what is going to happen next.

Ian on the other hand got a call today from Bedford Hospital with an opening for his surgery.
He is having a pre-assessment tomorrow and his surgery next Wednesday. Pretty good going as he’s only known about the need for surgery for a couple of weeks. We were all set for up to six months on the waiting list.

The only problem is now I know we are going to get a call from Stanmore tomorrow about Marjorie. I can see it now, they are going to want to go in and take a look at what’s going on and they are going to want her to go in next week and knowing our luck they are going to want her in on Wednesday!!

But hey! I could be wrong. I could be jumping the gun and just thinking the worst.

What do you think?


I know, I know! Another dish of the week already. I’ve only just published number 29!
This one just keeps cropping up so I’ve decided to blog him… oo er!

This is a tricky one.
I first saw him back in 2005 when he was the lead in a show called Charlie Jade.
For the life of me I can’t actually explain what this show was about. It was a serious mind f###. I need to watch it again over a few bottles of wine.
Since then he has cropped up in a lot of my favourite shows, NCIS, Journeyman, Life, Criminal Minds, Private Practice, Castle, NCIS LA and Miami Medical with lots in between them all.

The reason for this post is that he has just cropped up in another series, Alcatraz. He looks to be a bit of a semi regular character. He got off to a good start. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

This is a tricky one because I find him extremely attractive on film but I cannot find a picture of him that does him any justice. There’s plenty of pictures out there, they just don’t seem right somehow. He looks a bit…. odd.
It’s a shame because he has an amazing sombre looking face and a soft voice, I seem to have a thing for soft voices just lately.

He is a very intrigueing and amazing looking man so I have picked a few pictures that kind of get where I’m coming from.
Oh yes! His name is Jeffrey Pierce.


Dish of the week number 29 has taken me a little time to warm to.
I don’t know why really. He’s everything I love about a great looking man.
He’s tall at 6’3, he has beautiful blue eyes, a wonderfully deep smooth voice and he’s incredibly built!

My first encounter with him was in the recent re-boot of Star Trek where he had an on screen appearance of about 10 minutes as George Kirk, the father of James T Kirk.
In the build up to the new Avengers movie it was his appearance as Thor that really sealed the deal for me.

So here he is, all 6’3 of him. Chris Hemsworth.


I have had it!
Enough is enough.
I really can’t deal with any more than we currently have in our laps.


OK, here’s the run down.

Dharma has been referred to ENT after her regular minor nose bleeds turned into the nose bleed from hell last weekend when she actually had blood coming out of her eyes. We are just waiting on a date.

Murron is still under the Plastics department who are keeping an eye on her thumb from a plastics point of view but she is now under the Physiotherapy department because the thumb keeps locking on her. She has a brace she wears at night time and keeps it with her during the days in case she gets any pain or locking during the day.
Today we found out she probably has a condition called Labyrinthitis which is making her very dizzy and can take months to clear up.

Marjorie has a very painful right foot at the moment and it looks like she has a major infection in and around one of her metatarsals. She is due to go into the Royal Orthopedic Hospital in Stanmore on March 2nd to have a guided ultrasound drainage of the area. Depending on what is found she could be going back in for surgery to clean the area out thoroughly.
She is also still under the Orthopods at Bedford who are keeping an eye on her hip until she stops growing.

Ian has Psoritic Arthritis and is constantly in pain. He has countless pills to take on a daily basis and uses a tens machine but is still in pain. He had an appoinment with an orthpedic surgeon yesterday and it has been decided he needs to have quite a major surgery on his left shoulder to try and reduce some of his pain levels.

I myself have achilles tendonitis and posterior heel spurs. I have an appoinment with the Orthotics department tomorrow to get fitted with some sort of brace. This is to be worn for 3 – 6 months to try and aid the tendonitis but there could be the need for surgery later in the year if the brace doesn’t work.
I have no idea what form this brace will take and how it will affect my work considering i’m on my feet for 12 hours a day.

Marjorie’s problem is causing us the most problems at the moment because it means trips in and out of London.
At the very least we have two more trips but if she has to have the full on surgery it will mean a trip in for a pre assessment, a trip in for the surgery, at least 1 but probably more follow ups and all of this is draining us of money we simply don’t have…. well we, do but it’s being taken from bill pots and money being saved for Xmas.

With all this going on we forgot to renew the tax disc on my car at the end of January. Thankfully I haven’t been collared for it as we got a stern reminder in the post and paid it online.

That’s it. I really cannot take any more medical issues this year.


I’m sat here, not in the best of moods because of a streaming cold.
I’m playing on the computer and I have the TV on.
The adverts come on and I see a sleek plead for money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.


I’m sorry, I know GOS do fabulous work with kids and lots of families owe them so much but GOS always gets the money.
Celebrities are always going on shows to win money for GOS or doing something fabulous for GOS but what everyone forgets about are the local hospitals with kids wards.

I work on a beautiful kids ward but we are screaming for new equipment.
We have to beg, borrow or steal to get anything for the ward.

A bit of a cash injection into equipment and staffing would make it a perfect place to work.


I’m on my third day off in a row!! Unfortunately it’s back to work tomorrow… BOOOOO!!
Days off recently haven’t really been days off though. Loads of hospital appointments to keep and running around after kids and worrying about money doesn’t add up to much relaxation or fun.
So today I decided to get the kids out the door, nip to Tesco and then do absolutely nothing but have a little relaxation and fun.

Fun… mmmm….. what to do for fun.
Well for a start I’m catching up on my downloads. They’ve been a bit thin on the ground since Xmas because of all the stupid mid season breaks and game breaks the Americans seem to have but they are now getting back on track and we are heading well into the second half of various seasons and in fact have said fairwell to an old favourite.
Chuck, you will be missed.

So! sat here in front of the computer with downloads playing on the TV and milky coffee in hand.
What to blog about?
Fed up with being on a downer so I am going to gush.
I was talking to Murron last night about various favourite TV and movie characters and it occurred to me that a lot of favourite characters, old and new, happen to be vampires!
So I sat and compiled a list and was surprised to come up with 15 characters.
So here, along with some luscious pictures, are my 15 favourite vampire characters.

At number 15 we have Lestat, played by Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire.
I’m not a huge Tom Cruise fan but Lestat was chillingly atractive.

At number 14 we have David, played by Keifer Sutherland in The Lost Boys.
One of my favourite movies as a teenager and still one of my favourites today.

At number 13 we have Severen, played by Bill Paxton in Near Dark.
An awesome vampire movie that seems to have been sadly forgotten about.

At number 12 we have Jasper, played by Jackson Rathbone in The Twilight Movies.
Murron’s favourite vampire and I will agree, she has good taste.

At number 11 we have Jerry Dandridge, played by Chris Sarandon in the original Fright Night.
I haven’t seen the remake yet but the original Jerry Dandridge gave me the chills when he seduced Amy on the dance floor.

At number 10 we have Spike, played by James Marsters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
Spike was just one of the coolest vampires ever and I met him a couple of times.

At number 9 we have Dwayne, played by Billy Wirth in The Lost Boys.
Another Lost Boy and one that was sadly under used in the movie and who came to an awesome end.

Death by Stereo!!

At number 8 we have the lovely Louis, played by Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire.
Could Brad Pitt really be any hotter?

At number 7 we have Stefan Salvatore, played by Paul Wesley in The Vampire Diaries.
My current favourite Vampire show. He’s cute but there’s someone hotter.

At number 6 we have Eric Northman, play by Alexander Skarsgard in True Blood.
This show is just full of good looking men, unfortunately the hottest one is a werewolf so he can’t make it onto this list.

At number 5 we have Bill Compton, played by Stephen Moyer also in True Blood.
It was a close run thing between number 6 and number 5 but Stephen just pipped it.

At number 4 we have Mick St. John, played by Alex O’Loughlin in Moonlight.
Alex OOOOOO’Loughlin. What more do I need to say?

At number 3 we have Angel, played by David Boreanaz in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
The first time we saw David as Angel he turned me into jelly.

At number 2 we have Angelus, played by David Boreanaz in buffy the Vampire slayer and angel.
I know, I know. Angel and Angelus are the same person BUT they are definately not the same character.
The first time we saw David as Angelus he turned me into complete mush.
David had a real knack to switching from one to the other effortlessly and I have to say that the bad boy, Angelus, always did a little bit more for me than Angel did.

And for those who read my blog regularly it will come as no surprise that my number 1 Vampire is Damon Salvatore, played by Ian Somerhalder in The Vampire Diaries.
OMG, words cannot express what this character does to me. Angel and Angelus all wrapped up into one.
Bad boy with a hidden heart of gold. Dark haired, chiselled torso, great style, AMAZING eyes and a really naughty smile.
A great excuse to get more pictures of him onto my blog.

OH OH!! How could I forget!!
I must finish this blog with an honorary addition.
A character that was sadly cut very short in it’s tracks by the untimely death of the actor portraying him.
Julian Luna, played by the sadly missed Mark Frankel in Kindred: the embraced.

Just look at those eyes.
The show only made it to 8 episodes but it was a show that was way ahead of it’s time.
Looking at the vampire interest that has followed it from Buffy to Angel and through to Twilight, it was a show that was destined to do extremely well. Unfortunately it’s lead was irreplaceable after his death at the age of just 34.

There you have it, 16 vampires. They just keep getting hotter and hotter although they are going to have to go a long way to get any hotter than Damon Salvatore!


I love my movies.
I love my programmes.
I love my good looking men with gorgeous eyes and smiles……….. the bods aint bad either!

I spent a lot of my teenage years going to the cinema or watching videos.
It was my thing…… movies.

I don’t get to go the the cinema as much as I’d like to nowadays though.
Apart from having three kids in tow, it’s just too damned expensive.

I love all kinds of films and I’m very eclectic when it comes to my choices.
However, by far my favourites are Superhero movies.
I just love them. Is it the costumes? Is it the muscles?


Top of the favourites has got to be Superman.
Christopher Reeve will always be ‘my’ Superman. Brandon Routh did an amazing job but was constantly being compared to Reeve and got caught in the middle of ‘rights’ Wrangles and ultimately his contract ran out. Henry Cavill is shapeing up quite nicely for next year’s re-boot of the franchise and judging by the first official picture, it’s going to be a lot more gritty and earthy looking and not quite so ‘camp’.

Some other recent heroes to grab my interest have been Captain America, the Green Lantern and Thor.
Of the three, Captain America is really floating my boat! Chris Evans is simply scrumptious and it’s not the first time he’s played a superhero. He was also Johnny Storm, the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies.


To say that I’m just a little bit excited about the new Avengers Movie would be an understatement!
Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Iron Man…. all scrumtiously crammed into the same movie.

Can’t wait!!

So the only question remaining now is……..

Costumes? or Muscles?

That’s a tough one. Every girls got to have a fantasy….. right?


This year is shaping up to be really lousy and we haven’t even hit February yet!

Marjorie’s MRI was reviewed at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in London yesterday and then this morning we received a letter marked URGENT wanting us to attend an appoinment next month.
So much for getting is sorted in Bedford.

To top that one off Murron had to go for an X-ray on her thumb this week.
The thumb she annihilated a couple of years ago and has had multiple surgeries on to try and fix the nail bed has started locking up on her.
So, we are waiting to go back to the Dr’s this week to get the results but we are half expecting her to get referred to the Orthopeadics or at least to the physiotherapists.

Ian is having problems with pain in one of his shoulders and could need surgery on it to help relieve it and all the stress over the last few weeks is making his arthritis flare up anyway.

My left foot is the least of my worries at the moment!
Be just my luck if the splint I’m being fitted with next month looks like a bloody ski boot!


Today was a much better outing to the hospital with Marjorie.
Anything sinister has been ruled out so we can give a HUGE sigh of relief.
Looks like she may have a condition called Freiburg’s Disease which means that basically the blood supply around the growth plate on her second metatarsal has stopped and that part of the bone and cartledge is now dead.
It is localised and won’t spread but it does need to be dealt with.

The first step is to get her MRI to the Royal National Orthopaedics Hospital in London to get the diagnosis confirmed or not as the case may be.
If it’s confirmed then discussions will begin with the Paediatric Ortho consultant at our local hospital which is great because Marjorie is already under his continuing care for her previous hip dysplasia.
This is where we hope it will end but if that consultant can’t tackle the problem then the next option are the foot and ankle specialists at Addenbrookes. If they can’t tackle a paediatric patient then worse case scenario is surgery in a London hospital.

So! Now we are just waiting. Her MRI should be dicussed next Friday at the London hospital. We have a follow up in 3 weeks anyway but we should hopefully have confirmation before then.
Until then we can just get on with life with a HUGE weight lifted off our shoulders.

Might actually get some decent sleep tonight!


To say I’m just a bit pissed off is an understatement.
We had a follow up appointment for Marjorie with the orthopaedic consultant today after her ‘urgent’ MRI on Friday.
The appoinment was for 10:40 this morning and we finally got seen at……. drum roll please…..


Already frazzled by the wait we got into the office to be confronted by the Registrar and not the Consultant, because he had been unavoidably detained by an emergency, only to be told that they couldn’t find the MRI report.
Because it was so late, all secretaries that could have helped were on their lunch breaks and there was no clinic this afternoon so we would need to come back on Friday!

Great, I’m supposed to be working and Ian is supposed to be going onto nights.
Looks like I can do a short shift on Friday and finish early but if they can’t get hold of any bank staff to cover my afternoon I could really be leaving them in the lurch.