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Mum of three.
X graphic designer turned mum. When the need to go back out to work arrived, I became a Clinical Support Worker completely by accident. I was a support worker for 9 years and was actually awarded Clinical Support Worker of the Year 2011 at my trust.
I have just completed a 2 year University course as a Trainee Nursing Associate and now I am one of the countries first registered Nurse Associates. I am also a Paediatric based Nurse Associate which makes me quite rare. I have been married for 25 years.


Absolutely gutted that Adam didn’t get the Golden Globe this year.
Pipped to the trophy by Joaquin Phoenix, which I can understand after seeing the Joker, but to be honest, I thought Adam’s performance in Marriage Story was superior. Unfortunately, I can’t say that without sounding a bit biased.

Anyway, onto the next big one, the BAFTA’s, and Marriage Story has picked up another 6 nominations.

As I suspected, Adam has got a nomination for leading actor, and yes, so has Joaquin Phoenix, but I’m hoping that the BAFTA’s and the Oscars will be a little kinder to Adam.
Marriage Story is the kind of film that is more to their taste. Super heroes and villains rarely get a look in and when it comes to the Oscars, The Joker has already seen an Oscar in the past with Heath Ledger.
Could he make history by claiming two Oscars for two different actors? I’m hoping not but I suspect he will.

Scarlett Johansson has picked up a nomination for Leading Actress but I suspect this title will be dominated at both the BAFTA’s and the Oscars by Renee Zellweger for her performance in Judy.
I haven’t seen Judy. I’m not a huge fan of Renee Zellweger and when I saw the trailer for the film, her performance made my skin crawl, so I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it. I have had plenty of people tell me that she’s actually really good so I will have to see it at some point, I’m just not in any hurry.

Laura Dern has picked up another nomination for Supporting Actress.

Noah Baumbach, who also directed Marriage Story has picked up a nomination for Original Screenplay.

Douglas Aibel and Francine Maisler have picked up a nomination for their Casting of Marriage Story and I think this is a well deserved nomination. The whole cast for this film are amazing and really work together well.

Finally, John Williams, the GOD of film music, has picked up a nomination for Original Score.
He has never actually won a BAFTA for a particular score, but he has been awarded the Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music at the BAFTA’s.
It would be nice to see him actually pick one up for Star Wars.
He won an Oscar back in 1978 for his original Star Wars score which has become iconic and he has worked on every single Star Wars movie since. I really hope he picks up a nomination and actually wins for his score in the final film, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Speaking of John Williams…. did you catch his cameo role in Rise of Skywalker?. A very brief appearance as a bartender, blink and you’ll miss him!

So, racking up the nominations and wins for both Adam and Joaquin, it’s a close run thing on the nominations with Adam totalling 48 and Joaquin totalling 41


When it comes to the wins, Adam has picked up a staggering 27 wins, while Joaquin has only won 6. He keeps getting pipped to the post by Adam.
So the BAFTA’s and the Oscars have become a little bit of a competition, and it would seem that Adam and Joaquin have built a bit of a camaraderie about it all.

Nominations for the Oscars are next week. Stay posted.


I stayed up to watch the red carpet arrivals for the Golden Globes last night.
I did catch a glimpse of Adam with his wife Joanne and he looked really happy and smiley. Joanne was looking radiant and Adam was as gorgeous as ever.

There were some truly hideous outfits this year (cough, cough, Gwyneth Paltrow, cough, cough) but I don’t have time to blog about them this morning. Watch this space!

Being in the UK, the actual awards ceremony doesn’t get aired, but as it would take place between 1am and 3am, I couldn’t stay up to watch them anyway!

So, I woke up this morning, got ready for work, got my coffee and sat at the computer to find out the winners.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t Adam’s time. Joaquin Phoenix pipped him to the Best Actor trophy.
All in all, it was a disappointing night for Marriage Story with only 1 win out of it’s 6 nominations, and that went to Laura Dern for her Supporting role.

So I’m off to work with a heavy heart and have my fingers crossed that the BAFTA’s and the Oscars see sense.


Christmas is long gone.
New year came and went in a 10 second countdown.
Everything is new and fresh for another year.

The first week of the new year is always a bit of a deep breath before I think about starting everything I’ve planned for the new year, and for me, this year is all about losing the weight I’ve been promising myself I’d do after piling it all back on after Italy 2 years ago.
It’s also a year where finances will (hopefully) be taking a turn for the better around April time. Things will be a little easier and we may actually be able to think about the occasional holiday!……. if all goes to plan.
All 3 kids are working. Murron is talking about future plans and the possibility of moving out!! Hopefully a nice relaxed year for a change.

Anyway, the first few months of the year have always been quite exciting for me as a film fan. We are into the culmination of the awards season that started before Xmas, with the first of the BIG ones tonight with the Golden Globes.
February sees the BAFTAs and ends with the mother of all awards, The Academy Awards (or Oscars).

This season has been made even more exciting because my favourite actor, Adam Driver, is becoming quite highly acclaimed. The last few seasons have seen him getting noticed and getting nominations (including an Oscar nomination) and a few wins for ‘Supporting Role’, but this year has seen him progress to ‘Leading Actor’ nominations.

The film that has garnered all the attention is ‘Marriage Story’.
Oh boy, does Adam deliver an Oscar worthy performance as Charlie, opposite Scarlett Johansson’s performance as Nicole.

The film is incredibly moving and frustrating, and at times you just want to take them both and shake them both and shout at them because they so obviously still love each other, but ultimately, the breakup has gone too far and the film is a ‘realisation’ of this fact, after a difficult year and bickering.

Anyway, I knew Adam was getting a few awards already for this film and has got wrapped up in the ‘Oscar’ buzz, but it wasn’t until I went and had a look through all the awards so far that I realised just how much buzz he’s been getting.
With all the Film Critics, Film Associations and Journalist awards so far, Adam has racked up an astounding 47 nominations as best leading actor for Marriage Story.


He has won 27 of them…. so far!!… that’s insane!

Tonight sees the first of the big ones with the Golden Globes and then the BAFTA’s and the ACADEMY AWARDS are in February.
The nominations for BAFTA’s are on Tuesday 7th Jan, this week and the ACADEMY AWARDS nominations are on Jan 13th.
I have everything crossed for Adam. The way it stands at the moment I think he is highly likely to get nominations for both. Whether or not he wins is another matter, although having a leading actor Oscar nomination stamp on his CV is not going to do any harm to his career at all.

All of this red carpet action over the last few weeks has made me notice something.
You need to understand that Adam is an intensely private man.
He ‘hates’ red carpets and interviews and when he was thrust into the limelight with Star Wars, this showed… painfully… when he was seen in public. The only time he would seem to relax was when he had his wife Joanne with him, however, he still refuses to watch himself or listen to himself. He will turn up for a red carpet and then go and disappear into a green room until the film is finished.

Early photos of Adam on the red carpet see him quite tense and barely cracking a smile.

But with the photos I’ve been seeing in the last few weeks, he seems a lot more comfortable in his own skin. He’s a lot more relaxed and he’s letting his smile loose.
I know his Star Wars fame has given him and his wife some tough times because of the odd ‘crazy’ fan, so the thought that that little part of his career has come to an end, may have had something to do with it, or he has simply become more accustomed to it all and has finally started to relax into it and enjoy it. Either way, it’s nice to see him smiling a little more often!

So, I have everything crossed for the Golden Globes tonight.
No doubt I will post a little something in the morning with his result before I head out to work.


First of all…….


At the moment, I’m really not feeling it.
It’s that post Xmas, post New Year celebrations (post Star Wars) fuzzy period, where you just get back to the usual daily struggles.

I did a long day at work yesterday.
Went to work in the dark, came home in the dark.
It was actually a really nice shift. Things have calmed down a lot since the pre-Xmas turmoil. I had a lovely team to work with for the day and it was a really nice start to the work year ahead.

Here at home, there’s still a little Xmas cheer and nibbles left to get through and I’m pretty much on my own in the house today. I have daughter number three hibernating in her bedroom but everyone else is at work.

I have sat and procrastinated at this computer all morning, a habit that I really need to break this year!!
Anyway, I have decided that I will venture to the cinema this afternoon. I will be doing this on my own as I want to see ‘Little Women’ and no-one wants to go with me!!
Then I will head home to finish some of that Xmas cheer.

Image result for little women

I’m giving it a week to test drive the new year.
A week to clear out and finish everything that is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, and then it’s all steam ahead.
I want to get back into the clothes I bought for Italy 2 years ago!! They’re all a bit snug at the moment. I have no-one to blame but myself and my lack of self control.


This will be one of my last warnings for spoilers.
If you haven’t seen Rise of Skywalker yet, don’t go any further.






So, Chris Terrio, who wrote the screenplay for The Rise of Skywalker, recently stated in an interview that…..

‘Adam Driver sprinkled various Harrison Ford elements throughout his own performance in the film, from the way he points in the face of General Hux, to the way he fires a blaster over his shoulder without looking, and finally, the little open-handed shrug he gives the Knights of Ren before their last battle.’

Let’s break that down…..

Han’s open handed shrug
Ben’s open handed shrug
Han’s over the shoulder blaster shot
Ben’s over the shoulder blaster shot
Han’s finger pointing a Leia

Adam Driver added all these little nods to Harrison Ford and, in doing so, has made ‘Kylux’ Canon.

Convince me otherwise!!


OK, I have to get this down in writing because I’m absolutely buzzing, but I can’t do it without giving away some major spoilers.
So if you haven’t seen it and don’t want spoilers, then now is your chance to scroll past or leave the site.








I went to see Rise of Skywalker at midnight last night.
The whole thing is now a blur of emotions and I am going to have to see it again, and soon!!
This is now going to be me completely rambling about the bits that resonated with me the most as I remember them, and I will say one last time, it is going to be filled with spoilers.

Overall, I absolutely loved the film.
It was action from start to finish, it was funny and it was very emotional.

I only had 2 niggles, and the first one was that General Hux really wasn’t used. He had a few funny moments with Kylo who had obviously whipped him into submission since the last film and I understand that making him a mole played quite a crucial part of the story, but the flippant way that General Pryde shot him, did not sit well with me.
The only other niggle was that Ben was not seen as a force ghost with his Mother and Luke when they appeared at the end of the movie.
Other than those two little moments, the rest of the film was amazing.

The ships!!
There are more ships in this film than ANY of the others.
Palpatines ‘Final Order’ destroyers are really pretty and the fact that each and every one of the them is a planet killer was quite frightening.
I’ve always loved Star Destroyers and these were particularly ominous.
The turn out of rebels is monstrous, and no doubt, there will be fans (like my husband) who will be ship spotting from now on and will be pausing the DVD when it comes out to try and identify them.

Lando and Wedge were both thrown into the mix for good measure, although it almost felt like JJ trying to appease the die hard fans.

Daisy did a great job of struggling with her emotions when she found out who she was and her fights with Kylo are going to be legendary.
The fight on the downed Death Star in the middle of raging seas is STUNNING!!

Speaking of Kylo…. OMG!!
Adam delivered yet another astounding performance.
He started the movie looking really broody and angry and taking no shit from anyone and as the film progressed, he slowly changed until he became Ben Solo again, and he was smoking hot and very Gucci!!
OH the angst!!
When Leia called to him through the force and gave up the last of her power to pull him back to the light before she died, Adam just runs with his emotions. The anguish is palpable…… and just when you think it couldn’t get any more angsty….


Hey kid!
The words are heard as Ben stares helplessly across the raging seas after the experience with his Mother.
As Ben turns around, he is once again confronted by his Father.
This scene is almost a mirror of the bridge scene in Force Awakens, only this time, Ben listens. When Adam delivers a line calling Han Dad…. he is practically sobbing, and so was I!!

Carrie Fisher was stealthily made to play a major part throughout the film, and the moment she laid down her life to pull Ben back to the light really shatters your heart.

Ben Solo running to rescue Rey, sans lightsabre and with blaster in hand, is a site to behold.
The double showdown with Rey against the Sith Troopers and Ben against the Knights of Ren is really well done, and I love the nifty new trick of Kylo/Ben being able to take things from Rey over distances via the force.


Now, the finale.
I have always known, deep down, that Kylo/Ben was never going to survive this movie. Ben would never have been able to forgive himself for the things that he’d done, so I think it was absolutely fitting that he gave up his life to save Rey.
Not only did he save her, but he conquered the ULTIMATE Jedi/Sith power and brought Rey back from the dead, but it comes at a cost.
There is one fleetingly beautiful moment when she kisses him and he gives her the happiest smile I have ever seen delivered by Adam, before he falls back to ground and dies.

Both Leia and Ben then fade away into the force which is why I am a little annoyed that Adam wasn’t seen as a force ghost when Leia and Luke showed up at the end. It would have been nice to know that Ben was with his Mother.

This film is going to be loved by some and hated by others.
It has something for everyone.
It panders to the lifelong fans but also to the new fans, it will be interesting to see what kind of reactions it gets after it opens in the US today.

As for me…. the plan is to go and see it again today!!
Time to take in everything I missed the first time and time to see the gorgeous Ben Solo and his blaster heroics!


Ok, Ok, so I may be a little bit excited!! Just look at that frickin’ countdown!!!

Let’s see, it’s Monday morning and I have the day off.

I am working a long day Tuesday so I won’t be home until after 20:30 in the evening and will need to eat and then go to bed for work the next day.

I am working another long day on Wednesday but when I get home, again around 20:30 in the evening, I will be eating and then attempting a power nap until about 23:00.

Then we are heading to our local cinema for a midnight showing of Rise of Skywalker!!!

When I think about it, I can barely contain myself.
I apologise now, to anyone I am working with on Wednesday.
My brain will be mush and you won’t hear the end of it.

Anyway, I decided to try and do a quick run through of every Star Wars film in preparation and so far I have managed all 3 prequels, I popped in ‘Rogue One’ because it is just soooooo damned good and leads beautifully into the original ‘New Hope’ which I finished last night.
This leaves me with 4 movies and only one day to do it.

I know what I’m doing today.


Thanks and credit to


It’s looking more and more likely that 2020 could be Adam’s year.
He had his first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor earlier this year, but that looks like it could potentially be getting topped by a Best Actor Nomination in 2020.

Marriage Story is getting mountains of buzz and attention.
Adam has already won two best actor awards for his role as Charlie and today saw the announcement of the Critics Choice Nominees and the Golden Globe Nominees for 2020.

Marriage Story has picked up 7 Critics Choice Award nominations for…
Best Picture
Best Actor – Adam Driver
Best Actress – Scarlett Johannson
Best Supporting Actress – Laura Dern
Best Director – Noah Baumbach
Best Screenplay
Best Ensemble Cast

It has also picked up 6 Golden Globe nominations for…
Best Motion Picture Drama
Best Actor – Drama – Adam Driver
Best Actress – Drama – Scarlett Johannson
Best Supporting Actress in any motion Picture – Laura Dern
Best Screenplay
Best Original Score – Randy Newman

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I can get quite hyped up by awards season, especially when my favourite actor has the potential to pick up quite a few nods.
My only issue is being able to watch them live here in the UK.
They tend to be on in the early hours of the morning and on channels that I have to subscribe to, which I refuse to do for one night of awards I probably won’t be able to watch because I’m working the next day and can’t stay up until silly hours of the morning.

No, I tend to jump on news reports the next day and watch highlights.

As long as my boy does well and I get to glimpse his awkwardness on the red carpet a few times, I don’t mind.


My 16 days of annual leave are coming to an end!!
I have to admit, it’s been bloody lovely just having a complete change of pace, even though I have had a rotten cold and a hacking cough because of an URTI. That’s all but gone now. I still have a bit of a cough and the remains have settled in my ears so I feel like my head is in a bucket of water when I’m talking!! Really annoying.

But other than that, I got everything I could done for Xmas.
The house has had a good clean, the decs are up and the shopping is done.
I haven’t gone overboard this year. It’s only me, the hubby and the kids this year, and one of them is working Boxing Day!
My kids are all grown up too, so the ‘magic’ is a little different these days as I tend to get them what they ‘need’. They know about most of the stuff they’re getting, but there are a few stocking fillers they don’t know about.

So! I had my work Xmas do on the Friday of the first week.
What a great night that was. I won’t be able to look at our ENT team in the same way again!!
Just as well it was that night, because if it had been a day later, I wouldn’t have been able to go as the cough/cold set in that weekend!! Even so, I braved the local pub’s quiz night on the Sunday.

I took Dharma to Coventry to see her pen pal in the second week and did a little stocking filler shopping while I was there.

There have been TWO of Adam’s films released on Prime and Netflix over this two week period.
Both films have had limited releases in theatres, so they didn’t make it to our local screens, so I had to wait to see them via these platforms.
The Report on Prime and Marriage Story on Netflix.
Both are excellent but Marriage Story is absolutely amazing and Adam’s performance is stunning. It is also getting a lot of buzz around awards.

Speaking of Adam films.


The Rise of Skywalker is now only 10 days away.
At midnight on the 18th December, I will be sat in my local cinema, eagerly awaiting the first showing of the film.
Excited does not even come close to how I feel about it.
What is going to happen to my boys?
Will Kylo get any kind of redemption?
Will Hux die?

Related image

So what have I got left to do?

My bedroom needs a good clean today.
Because of my hacking cough, I have been sleeping on the sofa away from Ian, who is immunocompromised because of his medications, and this has given him free reign in the bedroom and now it looks like the local dump site!!
It’s absolutely disgusting and he should be ashamed of himself.

Well, I want my bed back.
I need to get a few good nights sleep in before I start work again, and I’m going back to a tough week!
I do 12.5 hour shifts and I am doing 2 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off, 2 on, over the next 9 days. So 75 hours, and at the end of that 6th shift I will be staying awake for the midnight showing of Star Wars!

I am going to sit and write xmas cards this afternoon and probably do my usual drive around with Dharma and deliver them this evening, and then tomorrow, I am going to sit and chill and watch a few movies and relax.

No doubt I’ve forgotten something, but there’s plenty of time to pick up any loose ends.


Possible spoilers ahead, actually no, there are DEFINITELY spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen Marriage Story and don’t want it spoiled, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.




So! After a lovely day out with daughter number three in Coventry to catch up with her online pal/pen pal and do a little Xmas shopping, I came home and had plans to go and see Gremlins in the cinema.
I was really looking forward to it too, unfortunately, the hubby got a call out for work and we had to miss it.
I didn’t really fancy going on my own, and as his ticket was acquired with his Cineworld card I couldn’t offer to take someone else with me.

So! The decision was made to settle myself down on the sofa and watch Marriage Story that had just been released onto Netflix.

What a good choice it was too!

The film is stunning.
Beautifully acted by all throughout, with stand out performances by Adam Driver and Scarlett Johannson.
It is funny, sombre, heart wrenching, gut punching, I could go on and on.

Adam delivers what is quite possibly his best performance to date, and that’s saying something considering some of his previous performances in Blackkklansman, Hungry hearts, Silence, The Report, etc.

The relationship is already over at the start of the movie, the separation has begun and arrangements have been ‘discussed’. Charlie and Nicole are giving mediation a go, to try and avoid getting lawyers involved.
There is clearly still love between the two but their lives have now diverged and they both want different things, but they have a son to think about.
Mediation does not work.

The couple live in New York but Nicole goes back to her Mom’s in LA for what Charlie thinks is a temporary visit while the separation is sorted out.
Charlie is then flummoxed by the unfolding events. He’s caught out by the tactics of his wife’s lawyer and spends his time trying to catch up.

The rest of the film takes you through a roller coaster of emotions until Charlie finally comes to realise that things are finished. It’s time to move on and that he and Nicole need to just carry on with their lives and take care of their son in the process.
The moment of realisation for Charlie is just before the end of the film when he is back in New York. He’s out with some friends and colleagues and is trying to recount what the last year has been like during divorce proceedings. They are in a karaoke bar and Charlie is a little frustrated that he’s not explaining himself properly and out of the blue he gets up and sings Sondheim’s ‘Being Alive’. As the song progresses you can see the realisation and ultimate acceptance of the situation in Charlie’s emotions and Adam Deliver’s it perfectly!

Charlie’s moment of realisation.

Now! Speaking of Adam Driver’s performance, it’s getting lots of buzz at the moment.

Marriage Story itself has already picked up two best feature wins at The Independent Spirit Awards and Gotham Independent Film Awards. It has also received a win for best screenplay and is getting nominated left, right and centre for Best feature, Best screenplay, Best Director, Best Actor.
The Atlanta Film Critic’s Awards and the Gotham Independent Film Awards have already given Adam the Best Actor award.

Everywhere you look online. the film is being praised and quite literally being gushed over.

There are two scenes that stand out in my mind.
The first is this one, set in Charlie’s apartment as he and Nicole try to talk things through.

The who;e scene is about 10 minutes long and starts off amicably, however, as the scene progresses, it slowly becomes more and more volatile until the most hateful things are screamed at each other in the heat of the moment and Charlie quite literally breaks down after realising what he’s just said.

Image credit – cloudyfacewithjam,

The second scene is this one.

This is the scene that ‘literally’ broke me and had me crying.
To set the scene…. at the beginning of the movie in the mediation, Nicole and Charlie are asked to write down what made them fall in love with the other originally. They are asked to read them to each other but Nicole refuses.
In the penultimate scene of the movie, Charlie finds his son trying to read something and goes to help him. He discovers it’s what Nicole had written about him for that mediation session, and as he reads through it with his son he becomes overwhelmed and is oblivious to the fact that Nicole is standing in the doorway listening.

Holy crap! The slap my heart received had me blubbing like a baby!!

Throughout the whole film, Adam’s performance is just incredible.
We are heading into big awards season, with the first of the big ones, The Golden Globes, announcing their nominations this coming Monday.

All the buzz at the moment see’s Marriage Story getting nominations for Best Drama, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Original Score.

SO! I have everything crossed. Next year could be another big year for Adam. After an Oscar nomination earlier this year for Blackkklansman, dare I say, it could be a win next year for Marriage Story.

Only time will tell.