As a film fanatic, the last year has been a bit frustrating.
Lockdown has seen most completed movies having their release dates pushed back time and time again and any film being shot was put on hold.
Cinemas have shut their doors for safety and I totally understand this.
Being enclosed spaces where lots of people sit together for hours at a time, they are melting pots for COVID.

In the last 12 months, I have been to the cinema just once!
When restrictions had a bit of a relaxation period here in the UK in August, I went to see Tenet.
It was disappointing to say the least and then shortly after this, cinemas were forced to close their doors again and haven’t opened since.
I have recently streamed Wonder Woman 1984 and I thank my lucky stars that I didn’t actually waste my time seeing this one in the cinema as it was, quite frankly, a total shambles and complete shit.


As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, Adam Driver is my favourite actor and I will admit that I can be a bit obsessive, but he brings a smile to my face for lots of reasons, so I am not ashamed to admit this.
Frustratingly he is the worlds BIGGEST recluse when it comes to his private life.
It took two years to find out he now has a son!! Who is probably nearer 3 years old now and we still haven’t ever seen a picture of him with Adam or even Joanne!

Adam was in the middle of filming ‘The Last Duel’ with Matt Damon at the beginning of last year and this had to shut down filming as lockdown hit.
It finished filming towards the end of the year with lots of safety measures put into place.

I haven’t seen a new Adam film since 2019 when we had.. not one…. but FOUR movies.
The Report, The Dead Don’t Die, Marriage Story and The Rise of Skywalker.
Adam fans were spoilt and then COVID ripped it all away from us as Adam went into hiding.

He is now filming again but everything is under wraps or behind facemasks.
Any sneak peaks we have had are few and far between.

Any photos have been behind the scenes with facemasks firmly in place.
The best evidence we’ve had in the last year that Adam is doing well was a socially distanced appearance on the John Oliver show ‘Last Week Tonight’ back in Nov.
After John has spent weeks squeezing dubious references of Adam into his shows, Adam was gracious enough to agree to appear in the final show of the season and it was hilarious and Adam was looking really well and very fresh!
Let’s just say that his hair care is on point!

However, in a whole year, this is just not enough!!
I’m so desperate, I’ve taken to doing 1000 piece custom jigsaw puzzles I’ve had made of Adam. It’s very sad.
There’s only so many times you can watch a back catalogue of his movies before needing to give them a break!

Anyway, I am getting more and more hopeful for the coming year.
I don’t think things will be easing off with lockdown for a few more months yet, but as the mass vaccination programme is underway worldwide, we should start to see results soon and life should slowly start to normalise again.
How that normal will look is anyone’s guess. I have no idea if my local Cineworld will ever open it’s doors again.

BUT…. here’s the exciting part…..
Adam now has 5 movies on the go.

1 = ‘Annette’ is complete and should have premiered at last years Cannes Film Festival. It should now be premiering this year instead. Adam plays a stand up comedian in this one and has a 2 year old daughter with a surprising gift.
It is some kind of musical in which Adam sings more than he doesn’t!!

2 = ‘The Last Duel’. This is the film that had to postpone filming due to the pandemic. Principle filming is now finished and it is in post production. Hopefully we’ll get this one in October.
Adam plays Jacques LeGris and after checking the actual history of the story, this film will not end well for Adam!

3 = ’65’ is currently filming. It’s into it’s last three weeks of filming and is a sci-fi thriller. I heard a rumour today that dinosaurs are somehow involved so it looks like it could be quite interesting! There is no release date yet but at it appears it may be quite heavy on special effects, I’m assuming we can look forward to this one sometime next year.

4 = ‘Gucci’ is in pre-production and Adam is set to work with Lady Gaga, Jared Leto and possibly Al Pacino.
Adam is playing Maurizio Gucci and it tells the story of how Patrizia Reggiani (played by Gaga) the es-wife of Maurizio Gucci, plotted to kill her husband, the grandson of renown fashion designer Guccio Gucci.
So again, this doesn’t end well for Adam but filming will be taking place in Florence, Italy!!
I’m just picturing Adam in all those Gucci suits and strutting his stuff around Italy. All my dreams in one place.
Anyway, we will hopefully get to see this one in November this year.

5 = ‘White Noise’ is another Noah Baumbach movie that has been commissioned by Netflix. Plot unknown at present.
After the success of Marriage Story (Oscar winning and also starring Adam), Noah has been exclusively signed by Netflix for the foreseable future. It hasn’t been confirmed officially yet but it looks like Adam is set to star.
Again, there is no release date for this but Adam has got a pretty full plate again this year when it comes to filming so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Quite a mixed bag.
You certainly can’t accuse Adam of being type cast.

So, there you have it.
Another excuse for me to blog about Adam squeezed out.
I will ‘hopefully’ blog about him more and more over the coming months with more substantial photographs and maybe even some trailers to keep me going until I get to see the movies themselves.

The drought is nearly over!


One of the first things I do in the mornings is have a quick flick through the news to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world. Occasionally I will delve a little deeper into other little stories and one that caught my attention today is the unravelling story about Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Congresswoman (who is also head of the House Education and Labor Committee) in the US who…… to put it quite bluntly….. IS OFF HER FUCKING ROCKER!!

Firstly, she is a QAnon follower.
Remember this guy?

Twitter Has Removed More Than 70,000 Accounts Linked To QAnon Conspiracy  Since Capitol Riots

Yeah well, he and other QAnon followers rampaged through Capital Hill because they believed the following……
“QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a secret cabal of Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against former U.S. president Donald Trump, who has been fighting the cabal”.¬†Wikipedia.


This bunch of wackjobs formed, unsurprisingly, in 2017. the same year Donald Duck became President. Coincidence?

Anyway, back to Marjorie. To say she is insane is an understatement. You only have to go and take a look at all the videos out there on the internet to realise she is seriously disturbed.
However, BEFORE she was even elected to congress, she was made famous for harassing David Hogg, a survivor of a mass shooting that took place on February 14th 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.
David witnessed 17 fellow students and teachers lose their life while 17 others were injured, by a 19 year old gunman who opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle.
David was on his way to talk to lawmakers about Gun control.

This disgusting person used intimidation and harassment to try and get him to respond and with all due respect to David, he totally ignored her.

This video niggled me the most because she waffled on about her Second Amendment rights.
The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, or the right to bear arms as it is more commonly known.

I Hate them.

Even here in the UK I know there are occasions when guns are needed and I totally get that.
People who own livestock for example, need to be able to protect their livestock from predators.

However, here in the UK, guns are generally ‘not’ owned by the majority of people.
Police don’t walk around with handguns attached to their belts… they don’t need to.

In fact handguns were banned in 1997 after an AMENDMENT to the Firearms Act.

I have always struggled to see why banning the every day ownership of guns in the US is so difficult.
I agree that livestock owners need to be able to defend their livestock.
I agree that shooting targets can be fun if properly controlled at firing ranges.
I don’t agree with people being able to own guns and keep them in their houses or on their person.

When I see Americans defending their right to bear arms because it’s in their constitution, I roll my eyes.

The definition of the word Amendment is as follows…..
An alteration of or addition to a motion, bill, constitution, etc.
A change made by correction, addition, or deletion.

The key words there are ‘alteration’ ‘change’ and ‘deletion’

By the very word ‘Amendment’, a change has been made to the constitution, 27 of them in fact with the last one being as recent as 1992 I believe.

100 plus years ago, I could totally understand the need for guns in the US, but we live in a totally different society now. Guns are not protecting people any more, they are killing them.

Someone please have the sense to make another Amendment to this outdated Constitution.
Times change.
Laws should be updated regularly to keep them fresh and relevant to the time.

Oh yeah, get this moron removed from the House Education and Labor Committee and Congress ASAP.
She is poison.


I finally got home from work just after 21:00 last night. I had left the house that morning at 07:00.
I was tired as it had been a busy and frustrating day.
I did not expect the snippet of news I came home to.

There had been an announcement by a young man who’s career I have been following for a few years.
I have to be honest, at the back of my mind I think I knew this announcement was coming.
It still didn’t make it any easier.

Nile Wilson, British Men’s Artistic Gymnast, has announced his retirement at the age of just 24.
In the video he released he stated that injuries over the last couple of years had been the reason.

The last time he competed professionally was back in 2018 at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in Australia.
This was an extremely exciting competition and I remember sitting up into the early hours with one of my daughters’, holding my breath through every piece of apparatus, watching him help the GB team to All-round Gold.
Nile went on to win Individual All-round Gold, Horizontal Barr Gold, Rings Silver and Parallel Bars Silver.

I had high hopes for him for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 but unfortunately life had other plans.

I follow Nile on Youtube, as do another 1.44 million subscribers!!
He is funny, he is enthusiastic, he is infectious to watch, he has an amazing relationship with his Dad Neil.
Nile and Neil are a comedy duo and have their own Youtube channel where Neil is lovingly referred to as ‘The Youtube Sensation!’

Together they have started building Nile’s future, opening up his first Gym and getting his Brand on merchandise that sells like hot cakes!

However, ever since his amazing haul of medals at the Commonwealth Games, he has been plagued by injuries and has had several operations.
He initially remained very positive and worked his arse off to get back to top fitness levels, however, a neck injury just over a year ago was the beginning of the end.
A bulging disk that was compressing on a nerve causing weakness down one arm required some pretty major surgery.

NO EXCUSES! | Isabelle Weall's Story {Inspirational} - YouTube

Nile remained positive and was still aiming for the 2020 Olympics but the injury had other ideas,
He just couldn’t seem to beat the weakness in his shoulder and I could tell by the content of his Vlogs that he was becoming a little disheartened. When the 2020 Olympics were cancelled due to the Covid Pandemic, and Nile began to really push his own Brand, I think that deep down I already knew that it wouldn’t be too long before he made this announcement.

My heart breaks for him at the age of just 24!!
However, Nile is far from gone. His enthusiasm for the sport remains. He is inspirational for thousands of kids who are interested in the sport and I can see Olympic class Gymnasts emerging from his gym/s in the future.

I will continue to follow his exploits on Youtube and continue to laugh at his antics with his Dad.
Most of all, I will continue to watch his career with interest, albeit in a slightly different direction!!


OK, it’s been about 24 hours since I had the first of my vaccinations.
How do I feel?

I actually feel ok.
I got quite achy around my shoulders and neck late last night and I’m still a little achy this morning, but other than that, I’m absolutely fine.
I know this is to be expected after ANY vaccination, so I’m not worried.

What I am worried about at the moment is my physical and mental health.

The last year has exacerbated my weight gain.
I have turned to eating and a lot more drinking on days off and spend a lot of time vegetating in front of the TV or on the computer.
Work is ‘full on’ most of the time. Spending the best part of a 12.5 hour shift on your feet is draining, physically and mentally and when I get home, the ONLY thing I want to do is vegetate in front of the TV or go on the computer.

The problem with the computer however, is that I am constantly confronted by morons who have no clue what is actually happening out there in the real world. They spout misinformation and utter bollocks and people believe it!!
Conspiracy theories surrounding the vaccines are absolutely, gobsmackingly, hysterical, but people are believing it!
I will comment on something and then be bombarded by people who think that COVID is all a hoax and that we are taking away people’s rights by asking them to wear a mask in public.

I’m sure the 80,000+ people who have died in this country due to COVID would completely understand their ‘right’ to not wear a mask….. Oh wait, they can’t because they are DEAD. Probably because they came into contact with somebody who didn’t believe in wearing a mask or couldn’t be bothered to social distance!!

There, you see?
Just writing this blog is getting me all rattled. I can feel my blood pressure rising.

It’s time to do something about it.

I am going to concentrate on me, my family and my friends.
I am going to be a little more careful about what I’m eating and drinking and I’m going to drag my sorry arse away from this computer a bit more.
I’m going to go out for walks and when I can’t, I am going to make use of the treadmill that’s been sitting in the corner for the best part of a year.
There’s no reason I can’t stick a movie on and just go for a stroll while I’m watching it!!

So, when it comes to Facebook, I will be lurking.
You will still see my blog posts being posted but I will aim to stand back from everything else and watch the fireworks without getting myself involved.

VACCINATION TIME! (Sorry about the language!!)

OK, as bad as things are right now with the pandemic, with the start of the roll out of vaccinations I believe we are actually now seeing the beginning of the end. There is finally some light at the end of the tunnel. It may take the best part of a year or more to get there, but we WILL get there.


We can only get there if people actually follow social distancing advice, wear their masks and then actually have the vaccination when it’s offered.

People who deny that COVID is actually a thing and that hospitals are empty and that the NHS are failing in their duty to care for people by cancelling surgeries blah blah blah, have no fucking idea what’s actually going on in hospitals at the moment. What they post all over social media is misinformation and absolute bollocks. I would love to rant about it but I actually value my job with the NHS, so this is as far as I will rant about that one.

When it comes to the vaccinations, I think one of the biggest worries people have is the speed at which these vaccinations have been produced and labelled as ‘safe’.
One of the biggest misconceptions is that the work on Covid vaccines started when the pandemic began, when in reality, scientists have been working on the building blocks for new vaccines since the Ebola outbreak in 2014 – 2016.
They have simply been modifying what they have with the genetic blueprint for Covid and because of the urgency, all the ‘usual’ red tape that vaccines and medicines go through have also been cut to allow for swifter processing.
No corners have been cut and these vaccines are as safe as any vaccines that have gone through years of red tape.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a very big supporter of vaccinations.
Anti-vaxers can just go kiss my arse! They are complete cockwombles and deserve all they get from not getting a vaccination. Survival of the fittest and the smartest as far as I’m concerned.

Don’t get me wrong though.
I know full well that there are people out there who can’t get vaccinated.
There are people who are highly immunocompromised or with so many allergies that they can’t have a vaccine or they have to be particularly careful when they do get a vaccine.
I really feel for these people because every anti-vaxer that doesn’t ‘believe’ in vaccines are not only risking themselves, they are risking the life of everyone who physically CAN’T be vaccinated!
SELFISH C###S is an understatement!

As you can see, this makes me VERY angry!!

Hulk Angry GIFs | Tenor

Anyway, I am a frontline healthcare worker, I am also over 50, so this puts me into 2 categories of people who are getting the first of the vaccines being rolled out across the country.
In fact , I had the first first part of the vaccine today.

How was it?
It felt like any other vaccination.
A quick pinch and over in a few seconds.
I usually get a warm welt on my upper arm when I have the usual flu vaccine, but so far I haven’t even got that!

I am prepared to feel a bit rough over the coming days, but that is how vaccines work and I don’t think many people understand this.


I have just seen an amazing string of Twitter messages written by @WheatNOil, who is a Physician at the U of Saskatchewan.
He has broken down how a vaccination works into simple, layman’s terms.
I am hoping this will help anyone who is debating having the vaccination or not, to finally make their minds up and go for it!

As Tweeted by @WheatNOil on 17th December 2020……..

Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil The mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) are kind of brilliant at a science level. I've had a few people in my real non-Twitter life ask me to explain how it works so I'm going to try my best here in this thread while I'm waiting for a patient to show. 12:33 PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil The first thing to know is how your immune system works. Basically, your immune cells attack anything foreign to your body. If it sees a protein or a virus or or a bacteria or anything that it doesn't recognize, it launches an attack. 12:39PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil If it's fighting off a virus, for example, it takes time to build up a full attack. It's got to figure out what part of the virus to attack & ramp up production of what it needs to attack those parts. That can take a few days. Meanwhile the virus is replicating and expanding. 12:41 PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil Once it fights off the virus, though, it remembers it. You've got memory cells in your immune system and if you run into that virus again, your memory cells say "I've seen this asshole before". Your body uses it's past experience to demolish the virus before it can make you sick. 12:44 Twitter for"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil So, with that in mind, we return to the vaccine. Scientists looked at the COVID virus and saw a protein on the outside of the virus that looked like a good candidate to launch an immune attack against. 1:04 PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil That protein, by the way, is an important one for the virus. It uses that protein to get into your cells. That protein makes the virus more infectious. In short, that protein makes the virus more of an asshole. 1:07 PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil Now COVID has DNA in it that codes for all of its parts. So scientists looked at the entire DNA sequence of virus and found the sequence of DNA that is the blueprints for that protein. The asshole protein. 1:10 PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil Side note: DNA is the blueprint to make things in a cell. Cells take the DNA and transcribe it into RNA. The RNA is the instructions that tell the cell what to make. mRNA (literally messenger- RNA) literally just gives instructions to the cell to make something 1:14 PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil So scientists took the blueprint for the asshole protein on COVID and made an mRNA version of it. Literally just the instructions on how to make that protein. These instructions "are" the vaccine. Let me explain. 1:16 PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil The vaccine contains no actual part of the virus. It has only the instructions on how to make the asshole protein. So, you can't get infected with COVID from the vaccine. You just get these instructions. 1:18 PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil Your cells see these instructions and say "sure, I'll make this" So your cells cells make a bunch of the asshole protein. You immune system sees this new protein you're producing and immediately says "what... the fuck... this?" Andi starts attacking the protein. 1:20 PM. 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil Remember it hasn't seen this protein before. It takes awhile to ramp up production. Then it launches an all out war against the asshole protein. The fevers, chills, muscle soreness, eto you might get as vaccine side effects is your body bombing the hell out of the asshole protein 1:23 PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil So you destroy the asshole protein (which in and of itself can't infect you, it's just a protein, not the virus). Now here's the important part. Your memory cells 'remember' the asshole protein. They remember exactly how to destroy it. 1:26 PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil By the way, your body breaks down the mRNA instructions that you got with the vaccine pretty quickly too. That's normal. You don't need a bunch of instructions hanging around forever. Your body breaks those down and gets rid of them. 1:27 PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil So you've broken down the mRNA instructions. You've destroyed asshole proteins. Everything from the vaccine is gone. Except for those memory cells who remember that protein very well. 1:28 PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil So then, a COVID virus enters your body. Your body has never seen the virus before. BUT it's seen that protein that's on the outside of the virus. Your memory cells say "you've got to be kidding me, THIS asshole again? Get the fuck out of here!" 1:31 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil Your body' own 'natural immune system' quickly and efficiently launches an all out war, using the template it has from when it destroyed the asshole protein last time It destroys the virus before it can take hold, replicate, and make you sick. 1:33 PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil Congratulations! Now, you're immune to COVID! You've got the blueprints to defeat it as soon as it enters your body. 1:35 PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"
Image may contain: text that says "WheatNOil @WheatNOil What if the virus mutates so it doesn't produce the asshole protein any more? Well, since it uses the asshole protein to get into your cells, if it mutates away from the asshole protein, it'll probably also be less infectious. That's what makes the vaccine low-key brilliant. 1:37 PM 12/17/20 Twitter for iPhone"

Get it now?!!


Then you’re probably a TRUMP supporter.
There’s no hope for you!!


Seriously! The Deja vu vibes from last week are so strong.
The only difference this week is that we are waiting for Dharma’s Covid result instead of Ian’s.

As I sit here, poised and ready for work…. just like last week.
I’ve had my coffee.
I’ve trawled all the overnight FB posts, Twitter posts and Instagram posts.
I’ve had a quick look at the BBC News but to be honest, I’m sick of hearing about that Moron and how he STILL hasn’t been removed from office.
The house is tidy.

I’m debating a movie but with the chance we could have Dharma’s result at any moment, I may not get it finished.
Do I put the TV on? Catch up on the News?
What’s to catch up on really?
We’re in a lockdown and Donald Duck is still president of the US…. at least for the next 13 days, unless the vice president and the rest of the US government pull the 25th Amendment card.
I suppose I wouldn’t want to miss that!!

There’s probably enough of a wash load. I could get that going.
I can’t do a shop because I can’t leave the house until this result is back.
We’re not desperate for anything anyway and I see a take away on the horizon this evening.

The only other option is to have a crack at Dharma’s 1000 piece Harry Potter puzzle that I got her for Xmas.
We’ve done the edges and a lot of the faces but we are now left with all the frames and when all the pieces are laid out, they all look the same!!!

It’s going to be a long day!!!


As if the last 24 hours haven’t been crazy enough with what’s going on in the US!!

Today, I was trying to lighten my mood by watching Shaun of the Dead and the rest of the Cornetto trilogy.

However, current life in general had other plans.

Dharma finally climbed out of bed and started to cough a lung up. It didn’t settle and considering that is one of the main Covid symptoms it was decided to book her in for a test.

Great!! Chances are she’s picked up a bit of a chest infection from her Dad who was tested at this exact time last week, but, unlike her Dad who is shielding, she goes in and out of the house for work so we couldn’t take the risk.

Another nail biting 24-48 hours and another call to work to let them know there’s a good chance I won’t be in tomorrow. Not what I wanted to do, but what else could I do?

If she didn’t go for a test and ended up being positive, I would never forgive myself. It doesn’t bare thinking about.

Anyway, the test has been done now. I can go back to my movies. Not like I can do anything else now anyway!!


Ok, so it’s day three of the new year.
Thankfully Ian’s Covid test was negative, however, that still doesn’t mean he’s out of the woods.
He’s actually quite poorly. He still has a good but productive cough and he is quite breathless when trying to move around. His O2 levels are good though so I’m not overly worried.
Because of the medications he’s on, he’s supposed to see a doctor after a couple of days of being unwell. Not the easiest of thing to do in the current circumstances and also over a weekend!! So, he’s hanging on until tomorrow.

As a frontline worker, I have just been offered a vaccination!!
I now have both appointments booked with the first being on the 9th of this month.
At least a little more protection in the house for Ian and one step closer to the country/world getting back to some normality!!

Right, today I plan to do a bit of a shop. First one since the beginning of Xmas. Time to get back to some ‘normal’ eating and drinking.
There’s still a few Xmas and New Year goodies kicking around, but for the most part, we’re done.
That means the dreaded diet will have to start soon, but this time I have two targets. Two weddings in the next couple of years, so I don’t want to leave things to the last minute. I’m going to get cracking now.

The rest of my day will consist of movies and a puzzle.
Not a lot else to do really.


Finally! A new year and let’s hope this one is a little kinder to us than the last one.

It hasn’t been the greatest of starts for us however.
My husband, Ian, is a shielder. The medications for his Psoriatic arthritis makes him immunocompromised which makes him more vulnerable to infections at the best of times. On Weds he started to feel unwell and this was accompanied by a cough. He managed to get a Covid swab at 10am on Thurs and we are now waiting for the result.
This means that I can’t go to work until we get that result and I should have started a long day shift just over an hour ago!

I wasn’t too worried yesterday. Ian tends to get chest infections at this time of year anyway and he also doesn’t leave the house unless it is to drop one of the girls at work, so he doesn’t even get out of the car.
I was expecting the result to come back negative.
However, he can barely move this morning and spent the night coughing up a lung.
He’s had his flu jab for the year but his symptoms are all flu symptoms so I’m getting a little worried that his result might be telling us something else.

The worrying thing is, if his result is positive, it means that either myself or one of the girls have brought it into the house.
Anyway, no point panicking until we get that result. It could be a long day!

Ian didn’t even see the new year in last night as he fell asleep, so I saw the new year in with Marjorie and Dharma.

Image may contain: Dharma Winter and Marjorie Winter, people smiling, glasses, close-up and indoor

At about 11pm, I realised that I was 3 movies away from managing 1 movie for every day of the year, so I cheated a little and watched some Pixar shorts which brought my total to 366 movies for the year.
The sad thing is, only 7 of them were actually seen in the cinema with 6 of them all before March.

I have REALLY missed my movies this past year.
Having said that, the drought has made me go back through my old movies and watch some that I haven’t watched for years, so I haven’t exactly missed out.

I have missed seeing any new work from Adam Driver though.
There was nothing from him at all last year and he spent the majority of last year in isolation with his family.
As a fiercely private man , he did what he does best and simply dropped off the map for a while.
He disappeared in March when filming for ‘The Last Duel’ with Matt Damon was halted due to the pandemic and he finally made an appearance again in October to wrap up filming. ‘The Last Duel’ is now set for an October 2021 release.
He also has a film called ‘Annette’ that ‘should’ have premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May last year. It is hoped that it will now be release at Cannes this year.
He is currently filming for ’65’ which is a sci-fi thriller. There is no release date for this one, but being sci-fi, I suspect there may be quite a lot of post production and we may not see it until 2022.
After he finishes filming ’65’ he starts work on ‘Gucci’ with Lady Gaga and this one is slated for a November 2021 release.
He has also just signed up to do another ‘Noah Baumbach’ Netflix movie. Noah was the director responsible for ‘Marriage Story’ which got Adam an Oscar nomination. It was also an amazing film so I’m hoping whatever this next one is will be just as good.

So, the next year could actually be quite top heavy on the Adam movies!!
How I will get to see any of these movies is now the big question.
With most of the country now in tier 4, cinemas in the UK have shut their doors.
Our local cinema closed it’s doors a couple of months ago and being one of the older cinemas in the chain, I am not very hopeful that it will ever open it’s doors again.

I REALLY missed seeing movies on the big screen last year.
As much as I love curling up on the sofa to watch a good film, you really can’t beat seeing a movie, at least once, on the big screen, where it was meant to be!

Anyway, I’m just going to pootle around for the day and get some housework done while I wait for Ian’s result.

I hope you all have a better year than the last one!!


It’s that time of year again.
Writing anything for my blog has slowed down to virtually nothing.
Not that there’s really been anything to blog about this year as we haven’t really been able to do much due to coronavirus restrictions

Until now that is.
We may have had a pretty mundane year but it is certainly ending on a good note.
So here’s a roundup.

As if you didn’t need reminding…..

2020 Sucks for Entertainers! | Balloon Animals

The year started off just like any other but there were rumblings in the news about a new and virulent strain of flu with the potential to create a pandemic.
Sure enough, things escalated. The world started to shut down and by the end of March we were in our first full lockdown which required businesses that were not essential to close. These regulations also included significant restrictions on freedom of movement: “no person may leave the place where they are living without reasonable excuse”.

The country came to a stop and people started panic buying.
Supermarkets did everything they could to try and stop this and protect their vulnerable customers.

The country clapped for the NHS.

Families and friends gathered together over Zoom.

By the end of May, things slowly started to open up again.
People were becoming accustomed to wearing masks everywhere they went.
Social distancing was the name of the game.
Handwashing and sanitising and staying 2 metres apart was drummed into us.

Then there were fears of a second wave and we started living in tiers.
The higher the tier, the more restrictions were in place for that area.
It was all confusing and it didn’t work.

From Nov 5th the country went into a 2nd lockdown that lasted 4 weeks.
When we came out of the lockdown we were again placed into strict tiers.
Our area came out of lockdown into tier 2 which means households are not allowed to mix indoors apart from in support bubbles, while a maximum of six people can meet outdoors from any household. Pubs and bars must close unless operating as restaurants, meaning they must serve substantial meals and may only serve alcohol with such a meal. If you go out for a meal you can only do so with up to 6 people from the same family/support bubble.
So unless we want to freeze our nuts off eating outside, we still can’t see friends.

These tiers are due to be reviewed on the 16th Dec and we are hoping we will go back to tier 1 which will allow us to see friends again to a maximum of 6 indoors and outdoors and pubs not serving food will be able to open up again.

There is to be a relaxing of rules for 5 days over Xmas between 23rd and 27th December, meaning 3 households can mix, although it must stay as the same 3 households. We can’t pick and choose each day.
The pessimist in me is thinking that half the country will flout the rules completely over Xmas and we will have another peak in mid January!

Anyway, what did this all mean for us as a family.

As a family, this had a big impact on the way we did things.
My Mum and Dad who live just around the corner were now considered a high risk and needed to isolate themselves as much as possible. So visiting them was now out of the question. The kids kept an eye on them and visited them during their once a day exercise routine and they would stand at the end of the garden for a chat.

Mum could no longer come around to our house.
Before the lockdown, she would be around pretty much every day. She would keep on top of our washing and ironing and have a little tidy up for me which was great while I was out at work.
We had to change the way we ran the house.
Within a couple of months, we had fallen into new routines….. but we were coping!

I continued to work.
As a nurse working on a children’s ward, I was faced with new rules and ways of working which would change with each announcement from the Government.
It’s been a particularly tough time but not as tough as the adult wards in the hospital.
No hairdressers, meant my usual 4 – 5 weekly trim didn’t get done for 4 months!! I looked haggard and tired.

My husband, Ian, is lucky enough to be able to work from home and this is something that has worked out really well for him and looks set to become a permanent thing!
He suffers from Psoriatic Arthritis and takes a lot of medications, one of which places him in the high risk category of people in the country who have to isolate where possible.
Since working from home, he has seen an improvement in his health and so has his company. They are actually getting more work out of him and talks are ongoing to keep him working from home as much as possible when ‘normality’ returns.

Marjorie and Dharma both work for McDonalds, so they were furloughed during the first lockdown and University and college work was done from home.
During the second lockdown, they are both still working but under strict new rules and social distancing requirements.
Dharma went from college to Uni and Marji returned to Uni for her final year but they have both chosen to do it remotely at home to help protect their Dad who is high risk.

Murron has had the biggest change of all of us.
Before the lockdown she was just picking up part time hours in a pub and getting the occasional singing gig.
Of course, this dried up completely when the first lockdown hit.
She was bringing in the bare minimum from furlough.
She spent her life in her garage den, facetiming friends and really wasn’t in the best of places mentally.
Then when things opened up again, she was able to see friends and she started picking up some bar work again.
During this time she met the man of her dreams and when it became clear that the country may be heading into another lockdown period, they both made the decision to move in together.
Murron has finally got her shit together. As she no longer lives at home she has been able to sort out benefits. She is getting help with getting out to work. She has knocked her partners house into shape and she has become a second Mum to his two small kids who he shares custody with. She has taken to this task like a duck to water!!
She was completely moved out by the end of September and she has been happier than I have seen her in a long time.
It would seem that her partner is also happy as he proposed to her last week!

He even asked Ian for permission before he asked. The boy did good!!

Since March, the house has seen some major changes.
We’ve got into a new routine with the washing and ironing. I don’t even need an ironing basket anymore because we are THAT on top of it all!!
The house has seen some major clearouts.
During the first lockdown we ordered a huge skip and took the chance to have a good clear out both inside and out.
Rooms were worked on one by one. Cupboards were cleared out. Wardrobes were re-organised. Anything that was being hoarded was given away, recycled or binned.
With Murron now gone and Ian set to be working from home permanently, the decision was made to make Murron’s old bedroom into an office, which meant that I got my bedroom back again.
The garage has also been gutted.
I seriously don’t think there is anything else I can now re-organise or de-clutter!
Oh yes, we FINALLY got our new sofa suite.
We ordered it after the first lockdown but delivery got caught up in the second wave of lockdowns in various areas of the UK.

I’m currently on my annual 2 weeks off to prepare for Xmas, although I had most of it done before I even got to annual leave, so I’m just enjoying relaxing and doing whatever I want.
I watch as many movies as I want, I play on the computer as much as I want and I’m drinking way too much!
The only thing I couldn’t do this year was decorate my Mum’s and my Aunty Karen’s Xmas trees.
It’s become a bit of a tradition that they both fight to be the first to book me every year. They still managed though, and their trees look just as good!
My Xmas decs went up before the end of November. I just thought, sod it!! It’s been such a naff year, why not?

I haven’t been able to get the big tree up in the hallway for a few years because we had a large wardrobe and chest of drawers in there as overflow for Murron. Now that she has moved out and I have my hallway back, I decided to treat myself and got a few new pieces to add to the tree.
Last year I got a Baymax ornament and Marjorie bought a Stitch ornament that I fell in love with, so I bought myself a Stitch one this year.

My friend Debbie got me an amazing Millennium Falcon for my birthday.

Then I just couldn’t resist getting a few more. I added The house and balloons from Up, Baby Yoda and Buzz Lightyear (who also talks!)

I also have some family pictures on one of the trees and decided to update Murron’s picture to include Jordan, her Fiance.

That’s it really. Our family as a whole have been pretty lucky. My cousin and his girlfriend got confirmed coronavirus a couple of months ago and had to be extremely careful as they live with my uncle who has COPD. Other than that, our family has remained pretty safe.
Our music community of friends has not fared so well. A few losses have hit them and Murron hard.

One thing that I have REALLY missed this year is my movies.
I have Seen a total of 7 movies in the cinema this year and 6 of them were before the end of February.
Number 7 was Tenet, the ONLY big movie to see a release in cinemas this year.
With film companies pushing back their new movies into next year, cinemas were hard hit to get any customers through their doors and then Cineworld decided to close their doors for the forseable future.
It remains to be seen if we will ever see those doors open again.
So, I have been making do with anything I can on streaming services or DVD/Bluray, but it’s not the same as seeing a film on the BIG screen and I seriously miss it.

So! The plan for the rest of the year.

Getting my hair cut tomorrow!! It’s not suffered as much this time around although I do have to take the hairdryer to it in the mornings. That’s when you know it’s gone too far. Normally I just wash and go because it’s so short.

I’m out for dinner this Thursday evening.

I don’t officially go back to work until the 16th although I am doing a Bank shift on the 11th. So lots more rest and relaxation to do which I am going to need because I’m going back to a horrific set of shifts which mean I will be working 70 hours in 7 days. Hey ho!

I’m actually working Xmas day and unusually, I’m working a long day.
This means that I will start at 07:30 and finish as 20:00.
So no Xmas day for me.
Marji, Dharma and Ian are just going to chill for the day and make themselves some party foods.

We have decided to have our Xmas on Boxing Day.
Murron and Jordan are coming over with his two little boys in the morning so we can open presents together and Mum and Dad are coming over for dinner in the afternoon.

I’m not working New Year’s Eve but I am working New Year’s Day. So I will see the New Year in and then go right to bed.

That’s it. Nothing exciting.
We may have had the year from hell globally, but as a family, things have gone pretty well.
I certainly wouldn’t have said that Murron would be engaged by the end of it.