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Mum of three.
X graphic designer turned mum. When the need to go back out to work arrived, I became a Clinical Support Worker completely by accident. I was a support worker for 9 years and was actually awarded Clinical Support Worker of the Year 2011 at my trust.
I have just completed a 2 year University course as a Trainee Nursing Associate and now I am one of the countries first registered Nurse Associates. I am also a Paediatric based Nurse Associate which makes me quite rare. I have been married for 25 years.


So today has been a good day.
It started off with a well earned little lay in before a planned weekly meet up with an old friend to watch the first three episodes of the new season of The Boys.

These episodes were officially released onto Prime on 4th Sept, but I resisted the urge to watch them until today.

I was not disappointed.
The set up story line for season 2 is looking really good and it is still packed with bad language, guts and gore, a corrupt business, superheroes who are not actually superheroes, superheroes who ARE superheroes, superheroes who were bad but could be turning to the light, and normal every day humans who just want to get to the bottom of it all….. and Karl Urban as Billy Butcher!!

After that, a few little chores were done as I eagerly awaited the long anticipated trailer for the new ‘Dune’ movie.

Again, I was not disappointed. This looks amazing!!

However, what I didn’t expect today was the presentation Q+A as a build up to the trailer reveal.
All the major characters/actors, lots of behind the scenes footage and just mouthwatering moments to keep us entertained until the film arrives in December.

So now I can go to bed happy.
I even get another lay in tomorrow as my Paediatric Life Support recertification course doesn’t start until 10am!

Happy days.


OMG! How could I have forgotten!

My last blog consisted of a run down of Adam projects that have been delayed and/or announced and I said that we have at least 2 films planned for release next year.
I am also going to have to wait until October next year for the first of those releases.

However, it has just dawned on me that I forgot a project that is currently in post production.
A film that should have been released at Cannes this year but has been postponed to Cannes next year.

Annette, a musical!!
I have blogged about it before, saying that it is a musical that is sung from start to finish. I have been waiting with baited breath to see this film. Like I’ve said before, as much as I like a good musical, I like a musical that is scripted and interspersed with songs. I don’t generally like musicals that are completely sung as a narrative. Adam is not a professional singer but he can hold a tune. It’s going to be really interesting and raw. I’m either going to love it or hate it, and I am so hoping that I love it!!

At least I only have to wait until May for this one!!


I am so annoyed with myself. I’m on a couple of days off and I thought I’d take chance on getting a Tesco delivery.
I was lucky enough to find one for a 9 – 10am slot this morning.
As I needed to do quite a big top up shop, I booked the slot.

I proceeded to add all the cleaning and hygiene products we needed for the month from Toothpaste, soap and deoderant to bleach and washing tablets and everything in between. I then checked out to confirm the booking and went to check out the cupboards and freezers.
I went back into my order and added everything else that was needed and sat back in the knowledge that I had saved myself from having to do a large shop today.

However, Dharma popped her head into the living room late last night and asked if I’d checked out to confirm the rest of the shopping and to my horror I realised that I had missed checking out after adding the rest of the shopping and I was just 5 minutes too late to do anything about it!!

At least a lot of heavy cleaning and hygiene products were delivered this morning.
Just a bit pissed off that I still have to go and do quite a large shop at some point today.

And finally!! Some Adam news. Albeit just a few snippets.

Ridley Scott did a zoom interview this week and confirmed the re-start of shooting for ‘The Last Duel’. He stated….

“We start in about 2 weeks. I’m in Ireland right now where we’re going to be shooting, probably about 5 more weeks shooting and my cast are here and we’re about to begin. We’re going to be very, very careful and very, very meticulous about the process”

So Adam is in Ireland, but the delay in filming has meant that instead of seeing the film this Xmas as originally planned, I will now have to wait for October 15th next year. On the bright side, that’s just in time for my birthday!

And there has been MORE Adam news.

Ridley Scott must like Adam Driver because it has been confirmed by ‘Gucci’ that Adam has just signed up to star alongside Lady Gaga in ‘Gucci’ being directed by Ridley Scott, although what part Adam will be playing is yet to be confirmed.
The film is a true crime drama about the Gucci family murder and is slated for a release date of November 24th next year.


Yesterday we received news that Adam is to star in a Horror Thriller!!
It’s an original script called ’65’ from Producer Sam Raimi.
Adam will apparently play an opioid addict who has become a hopeless shadow of his former self. He’s involved in some kind of catastrophic accident & the only other person to emerge from the crash is a 9 y/o girl who speaks a different language. The 2 of them must work together to survive”.

So, at least 2 films next year and already planning one for the following year.
I just need to see some up to date pictures of him now or even a small interview.
How’s he been during lockdown?
Knowing Adam, he probably thrived because he is such a private person.
He has probably relished the time he’s been able to spend with Joanne and his kid who is probably around the 2 year old mark by now. We don’t know.
We didn’t even know he and Joanne had had the kid, he’s that private.

So, time to put my feet up for a bit.
A friend is coming round for our weekly movie and a chat day in a little while and we have decided to watch ‘Black Panther’ in honour of Chadwick Bozeman.
Gone WAY too soon but what a legacy he’s leaving.


Since the release of the new Batman trailer with Robert Pattinson, my Instagram and Twitter feeds have been rammed with Adam Driver fans ‘comparing’ him to Robert Pattinson.



There is absolutely no comparison and I cannot for the life of me understand why people fawn over Robert Bloody Pattinson!!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some of his films that I really liked.
He was the perfect Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and Remember Me is a wonderful film.
His hysterical French accent as the Dauphin in The King was brilliant opposite the incredibly talented Timothee Chalamet as Henry V.

I’ll admit, the new take on Batman does look good and I really want to see it, but there is NOTHING attractive about Robert Pattinson.

There is no comparing this….

To this!!

All this has succeeded in doing is fill my feeds up with something that is beginning to really wind me up!!
The frustrating thing is that I don’t want to unfollow these people because their content on the most part is really good and makes me smile before I go to work in the mornings!!

I suppose it’s just something that I’m going to have to put up with until the Batman mania dies down again.

Each to their own I suppose.


The ongoing saga of the Dune trailer.
I am literally starting to pull my hair out waiting for this.

I blogged about this film back in April as the world was shutting down.
We were given our first glimpse into the look and feel of the Director, Denis Villeneuve’s take on the Frank Herbert saga.

This wet my whistle more than a little and after these images were released, fans started speculating about the first trailer and when we would get our first really good look into the movie which was set for release on Dec 18th.

With that release date, fans were expecting a full trailer by August.
We waited.
And waited.
And waited.
And waited some more.

It looked like the pandemic may have slowed things down a bit.
The film was in it’s final stages when the pandemic struck and in a recent interview, Director Denis Villeneuve stated…..

“As a director there are things that can be done remotely to deal with technology. The supervision of VFX with some equipment is easy to do from afar but, editing, for me, the big lesson from this is I thought it would be possible to edit at a distance.”
He went on to add that editing is like “playing music” with someone, and it requires two people in one space to complete the process”.
“To edit my movie [whilst] not being in the same room as my editor is very, very painful.”

So here we are now coming to the end of August and STILL no trailer.


There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Allegedly, the teaser trailer will debut ahead of select screenings of Tenet from August 31.

The 1 minute and 37 second teaser has already seen bootleg images posted on social media.

According to Trailer Track, the cinematic trailer is a only a teaser, while the full trailer will land online on September 9!!

teen writing tips | The Loony Teen Writer

So that’s another 2 weeks to wait!!!

There are some claims today that the teaser is already showing ahead of Tenet in some countries which would explain the leaked images.

Someone who has already seen the teaser has stated…

“Although the 1:37 runtime whisked by in a flash, I could not have been more impressed with the look of this film and the way Villeneuve and company are capturing the world of Dune.
“I have no doubt in my mind that the official trailer that drops online on September 9 is going to melt faces and blow minds.”

I just hope that the full trailer doesn’t push back the release date because that would just be a killer!!

So! Do I take a trip to the cinema to see Tenet tonight?
Probably not. I’m working tomorrow and Ian doesn’t want to go tonight.

So the wait goes on!!


So, during lockdown I have attempted to start growing avocados.
I’ve now got three on the go.

The first one took about 7 weeks to show any signs of life but it eventually sprouted a root and a shoot.
However, it seems to be struggling a little and on closer inspection today I have decided to persevere with it.

The roots are looking great. In fact there’s no stopping them, which makes me think it’s still trying.

The problem is the shoot. It just didn’t seem to be growing like I thought it should and on closer inspection I discovered that the tip of the shoot had become very brittle, so I snapped it off.
The stem was still green inside and there are also some very promising buds still there.

So, a little more patience is required with this one I think.


The other two are doing great.
They were both started at the same time and only took about three weeks to show any signs of life.
They both now have a good root and one has already sprouted.

I have no idea if I will manage to get any of these to the potting stage or further, but it’s actually quite interesting watching them.

I’ve also potted a mango which is showing some signs of life. There’s a small shoot appearing but I don’t think it’s looking very healthy. I can’t actually get a photo of it yet as it blends into the soil so you can’t see it, but it’s definitely there.
I’ll post a picture if it shows itself a bit more.


The last couple of weeks have gone pretty well.
It’s been busy at work with the successful return of some of our elective surgeries. It’s gone well and they seem to be slowly increasing in number.

My nightmare that I wrote about in my last post did not happen.
In fact, quite the opposite with parents being more than understanding about the current covid related restrictions that have had to be put into place.

The only thing that is still a bit of a struggle is the constant wearing of masks!
I use my own mask when entering and leaving the hospital and then I have to wear a surgical mask for my entire 12.5 hour shift.
By mid afternoon I’ve had enough and I’m internally screaming to get the bloody thing off!!

The relief of finally walking out of the building at the end of the day and taking the mask off and breathing fresh cool air again is the equivalent of getting home and ripping your bra off!!

You girls will relate!!

Anyway, that’s work.
Home life continues to go well. Things are under control.
Ian continues to effectively work from home and he’s been incredibly busy.
All three girls continue to work and Dharma and Marjorie are gearing up to go back to Uni in Sept.

Cinema is now trying to get the cogs working again.
The first big movie to be released since lockdown is out today. Don’t know when I’ll get to see Tenet, but I hope it does well and attracts people back to the cinema’s.

There’s also a snippet of news about Adam Driver!!
They are starting up production again on ‘The Last Duel’, the film he was making with Matt Damon as lockdown struck. They had just finished filming in France and were about to move the final part of the production to Ireland when it had to be shut down and Adam disappeared into a black hole with his family in New York.
Production has started up again this week in Ireland with isolation accommodation for cast and crew being organised in a posh hotel. Filming is to continue in Dublin, Meath and Tipperary, and Ardmore Studios in Wicklow.

This is good news and it also means that we will, no doubt, be getting some fan photos of Adam, as he sneeks through the airport!!
I await with baited breath.

Anyway, on a much needed 2 days off and I’m going to meet a friend for a drink and some dinner at our local later.

So, life is not very exciting at the moment, but at least we have it under control and everyone is coping with the ‘new normal’.


So yesterday was a much cooler day at work but it was a very busy day.

I found out that we have been given the green light to start our planned surgeries again which will start on Monday!! First time since lockdown!
Strangely enough, I’m now actually looking forward to Monday. I love doing the surgeries so the thought of a pre-lockdown, normal day for me was quite exciting.
I had a quick discussion with my boss about some changes we are having to make because of the COVID situation and social distancing and I came home quite buzzed about it.


I had the strangest dream last night. Technically it was more like a nightmare as my brain was obviously overthinking how things were going to go on Monday.
I had visions of each patient turning up with dozens of family members who I was having to ask to leave and then they would all sneak back in again when my back was turned.
I was spending all my time re-directing people off of the ward and in the end, none of the paperwork got done and the patients weren’t ready to go to theatre when they were called and I literally woke up having palpitations!!

It’s stupid. I know Monday is going to run smoothly.
I’m in on Sunday so I can make sure all the paperwork is put together and ready to go and prepare as much as possible beforehand, so Monday should hopefully run quite smoothly.

I’m still excited…… I think!!


Wicked Witch GIF - Melting WizardOfOz WickedWitch GIFs

So!! First day back on the ward after three weeks off.


We are currently not allowed air conditioning or fans due to the pandemic, and with the build up to storms late in the afternoon the ward was sweltering.
We kept windows open but curtains closed and we turned off as many lights as possible, which helped a little.

From the minute I stepped onto the ward I felt like I was melting the entire day.
My mask needed changing frequently because it just became saturated with sweat. The sweat rolled down my face and accumulated in my mask.
I was continuously having to wipe my eyes because salty sweat was stinging them!

I weighed myself when I got up this morning and just out of interest, when I got home I jumped on the scales again.
Considering I had drunk at least 2 litres of water at work and I’d had a late lunch at about 16:30, I had actually sweated off over 3 pounds!!

Anyway, with the leftover chinese and Budwieser I have just guzzled, I’ve probably piled it right back on again!!

Ah well. Got to do it all again tomorrow, then off for two days.


And just like that, I’m coming to the end of almost three weeks of annual leave.

It’s been an incredibly busy three weeks. In fact, I feel like I’m going back to work for a break!!

As I sit here trying to think about everything I’ve been up to, I am struggling.
I know I’ve done a lot, but, because I’ve been doing it at my own pace and not working it around normal working days, I am finding it difficult to actually put down in writing.

So let’s see….
The first week was a blur.
A 12 yard skip was delivered on the first day and we filled it with lots of household rubbish after clearing out bedrooms and garage and we also had a good hack back of all the shrubs and bushes in the front and the back gardens.

We also invested in a new car, a new 4 piece suite for the living room and a new bed base for our room after the divan base decided it had had enough of two heavy weights using it for the last 10 years.

The second week was more of a sort out and tidy up week.
The garage has had yet another sort out.
The dining room has been reorganised and is now more of a hobby snug.
The living room has been prepared to receive the new suite when it arrives in around 8 weeks time.
Dharma’s room has been ‘gutted’ and moved around and our room has been reorganised to accommodate Ian’s modelling/gaming hobby and set him up for working from home on a long term basis.
It’s also designed to ‘hide’ it all from view so that I can actually relax in my own bedroom.

The third week has been a tidying week.
Getting back on top of all the washing and ironing and I’ve fine tuned the back garden and even put up lots of solar lights so it looks like a little grotto at night.

In fact, the only thing left to do is fine tune the front garden, and to be honest, that can wait. It’s not horrendous. The worst part has been done with the hacking back in week one.

All of this has been interspersed with a few nights out.
An afternoon at our local pub over the road. First time since lockdown. It’s good to see them so busy and good to see how people have been respecting their new COVID rules. I hope we don’t get forced into a local lockdown and lose this bit of freedom again.
We also went into town to see how some of our favourite pubs have been doing.
Compared to the nightclubs or ‘youngsters’ pubs that have been ‘heaving’ and in no way social distancing, our favourites have been much more sensible and are following strict social distancing measures. It was lovely to get out and meet up with a few friends.

Me and Ian went out for our first meal together since lockdown.
It was our 26th wedding anniversary and we decided to go to Miller and Carter for something a little more special than our usual choice of places.
Made even more special by our waitress recognising me as one of the nurses who have looked after her child a few times and giving us an NHS discount and a big thank you that I hadn’t expected.

I’ve had weekly visits from an old friend for a cuppa and a movie.
I’ve generally just done normal things at a leisurely pace. Things that normally feel like more of a chore because you are ‘having’ to do them on days off and fitting them between shifts.

This annual leave was booked for a completely different reason originally.
I had originally intended to sit and binge the Olympics, but due to the Pandemic, that has been postponed until next year (hopefully).
I have already requested my annual leave to do it again and fingers crossed it actually happens next year. They can’t put it off again because the Commonwealth Games are due in 2022. If the Olympics don’t happen next year, I can see it being completely cancelled until 2024.

So, what should have been a very relaxing 3 weeks, turned into 3 of the busiest weeks I’ve had outside of work in a long time!
However, the house has been kicked into shape and I’m feeling really chilled.
Now I have to think about getting ready for work tomorrow.
Got to cut my nails, get my uniform out, set my alarm for 05:30.
I’m going to enjoy a few glasses of gin and maybe a final takeout this evening.

Fingers crossed for a relatively calm day tomorrow. I think it’s going to take me a while to get my head back in the game!!!