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OK, couldn’t get to sleep last night and I’m up for work this morning.
Thankfully not in until 10am so didn’t have to get up until 8.
I could have had another hour but I was bursting to blog!!

Me and the Hubster had an unexpected trip to London yesterday after I won tickets for a preview showing of Adam Driver’s new movie ‘Paterson’.


There’s no way I can put this without sounding completely biased but the film is AMAZING!!
It’s story is beautifully simple. A complete opposite of all the summer blockbusters and mega hyped movies we get bombarded with.
It gently rolls along at a nice pace and gives us a glimpse of a week in the life of Paterson, a bus driver from Paterson, New Jersey. A quiet and unimposing man with a simple life who writes poetry in his spare time. He has a very quirky partner and a dog called Marvin.
Marvin steels the show at times.
It is both funny and a little heart wrenching. Paterson is a very quiet man and at times seems very lonely and sad.
It sounds like a dull story but it’s anything but! It’s honest, and funny and you will come out with a smile on your face.
I honestly didn’t think my hubby was going to like it but I couldn’t have been more wrong. He loved it too!

I highly recommend going to see it when it gets released on November 25th!!

NOW, on to the even more excting bit.
After the film there was a half hour Q+A with Adam himself!!

He is also amazing!
Very humble. Did his best to answer questions as fully as he could. Referred to himself jokingly on several occasions as a ‘diva’. If you’re asking me to remember anymore it’s not going to work my brain is mush!!
Oh yes, he did the usual ‘I’m too big for this chair’ pose and wrapped his feet around the legs and hunched up.

AMAZING evening.
And now I have to go to work.
I will blog about the day in more detail later. I just wanted to get the review out this morning.




Absolute silence.

Everyone is out to work or at college/school.
Even my Mum has said she won’t be round today.

All I can hear is the hum of my computer….. and it’s calling!!!

I do have to gut the kitchen at some point today but for now……
I’m enjoying the quiet and I’m going to read/edit a 4 chapter fic I’ve just written and then post it.

I think I’ve learnt a lot with this one.
I need to work on story development and fleshing out details.
I think I get from place to place too quickly and I think that stems from having no idea where the story is going to start with!
I’ll just have to see what kind of response it gets when I post it.

Anyway, I’m in the middles of 4 days off. I’ve been loving my shifts just lately.
I actually got to the cinema twice over the weekend.

We finally went to see ‘Pete’s Dragon’


I’ve been wanting to see it for a while as one of my celebrity obsessions is in it.
Karl Urban.


The highlight was seeing him sneezed on by a fluffy green dragon!
I enjoyed the film a lot more than I thought I would and it will definately be getting added to my Karl collection when it arrives on Bluray.

The second film was ‘Ben Hur’
I have to be honest from the start. It doesn’t hold a candle to William Wylers astounding Epic from 1959 starring Charlton Heston and I didn’t expect it to.
Hollywood seems to have lost the ability to make epics quite like that anymore without succumbing to masses of CGI and foregoing a script and story.

With that said I found myself really enjoying it.
It felt a little rushed because apart from a few minor scenarios from the 1959 version, they kept to the same story, tweaking it here and there. This meant cramming a 3.5 hour story into 2 hours!
The acting was OK but could have done with a better script in places.
I felt that Morgan Freeman was actually the disappointment. Unusually wooden and he felt out of place.
The sea battle was amazing. Love the addition of the poor sucker strapped to the front of a ship as it rams another one.

The scene I was waiting for was the chariot race! It did not disappoint.
The 1959 films chariot race is something to behold. No CGI, just man and beast and practical stunts.
Horses died making that film and it actually helped to get laws changed to protect animals being used for film and TV.
That said, that scene is cinematic history and will never be achieved again.

The new Ben Hur also has an amazing chariot race.
Beautiful horses, actors and stunt men actually racing around an arena. It was exhilarating. The only noticeable differences were with the use of CGI for crash scenes and horses escaping into the crowds in the arena.
They could do much more with the devastation of a crash than they could in 1959.


I’m a bit of a sucker for Roman/Gladiatorial dramas. Could be something to do with the costumes and muscles but when one of your favourite actors is fleshing them out it’s irresistable!!
Toby Kebbell played Messala. Mmm Mmm Mmmmm.

While I won’t rush to the cinema to see it again (I would actually kill to see the 1959 one in the cinema!!) I will be adding it to my collection when it arrives on Bluray.

So, fiction, kitchen, and?…….
We’ll have to see what I’m in the mood for later!!


Ok, I just need to get this off my chest now.

I have recently become obsessed with a film and the book that inspired it.
‘Holding the Man’

The story of a 15 year relationship.
Timothy Conigrave and John Caleo met during their years at high school in the 70’s.
Timothy was always acutely aware of his sexuality but John wasn’t.
John was a man’s man and it wasn’t until high school, when he met and fell in love with Timothy that he embraced his own sexuality.
The story follows their ups and downs. Their experimentation with other partners during their University years which ultimately led to their HIV status and ultimate deaths in 1992 and 1994 respectively.
How Timothy had to deal with watching John die knowing that he’d probably infected him in the first place.
It’s an absolutely stunning film with amazing performances from Ryan Corr as Timothy and Craig Stott as John.

The memoir is something else!
It is written in a very childlike and naive way. Almost as if Timothy was just writing to get things down before he died. Get his memories in place while he still could as he was battling dementia. This makes it both hilarious because of the verbal diarhoea and heartbreaking becaue of it’s complete honesty.

The book and the film both end with the same line.
Ci vedremo lassu, anjelo….
Which translates to….
I’ll see you up there, angel!!

OMG! even now, as I write those lines, it has me in tears.

It’s an absolutely wonderful film. It’s funny, it’s sad and it sends a message.

As I write this it also occurs to me that the film had an amazing soundtrack.
After all, it takes place predominantly in the 70’s and 80’s
So here is a list of some of the music and songs used in the soundtrack.
Forever and a year by Rufus Wainwright – KILLS ME EVERY TIME –  and if you’ve seen the film, you’ll know why.



Holy moly!!
I’ve have just chilled and watched a film called A Single Man.

OMG!! I did not know I needed this film in my life.
It is stunnningly heart wrenching.

Starring Colin Firth, Matthew Goode, Nicholas Hoult and Julianne Moore, it tells the story of an English Professor (Firth) in the 1960’s. One year after the sudden death of his boyfriend of 16 years (Goode)
It is set during one single day as he is obviously preparing himself for suicide as he struggles to cope and the events throughout the day that bring memories and realisations to the ultimate and achingly heartbreaking conclusion.

A Single Man 2

A Single Man 1

A single Man 3

The use of colour is breathtaking as it fades from very muted colours to extremely vivid colours when something beautiful happens or is thought about and then it fades back again as the reality of the day sinks back in.

I was a bit of a mess when it ended. I’m so glad I was on my own!!
Of course I immediately logged onto Amazon and bought the Bluray. This one definately needed adding to the collection.


Yet again, Tumblr delivers!!!!
A huge thank you to @adamndriver for pointing me in the direction of a digital copy of Not Waving But Drowning.
The last piece I just had to see in the Adam Driver jigsaw puzzle of back catalogue of work.

Now, how was the film?

I have to say that at the end of the day it wasn’t really my type of film.
Apart from the scenes involving Adam, I couldn’t sit through it as a whole piece again.
It was trying to be a little too artsy for my liking.

The film starts with an odd mini film entitled ‘The Most Girl Part of You’ and tells the story of a boy in the days following his mothers suicide and how his relationship with his best friend Amy develops. Their childhood disappears.
Sweet little film, if a little bit disturbing!!

Not waving but drowning tells the story of 2 girls, close friends, who had plans to go to New York together.
It doesn’t go to plan, only one makes it to New York and the other gets left behind at home. They are seperated for the first time in their lives and expectations about life and growing up are tested.
Phone conversations are the friends only connection over the summer.

Adele, the one that makes it to New York, quickly has her dreams dashed as nothing goes to plan but she does end up striking up an odd friendship with a work colleague, Adam… played by Adam Driver.

The whole film was, for me, a little bit soul destroying.
How many young people fly the nest to seek out their dreams only to get them smashed into the ground before they really get a chance to take off?

No, not a film I could seriously watch again.
For me the highlight was undoubtedly Adam!!
I know, I’m biased, but seriously, this guy never puts a foot wrong in anything he does.

In this film he plays Adam, a socially awkward young man who plucks up the courage to ask Adele out. He’s honest and sweet and feels like a very lonely character.
Things seem to be going along nicely for the pair and then she pulls the rug out from under him! There’s nothing nasty in the way she does it, the scene is very sweet, set in the middle of Central Park. She just takes a casual dump all over his feelings.

Adam is mega cute in this film and you just want to give him the biggest hug by the end of it.
I went a little bit silly with some caps this morning.

Overall, not the most riveting film I’ve ever watched but Adam makes it worth it!!


It was a relaxing day off yesterday and I tucked myself up into bed early.

Ian was off playing X-Wing after work so he wasn’t expected home until after 11pm so I took the opportunity to pop a current favourite film on.

About Time is a wonderful romantic comedy that never fails to leave me grinning like a Cheshire cat.

It’s stars Domhnall Gleeson which is one reason for the inane grin as he is at his most adorable.

It’s hard to explain this film to friends without totally putting them off seeing it!!
The minute you mention time travel they roll their eyes and think urgh!! sci fi rubbish!!

Well sci-fi it is not!

Forget the time travel aspect (which is very clever and subtle) and what you are left with is an adorable coming of age romantic comedy and family drama.
I guarantee it will leave you grinning like a cheshire cat too.


I’ve mentioned ‘Hungry Hearts’ often enough in the last few months, so I thought it was about time I actually gave it an official review.

Like I’ve also said before, one of the best things about becoming a little obsessed with an actor is that when you go through their back catalogue of work you will occasionally find a little gem!

Hungry hearts 2

‘Hungry Hearts’ is one such gem and Adam and his co-star Alba Rohrwacher actually won best actor awards for it at the Venice Film Festival back in 2014.

With the tag line ‘What wouldn’t a Mother do for her son’, it tells the story of Jude and Mina who meet completely by accident and in a rather embarassing way.
They fall completely in love with each other and after Mina falls pregnant they get married.

Hungry hearts 3

That is where the fairy tale ends.

It is soon abundantly clear that Mina is mentally ill and Jude is forced to choose between loving his wife and protecting his son.

It is an absolutely stunning film with amazing performances by both Adam and Alba.
You get dragged along through all the frustration that Jude feels when trying and failing to get help.
Ultimately the film has a heartbreaking twist and again, trying not to be biased in anyway, Adam literally ‘nails’ his performance and rips your heart in two.

One of the sweetest moments in the film is when Jude sings to his new wife in Italian.
Probably the one and only time we will ever get to hear Adam singing!!

If you’re looking for a good drama with a little romance thrown in and powerful performances all round, then ‘Hungry Hearts’ is the one to choose.


Frank is a totally BATSHIT CRAZY movie!!

Frank 1

That really does sum the film up.

IMDB states….

Jon, a young wanna-be musician, discovers he’s bitten off more than he can chew when he joins an eccentric pop band led by the mysterious and enigmatic Frank.

Domhnall Gleeson plays Jon and Michael Fassbender plays Frank.

Frank 2

Michael Fassbender gives a stella performance, totally unihibited by the fact that he wears that head through 99% of the film.
The truth about Frank is quite heartbreaking!!

Domhnall is also good and delivers a very naive and heartfelt performance of a man with a dream but at the end of the day he has no real talent to back it up.

I’ve spent the last few weeks now working my way through a back catalogue of Domhnall’s work and I still can’t get over the fact that someone looked at his work and thought…
‘YEAH!! This guy would be an AMAZING Genocidal General’ when casting for Star Wars.

However, I’ve very glad they did!!
I just hope they develop his character and not kill him off in Episode VIII.


How did I miss this one when it was on TV?
What a blast from the past and what a wonderful performance by Domhnall Gleeson as he absolutely nails Bob Geldof!!!

I have to say it opened my eyes to a few things like the time frame for putting the concerts together was less than 3 months!!
For most of that time he had no acts that had physically signed up!
He was promising things without knowing if he could deliver at all.
He was bullshitting his way through everything.

Anyway, here’s a quick trailer.
It’s the only one I could find so it’s pretty poor quality but it gives you a good idea of what to expect.

While looking for a trailer I found this little nugget of when Domhnall actually met Bob Geldof and it’s a gem!

If you remember Live Aid you’ll love this film!