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FUMING! (with apologies for language)

Absolutely bloody fuming!

Addenbrooks have fucked up AGAIN!!
Ian’s follow up appointment, that has already been moved 3 times, has just been cancelled because it was a nurse review and should have been a consultant review. He’s back to waiting for a review with no idea of how long it will take.

This has now been going on a year and it has been fuck up, after fuck up, after fuck up.
No regard to the fact that Ian is losing quality of life, is relying on a work colleague to drive him to work, is LUCKY he still has a job, has to rely on other people to drive him to his appointments.

Today alone, he’s used the last of his annual leave to be able to attend this appointment and I had to turn down a shift swap to help out at work because I need to attend this appointment with him!


Where do we go from here?
This is literally the straw the breaks the camel’s back.


I will regret this little rant later so please forgive me in advance.

What will it take for the American Government to come up with the balls to make an amendment to the constitution and ‘seriously’ reduce or get rid of guns in the hands of the general public?

I can’t believe there has been yet another mass shooting today in Santa Fe.
10 more teens dead.

The gun violence archive is a sickening read.
So far this year there have been 21,779 gun involved incidents, an average of 157 per day!
There have been 5,406 gun related deaths, an average of 39 per day!
Think about that.
273 people are dying because of guns in America every week!!

The number of children aged 0-11 who have been injured or killed by a gun is 233, almost 2 per day.
The number of teens aged 12 – 17 who have been injured or killed by a gun is 962, almost 7 per day.

At this rate we can expect another 36,581 incidents and 9,087 deaths before the end of the year.
1,631 more teenagers and 466 children will be injured or killed before the end of the year.

And I can guarantee that the colossal idiot running the government at the moment will now reiterate what he said after the last school shooting and that is that ‘we need to put guns in the hands of the teachers’….

Yeah right, because what America really needs is MORE fucking guns!!


The husband is in the bad books this morning.
I actually can’t believe he said what he just said.

As a Star Wars fan I shared a post on Facebook last night of two young girls playing Beat Sabre VR which I thought was awesome. I really would love to have a go.

However, when I showed it to the hubby this morning, he thought it was cool too but as we watched he went on to comment that as these were obviously meant as a bit of advertising for the game, wasn’t it strange how they’d chosen two young girls showing a bit of skin!

Image result for oh no you didnt gif

I’ve just been online to find a man playing the same game.


Now you tell me, who’s showing more skin?!!

After watching a few ‘men’ playing the game, all I see is the fact that they’ve chosen two feisty young women who are absolutely ‘smashing’ the game, doing it in style and beating the crap out of any man trying to do the same.

The hubby was absolutely flaberghasted when I lost my shit at him.
He kept trying to defend what he’d said and just kept digging a bigger hole.
I’m really disappointed in him.


First of all…. GUNS!!

Come on America.
Enough is enough!!
Time to get rid of them don’t you think?

”’But you can’t do that. It’s in our constitution. It’s our right to have them””

It’s not impossible (just go and read about Article V) and let’s face it, it’s in need of an update, don’t you think?
Or have I stepped on a few million toes and spoken out of line.
I don’t give a f##k really.

And I’m sorry…. for all the people out there that are saying about this latest school shooting, that the person was mentally ill, we need to address the mental health service, it’s not the guns.

YES IT IS THE BLOODY GUNS!! and how easy it is for a mentally ill person to get hold of one.

There’s too many of them and they are way too easy to get hold of.
Apparantly there are 101 guns for every 100 Americans.
That’s more guns than people in America. WTF!!

I think P!nk summed up the situation perfectly in this Instagram.


And breath!!!
OK, I’ve said my piece on that one.
It’ll just be another rant that gets ignored and disappears into the ether.
No doubt, there will be another shooting before long and the whole debacle will start again.

OK, rant number two.

Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail is a biggot!!
Anyone who knows me, knows that biggots get right up my nose.

I follow 2 people on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.
Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black.

Gymnastics, swimming and diving have always been my favourite Olympic sports. Forget all the athletics. So the baby Tom Daley has been wonderful to watch as his career unfolds.

I love films and ‘Milk’ is an incredible film garnering a much deserved Oscar for writer Dustin Lance Black.

Over the last couple of years, their Tweets and Instagrams and Youtube collaborations regularly bring a smile to my face. They have hundreds of thousands of devoted followers who were all ecstatic when they both announced that they were going to become parents by posting this on Valentines day.

Tom and Lance

Wonderful news.

Sadly, we still got people poo pooing all over it.
Most noticeably from Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail.
C’mon guys!! I thought we were past all this, especially in the press!!

Even though he tries to wriggle out of his biggotry by saying that ‘I supported civil partnerships long before it was fassionable’ Richard Littlejohn states in his article titled ‘Please don’t pretend two dads is the new normal’

That said, and despite the fact that countless single parents do a fantastic job, I still cling to the belief that children benefit most from being brought up by a man and a woman.

Which is precisely what worries me most about the Daley publicity stunt. Here we have two men drawing attention to the fact that ‘they’ are having a baby.

But where’s the mum, the possessor of the womb which features in this photograph? She appears to have been written out of the script entirely’

OK, this has me angry on several levels.

1 – All a child needs is a loving and stable family environment. It doesn’t matter whether they are brought up by a man and a woman, a man and a man, a woman and a woman or just a single parent of either sex. As long as they are loved it doesn’t matter!

2 – It was not a publicity stunt! They were announcing their news to their fans. Something Richard Littlejohn obviously doesn’t know about.

3 – They haven’t announce who the Mum is because they are obviously trying to protect her privacy and health. The last thing the poor woman needs is to be pestered for the next nine months by paparazzi and press!!

He then goes on to state….

‘What I also find slightly disconcerting is that this story was reported virtually everywhere without so much as a raised eyebrow, as if it would be impolite even to ask any questions about the parentage’

Yes Richard, that’s exactly how it should be!!
It’s normal for a loving couple to announce their happy baby news.
I seriously hope this article comes back to bite you in the arse you pathetic man!!

It saddens me that we still have to put up with biggots.
I still have to bite my tongue, even with family members I’m sad to say, but I have seen huge changes in public opinions in my lifetime and I hold out much hope that all of this will become just plain old ‘normal’ in the future.
Hetero, gay, lesbian, bi, trans…whatever!! It’s what makes the world so colourful.


I still can’t believe that ‘that’ moron has made it to the Whitehouse.

I stayed away from the news yesterday, I refused to watch that idiot get even more attention.

Of course, I speak as a Non-American who has only observed this man through the media but I cannot for the life of me, understand how anyone would want him running their country.
He’s an absolute DICK!!

Of course, now that he has officially been sworn in, the changes have started already. has removed several pages from it’s website.
Climate change and Healthcare have been removed but most alarmingly so have the Civil Rights and LGBT pages.

This does not bode well.
With any luck, the LGBT community will just be left as it is and left alone during DT’s Presidency with nothing to worry about and then progress can continue with the next government.
However, after seeing the immediate backlash when he won back in November, I have an uneasy feeling that things are going to take a bit of a nose dive for that community and my heart is breaking.

Gay rights and Civil Rights could be set back 20 years with this government and it’s making me so angry and I don’t even live there!!!

I’m just hoping that our ‘Female’ Prime Minister has the guts to stand up to this monstrosity of a man.


I’m getting a little bit pissed off now with all the ‘Pro-EU referendum crap being thrown at us by the media and indeed the government who have spent my hard earned money on sending out pro-EU documents to every voter in the country.

Why are the media and government not giving us the opinions of people who DON’T want to stay?
Why are we being force fed opinions from people who just don’t have a fucking clue what the people are feeling right now.

My 18 year old daughter who is voting for the first time was sent a Government flyer reminding her of how improtant it is to vote.
She ALREADY knows the importance of her vote. I’ve made it perfectly clear to all my girls that they should respect what women went through to even be able to vote so I don’t expect them to waste it.

The flyer then went on to give opinions from various people about why we should stay.
AT NO POINT was there an opinion of someone who wanted to leave.

So I binned it.

When my daughter asked me how she should vote, I gave her ‘my opinion’ and then told her to do her research and make up her own mind.


As you can tell from the title, it’s time for a grumble.
A grumble is not quite a rant.

Anyway, today was supposed to be a trip out to Twycross Zoo with two of the kids but after all the rain yesterday and the same threat today, we have postponed it to tomorrow.
Have we made the right choice?…. only time will tell.
So today will be filled with the delights of house work but we have planned to take Dharma and Marji to see see ‘Pixels’ and go out to dinner, so the day is not a total washout.

So, grumble number 2.
I recently subscribed to Amazon Prime, simply because I wanted to see the show ‘Outlander’ because every other big TV channel was too chicken shit to pick it up because of the Scottish Independence vote.

Now, we already have Netflix which we love, love, love! so subscribing to another service was a big decision.
However, am I enjoying the service?
No not particularly.
Why is that?
Because I spent an hour the other night exploring and finding loads of stuff that I wanted to watch but NONE of it was included in the prime subscription.


Every single thing I came across had to be purchased.
I subscribe and pay out monthly so everything should be available to me like Netflix.
I shouldn’t be having to fork out more money every time I want to watch something.
I am now in two minds to cancel the service because paying for it monthly to wait for a show that airs for just 16 weeks of the year is stupid.
I might as well just wait and buy the DVD box set!

Grumble number 3.
A friend of one of my daughters got her exmas results yesterday and although they were pretty good, there was one disappointment.
It happened to be in a subject she needed to continue into college so she is going to take it again.

Why is this a grumble?

This is a grumble because during the school year, her work in this subject picks up A’s and B’s.
She falls apart in exams.

I cannot understand, and will NEVER understand how 2 years of schoolwork can be graded correctly from a 2 hour exam.
The pressure placed on kids going into an exam means that the result is not a fair reflection of that student’s abilities.

I know for a fact that if my end of school results had been based on my actual work over the previous two years and not on a single exam, I would probably be in a much better situation in life.
My lack of qualifications has always held me back and yet I was a hard worker in school and always did well.
It just did not reflect in my exam results because I was a nervous wreck taking them!!

Kids should be graded on their work as they go through the last two years of school.
Those grades should then ALL be taken into consideration when giving a ‘final’ graduation grade to the student.
This is a much better way of ensuring a child’s ability is fairly graded and their final grade will be a better reflection of their ability.

OK, now that’s all off my chest, time to get dressed and actually get some work done.


Enough is enough!

I am fed up with fighting to get anything done in this house.
Me and Ian both work full time shifts.
I do 12.5 hour shifts but it only takes me 15 minutes to get into and out of work.
I am currently also doing level 3 Health and Social Care which has to be done in my own time on my days off.
Ian does 12 hour days and nights but has an additional hour of driving to get to work and another hour to get home.
Ian is struggling with chronic back pain and psoriatic arthritis at the moment so doing anything on his days off is not always possible.
I have my Mum to help and she does an amazing job keeping on top of my washing and ironing so all that’s left to do is a bit of tidying and cleaning.
Oh and the garden!!

So here is my issue.

I am fed up with walking into my kitchen and finding that it has been used by everyone and everyone couldn’t be bothered to wipe the sides down.
There are pots strewn all over. Some on the sides, some in the sink and some on the drainer.
They can’t even find the dishwasher which is under the bloody sink!!
Nobody fills it…..
Nobody empties it…… unless they are asked to.
Why do I have to even ask?
Don’t even get me started on the bins.
Squashing the rubbish down to squeeze more into the top should indicate that that the bin needs emptying.

My bathroom and toilet.
Nobody cleans them.
The towels are left to wreek until I wash them.
The sink is used as a dump site.
Toothpaste with lid off, tooth brushes, soap, flannels, cup and other odds and ends all crammed around the sink.
Empty shampoo and conditioner bottles thrown into the bath.
Empty toilet rolls on the floor.
Empty toilet roll holder, half used toilet rolls on every surface except the toilet roll holder.

The hallway is a dumping ground for every jacket, pair of shoes, bags and rubbish imaginable.

My family get surprised and angry at me when I have a go at them for it all.
I’m sorry but quite simply ‘I DON’T GET A DAY OFF!!!’

It may be my day off from work but I am still doing little chores to make sure everyone is catered for.
So far today I have tidied the kitchen, sorted some washing and done a Tesco shop to make sure there’s stuff for packups for school.
I’ve still got some college work to do but I would like to put my feet up for a bit and do some channel hopping.
So was it any wonder I got angry when I come in from Tescos to find that one of the kids has spread themselves all over MY living room, shut all the curtains and taken over the TV to watch some rubbish called ‘Catfish’ the movie.
They didn’t take my hint about clearing out and got angry ‘WITH ME’ for being unreasonable.


Who works bloody hard to help pay the bills in this house?
Who gives you all pocket money, saves to give you extra spending money over the summer, gives you extra money here and there all the time anyway, pays contracts on all your mobiles, pays for a bus pass for one of you to get to college and still falls for ‘I’ve missed my bus will you drive me?’
Who deserves to be able to use the living when she bloody wants to and not when dictated by the kids!!!

So for one child in particular the ride is over.
Nanny will be under orders not to clear her room of washing.
She will be responsible for her own washing and ironing.
If she runs out of clean underwear, tough!!
The washing fairy has left the building.
Now that she has finished college until Sept, she has plenty of time to find a job.
I don’t care if that job has nothing to do with cars, a job is a job.
Get out of bed before noon and get looking.

As for the rest of the family, they need to stop walking past the mess and waiting for someone else to clear it.
I don’t care if it’s not their mess, just deal with it!


I caught a news article today that had me rolling my eyes with disbelief.

Benedict Cumberbatch apologises after calling black actors ‘coloured’

My disbelief was that he used the phrase during an interview where he was actually ‘praising’ black actors and sticking up for the fact that there was a lack of opportunity for them in the acting industry.
He didn’t used the word in a hateful or derogatory way.
It was a simple slip of the tongue from a man who has grown up in a society that 20 years ago was using the phrase as common place.
It’s very hard to ‘unlearn’ things you have grown up with.
I’m not using that as an excuse but the brain often spits things out of your mouth before you’ve truly had a chance to think about what you’re saying.
It’s innevitable that the occasional slip will happen.
He didn’t intend it to and if it was aimed at black people in a hateful way I would totally understand the uproar but seriously!!! did this really warrant Benedict having to make an apology?


It’s been a long tough week but I am now on annual leave for just over a week!!

I came home last night to an empty house with Ian at work, 2 of the kids checked into the Hotel Nanny and Grandad and one off out with her mates.
It was lovely…. until I had a nose through some e-mails.

One e-mail that came in at 20:09 was from EON telling us that they want to change our Direct Debit.
At first I was a little excited because we have spent the last year clearing a horrendous £700 debt after we discovered our boiler was badly on the fritz and constantly trying to heat water even when the water was to temperature.
Because of that our monthly Direct Debit went up from £145 to £215 and we accepted that because after the debt was cleared we would expect it to come back down again.
This is what was agreed at the time and it has been working.
We’ve just got our new bill and after one more direct debit we will be in the clear which means that by the next bill there will be 2… possibly three more payments of £215 taking our account £430 – £645 into CREDIT!!

Needless to say we were happy with this.
This is why I was expecting something completely different from this e-mail.

This e-mail however, jovially informed us that our Direct Debit would need to go up to £299!!!

There is no way that is correct.
Their system has automatically looked at our usage over the last year which includes a period where the boiler was fucked and has generated an automatic Direct Debit increase to cover that kind of usage over this winter.
Not only that, but they sent the e-mail out on a Saturday evening knowing full well we can’t contact them until Monday morning!!

Needless to say, Ian will be on the phone first thing because I am just too angry right now.
But to put it quite frankly, EON can go fuck themselves if they think I am giving them another £80 a month!!
Come the next bill I want my Direct Debit dropped below the £200 mark.
If they refuse to stop this ludicrous DD increase then I will be cancelling the DD, clearing what we owe using a credit card and going elsewhere!!
It’s been one fuck up after another on every bill since we moved into this place which is a shame because for the ten years prior to this house they were fantastic!
Very disappointed and angry.

Right, now that’s off my chest, I’m going to crack open a bottle of Pinot and watch a movie.