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Vanity fair and Annie Liebowitz, have just released the first images and some more behind the scenes photos for Star Wars Episode IX, in an article titled ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Ultimate Preview’.
The full article can be read HERE

A few of the images really caught my attention and I just needed to get this off my chest…….

OMG!!! Adam is smoking!

The article goes on to reveal… FINALLY… our first good look at the Knights of Ren, on set with Director JJ Abrams. Mentioned and seen fleetingly in The Force Awakens, and then completely glossed over in The Last Jedi, these guys finally see the big screen proper in The Rise of Skywalker.

But there was one image that REALLY caught my attention.
I have always loved the look and uniforms of the Imperials in the original movies and the subsequent First Order look and uniforms in the current trilogy.

The bonus in the current trilogy is General Hux.
Not only is the uniform hot, he is played by one of my favourite actors, Domhnall Gleeson.

And then today, just when I thought that uniform couldn’t get any hotter, Vanity Fair go and release an image of General Hux and new character, Allegiant General Pryde, played by Richard E. Grant, and OMG!! The First Order uniform went from smoking hot to completely on fire.

Then I saw this and I really can’t wait to see this showdown.

7 months to go.
Absolute torture!

Go and give the article a read. Obviously there’s no real information about the film itself, but there are quite a few more images to look at.


Yesterday saw the release of the first teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode IX
They really know how to fan the flames of fandom and get everyone speculating and throwing around theories for the next 8 months while we patiently wait for the release date in December!

So, just in case you missed it last night…….

Short and sweet but definitely not enough.
Of course the internet has been going mental. Lots of speculation and theories already flying around, so here are a few that have caught my attention, with a bit of my own mixed in.

First of all, we FINALLY have a title.

People are already assuming that this is referring to a single person when in fact, I think it reads more like a ‘title’ than a ‘name’.
Could we in fact, be seeing the rise of a new Jedi based order?

The beginning of the trailer sees Rey facing off against Kylo in his Tie Silencer and literally had me hyper-ventilating.
However, the more I watched, the more I thought, ‘he’s not firing at her!’
If it was his intention to annihilate her, and knowing his temper, he’d be all guns blazing on his attack run and he’s not!
This begs the question…. are they working together? Could he be training her?
Also, what planet is this? We see rocky outcrops so, in my mind it can only be one of two places. Tatooine or Jedha.

One of the best shots of the teaser!!
This begs the question, WHO is Kylo impressively body slamming into the ground?
Worryingly in my mind, it looks like one of his Knights of Ren and he is also fighting alongside stormtroopers.
All I know is that Adam has me salivating. He is a powerhouse of a man and this move is strangely exciting!

Who is fixing Kylo’s helmet.
Those are definitely not Kylo’s hands.
Obviously people are assuming that Kylo starts to wear the helmet again now that he has seemingly made his choice between the light and the dark.
What if we have an imposter? A wannabe trying to take on the mantle of the new Supreme Leader?

And here’s where the Disney marketing machine gets involved.
I see Xmas sales of BB8’s new friend rocketing when the toys go on sale before Xmas. I believe his name is D-0. If he is as cute and funny as BB8, the kids are going to go crazy for him.

What is the significance of the medal?
We haven’t seen this medal since the end of ‘A New Hope’ where they were given in the ceremony at the end of the film, to Luke and Han.
Who is holding it? It certainly looks like it could be Leia.

WOW, just WOW.
That is a downed Death Star.
But it begs the question…. which one?
After this scene is immediately followed by the ominous cackling of Emperor Palpatine, it is already assumed to be the second Death Star that was felled in Return of the Jedi and therefore this is the planet of Endor.
We know from a certain Ewok film from the 80’s, that Endor does indeed have seas, it’s not just thick forrest.
But is it actually Palpatine? or is it an old holo-recording? or…… is it a clone?!

And finally……….Leia!!
Looks like JJ is delivering on his promise of not using CGI to re-create Carrie.
He promised faithfully to use footage that had already been shot for The Force Awakens and then to actually write a script around them so that she would actively be a part of this final movie.
A fitting tribute and one that I am sure will have fans in tears!

So there you have it.
No doubt they will keep us waiting a few more months for the full trailer.
We will just have to make do with this for now.

Looks like Kylo sees plenty of battle in this one!

As much a I hate the fact we still have 8 months to go, I really do love the build up to the release date.
And at least I can really enjoy it this year. No Uni worries. I can waste as much time as I want on totally geeking out!!


So! After a day a lovely day at work that ended with a manic last couple of hours, I came home to a new Star Wars teaser trailer and movie title.

The Rise of Skywalker!!

I cannot process this right now. I’m just too tired.
I’ve seen a few theories kicking around on Tumblr already. Think I’ll take a closer look tomorrow and post a few.

Now the fun really starts!!!


Today could be the day!

Yesterday, fans from all over the world started gathering for the annual Star Wars Celebration and this year, it’s in Chicago.

Today, on the main stage between 11 and 12 is the Episode IX panel.
With only 8 months to go until the film is released, fans are hoping that the actual title of the film is going to be dropped and praying that we get, at the very least, a teaser trailer!!

I can’t wait!!
I am at work today until 20:00. Chicago is approx 6 hours behind us. So, 17:00 to 18:00 my time is when we could be hearing some really exciting news. Just in time for a dinner break!!
Well, it’s exciting for me!!

Watch this space.


So this has just surfaced on the internet.
It’s a supposedly leaked Star Wars Episode 9 poster.

Can’t make my mind up about it.
I’m loving the fact that the Knights of Ren are there…… finally! Are we actually going to find out about them.
I’m intrigued by C3P0 wielding a bowcaster.
The image of Rey looks a little bit too similar to images we’ve seen in the past.
Most importantly, looking at Kylo, there is a more elaborate robe there but I’m devastated that he’s got the helmet back on!!!

Hopefully things will be made a little clearer in April during Star Wars Celebration in Chicago!!! Fingers Crossed.


I suppose, for anyone who reads my blogs regularly, that title could mean two things.

I am coming to the end of a tumultuous two years of University work, with just a few small hurdles to leap before the end of February….. but that is for another blog.

This blog is about Star Wars!… Also due to end filming at the end of February.

Cardington sheds (hangars) are a familiar sight for me as they are literally just a few miles on the outside of town and something I see and drive past quite frequently. Standing on the top floor of my workplace, you can actually see the hangars, they are that close.

They are currently being used to film Star Wars episode 9.
It was announced late last year that filming was being extended due to re-writes, which meant extending the filming schedule at the sheds.

Re-writes are something that always gets fans worried but they are not unusual on ‘any’ movie, especially big budget blockbusters.
Ideas that are put down in writing and thumbnails often end up not working properly or spark new ideas and end up meaning a re-write is in order.

Re-writes can be a bit of a logistical nightmare if your principle actors, who thought that their filming had finished, are required to return to tweak a scene or even film something completely new.

One such event took place late last year for Adam Driver when a HUGE schedule change meant that Adam, who was due to be here in England to promote ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’ at a couple of film festivals, had to cancel and re-arrange his own schedule.

In a statement from @AdamDriverUK they announced“Star Wars has just had a massive schedule change, and given what they need to shoot next week they need Adam to rehearse all day tomorrow”.

An ‘all day‘ rehearsal and a week of shooting is a BIG deal and sounds like there was a major change to some of Adam’s plot line.

It’s all getting very real now!

Cutting and special effects are all being worked on and when filming officially ends in February, the marketing team will be able to put together and ‘teaser’ trailer in time for the Star Wars Celebration event in April.
I suspect this is when we will get a title release.

After that, the rumour mill will be going crazy for 8 months.
Snippets of information will be drip fed to the public.
Fan theories will abound.
Principle actors will start their promotion of the film a month or two before release.
And I will be following it all and blogging my own theories or discussing other people’s theories and collecting lots of new images of Adam and Domhnall Gleeson along the way.

One theory that I actually quite like the sound of is that, the film is set one year on from the events on Crait at the end of Last Jedi and Supreme Leader Kylo Ren is actually doing a pretty good job! What transpires from there is anyone’s guess but the thought of a more clean cut Kylo Ren in even more tailored uniforms is quite thrilling!

From images I’ve seen of Adam during the filming time frame, his hair appears to have been kept quite a bit shorter than what has been the ‘norm’ for Kylo in the past, but with that said, his hair right now is longer than I’ve seen it in a while and as his last minute filming was quite late last year, any goes!!

So watch this space.


I did my presentation today.
I’ve discovered a little problem I have.
I keep taking deeper and deeper breaths after each slide until I reach the point where I literally can’t take a deeper breath and end up almost hyperventilating!!
I only just made it through my 10 minutes and my next presentation is 15!!
I may just turn blue and pass out.

Anyway, I think everyone in my group did really well and we now just wait for our results.
The frustrating thing is that we will probably have finished and presented our next presentation before we find out about this one.

Anyway, I chilled this afternoon. Did a little shop and watched some of ‘The Crown’ that I’ve decided to binge watch.

As I sit here, I have literally just found out that Matt Smith has been cast in a ‘key’ role in Star Wars episode 9.
My mind has gone into overdrive.
Who is he playing?

As a Brit, my mind has immediately flown to First Order/Imperial.
Could Hux be getting a rival?
Could Supreme Leader Ren be promoting someone over Hux?

Then my husband came up with an idea and one I think fans would love.
Considering where they are thinking about taking any future films, could he possibly be getting cast as Grand Admiral Thrawn?


We have yet to see a Grand Admiral in this trilogy but unless they are going to do some major playing around with timelines, Matt is just too young and Thrawn is out of his timeline considering Star Wars Rebels.

Interestingly, with the 2012 acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney, most of the licensed Star Wars novels and comics produced since the originating 1977 film Star Wars were rebranded as Star Wars Legends and declared non-canon to the franchise in April 2014.

Meaning that anything with Thrawn in it was now ‘not’ Canon and open to interpretation in anything new and Thrawn has long been considered by Lucasfilm when developing projects like Star Wars Rebels.

How he would be written into episode 9 is still a mystery to me, but the thought of Matt bringing him to life with the blue skin and flaming red eyes against the white uniform is quite a delicious thought.

Anyway, probably got that one completely wrong.
Watch this space.

But with that news and the leaked images from the set this week, we are now well and truly into ‘speculation’ about what to expect in episode 9.
Only 16 months to go!!