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It’s that time of year.
The weather is getting better, although you wouldn’t think so today and my need to blog on a daily basis is tailing off.
I start off with all good intentions at the beginning of the year to blog at least once a day.

Anyway, nothing much has happened to blog about really so you haven’t missed much.

I watched August: Osage County last night.
What a disappointment that was!!
I found it horrendously tedious.
The only good thing about it was Meryl Streep who certainly earned that Oscar nomination.

Anyway, I’m making up for that disappointment today by taking Murron to go and see X-Men: Days of Future Past.
Any excuse to go see it again, it’s brilliant!!


X-Men Days of Future Past is absolutely bloody brilliant!!!

That has to be the best one yet.
I sincerely hope we see more of Quicksilver in the next one, he was fantastic!!

The Magneto breakout scenes were some of the best use of mutant ability scenes EVER.



That’s as much as I’m going to say because I don’t want to spoil it for people who want to go see it.
All I’ll confirm is that you definitely need to watch right to the end of the titles.


Murron had a very bad day today.
It started off bad, she managed to get through her first exam and then proceeded to have quite a major panic attack.
She was sent home.
Looks like we will be looking at exam leave for the rest of her school life to try an minimise the attacks and hopefully get her through the exams.

Anyway, I actually had a good laugh with her after she’d calmed down when she got home and we decided to go to the cinema this evening.
We went to see Bad Neighbours.

Bad Neighbours 01

It was actually funnier than I expected it to be but it was also a lot naughtier than I expected it to be!!
Have I really got to the point where I can take my daughter to see a film with a little sex, more than a few dildos and half naked Zac Efron’s running around?

Bad Neighbours 03

When did she stop being my little girl in pigtails?
Don’t think I would have been quite so comfortable if we’d taken Ian along with us.
We did have a good girly laugh.

…… it has just struck me like a ton of bricks that I am old enough to be Zac Efron’s Mother!!
I want to cry!!



Not huge spoilers and only a quick review but if you don’t want to know anything then DON’T read on.
Warning over.


I went to see the new Godzilla movie today.
I have to say, I really enjoyed it!!

I’m not a fan of the original Japanese movies.
I did love the first big Hollywood outing with Matthew Broderick but even I, as a laymen, realised that it wasn’t really a Godzilla movie, it was just a monster movie.

This movie however paid homage to the original Japanese movies and went right back to what Godzilla is all about!
Instead of humans out to kill a monster wreaking havoc, it’s starts out as humans wanting to kill a monster and ending up with Godzilla saving the day.
Lots of mayhem and destruction but just for a change it’s not New York or Tokyo!!
All those Japanese movies brought right up to modern day special effects standards with the Hollywood WOW factor.
The ending is a little on the cheesy side but leaves things open for a sequel.
Think I may have to take Marjorie to see this one.
Gives me a good excuse to go again!!


I went to see Pompeii last night.
I have to say I quite enjoyed it!

The gladiatorial fight scenes were very well done.
The volcano erupting was very well done.
The 3D effects weren’t over done which they could very well have been, particularly with the volcano.

My only real issue was that is was a little cheesy.
I know it was a love story but they could have laid off the cheese.

Also, some of the acting was a little dubious, particularly from Keifer Sutherland.
He tried for a marble in the mouth British accent and failed miserably, however, he did come across as the complete arsehole he was meant to be and he deserved everything he got!

Oh yes!! Kit Harrington!!
Where did that come from?

Having seen him in Game of Thrones buried under all that fur………

Kit fur

I was blown away with him stripped down to the bare leathers in Pompeii….

Kit ripped

Let’s hope he leaves the wall and moves South in Game of Thrones!!!

Pompeii is not one I am chomping at the bit to go to the cinema and see again but it will be getting added to my Bluray collection in the future.



Divergent is good!

Finally, after one atrocious film and one mediocre film this week, we’ve finally seen a film that’s actually good.
One I would also want to buy when it comes out on Bluray.

It has an original storyline, plenty of action, good acting and a bit of eye candy in the form of Theo James!

Divergent 2

Who also happens to have a pretty sexy tat in the film too!

Divergent 1




First film of the day done.

Last Days on Mars

Mmm. Wasn’t bad, but I was hoping for something a little more original than zombies in space!

If they had come up with an idea to rival Alien, then it could have been something special but it fell a little short of the mark.

Right, time for Wagamama’s before the next film!


I took a few precious hours out of my day today to go and see ‘Noah’

OMG, what a waste of time.
It’s the biggest and most tedious pile of drivel I’ve seen in a long time.
If I hadn’t used my unlimited card I would have got up half way through and asked for my money back.

I can’t understand how they’ve screwed it up so badly!
They’ve taken a classic story (because that’s what it is and nothing more)
They got their hands on some first class actors.
Then they’ve gone and ballsed it all up with an atrocious script and a storyline that didn’t resemble the Noah’s Ark story in any way shape or form.
Except for the water…… lots of water.

Forgive me for asking but where the hell did the giant fallen rock angels come into it?
I just didn’t get it.

Final words…… DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!


I finally got around to watching ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ yesterday.


Why did I wait so long?
What a brilliant film, I love a good mystery.

Rooney Mara is amazing as Lisbeth Salander and Daniel Craig can do no wrong as Mikael Blomkvist.


The reason I got around to watching it….. finally…… is because my current obsession, Joel Kinnaman makes and appearance.
2 appearances totalling around 30 seconds I think it was!!
Anyway, he did look rather dapper.


He was supposedly brought in as a cameo appearance and set up for a bigger part in the next film.
His character ‘Christer Malm’ is  Millennium Magazine’s art director and designer, “an exhibitionist gay celebrity”

An exhibitionist gay celebrity!!!
I hope this is correct because they have ‘announced’ the next film.
It’s still early days. Only Rooney Mara is confirmed and there is no release date set.

Joel as an exhibitionist gay celebrity!!
That’s actually quite spooky because when I was watching Lola Versus the other night with my husband, there is a scene at the beginning of the film where Joel is busy cooking up a storm for Lola while talking on the phone to a wedding cake designer and my husband turned to me and said…. ‘you know, he’d play a really good gay bloke’ and he’s absolutely right!!
I just hope they keep the character in the next film and bring back Joel in the role.

Anyway, getting off topic now.
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is brilliant.
The first of a trilogy that they are taking their time making!
I may actually try the three Swedish versions as comparison.


I treated myself today.
I always have a quick look at the DVD’s and Bluray’s when I pop into Tesco, particularly the older movies that you can pickup for peanuts.
It’s a great way of topping up the movie collection.

Well today I snapped up ‘Safe House’ with Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington.
It’s a film I’ve been meaning to catch for a while.
I’ve picked up a few minutes here and there when channel hopping and always promised myself I’d get round to it.
Then I find out that Joel Kinnaman has a small part in it and it’s also directed by Daniel Espinosa.
So when I see Tesco selling it for a Fiver, I just had to snap it up.

I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a typical action packed Daniel Espinosa movie.
Lots of guns, hand to hand combat, car chases and hand held camera shots.
Joel makes an appearance for all of 5 minutes BUT what a 5 minutes!!!!!
He has one of the most vicious hand to hand fight scenes with Ryan Reynolds I have ever seen.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t end well for Joel.

He did make it into the bonus material where they talk about the stunts for the film.
Joel is really enthusiastic about having spent days banging into walls and having the wind knocked out of him by Ryan.
They both threw themselves into the fight and it really works on screen.


Looking for images for this post I also came across a 5 minute H&M advert which is entirely Joel.
Forget David Beckham… Joel is my H&M man.
Like I’ve said before, he was born to be a model but he’s still all arms and legs in the back of this cab!!