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Mum of three.
X graphic designer turned mum.
Was a Clinical Support Worker. (Clinical Support Worker of the Year 2011!!)
Now a Trainee Nursing Associate and Married for 23 years.


After my recent annual leave, I made a conscious decision to get back on track with my diet and exercise. I went back to work 2 days ago and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to kick start it all again as there would be little distraction at work between 7am and 8pm to put me off!

So for the last two days, I didn’t have any milky coffee, crisps, meat or alcohol! I had fruit and yogurt for breakfast, a pile of fruit at work and a simple mushroom stir fry when I got home each evening. I tried to drink up to 2 litres of water.

You know what…. I managed it and I didn’t really miss anything!

This morning is my first day off and is going to be a bit more of a challenge.
I simply had toast and marmite for breakfast this morning and I resisted the urge for a milky coffee until lunch time, but this time I used skimmed milk!
I found that I could live with that as an alternative to semi-skimmed. But I won’t be making a habit of it.

Tonight I am planning a Sea Bass and Cauliflower Rice dish.
Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It’s simple.
Take a large frozen Sea Bass fillet, cover it with olive oil and season it with salt and cracked black pepper and bake for 20-30 minutes. Then simply microwave a bag of cauliflower rice to plonk the fish onto. It’s lovely and really filling and is only about 350-400 calories depending on size of fish and amount of oil used.

So far today I have only managed one bottle of water.
I have been shopping for more fruit and veg and resisted the urge to buy wine and crisps, but I did get a couple of bottles of sugar free coke as an occasional alternative to just water.

Time to start thinking about a little exercise and maybe go for a walk too…. although the weather is a bit shitty so I may just have to get the treadmill out and stick a movie on and go for an indoor walk!

I’m actually quite chuffed with myself.
Now I just need to keep it going.


Right, chores done, time for fun.

After a good think and a chat with the hubster, I have decided to upgrade my account. So now I have unlimited storage!!
I’ve been careful about uploading videos recently because they take up a lot of space and I’ve even actively removed some, but now I don’t have to worry.

It’s a good setup for next year when I plan to blog a lot more.
Now that I’m done with University and my life is back to some normality, I want to start fresh.
I just need to get the rest of this year out of the way.

25 years of marriage has just gone by.
My 50th birthday is looming (sssshhhh keep it quiet)
We have a trip to see Russell Howard at the beginning of October and another trip to see our friends the CC Smugglers in concert at the beginning of November.
Of course, Xmas is on the horizon.
Apart from all that, we are now into 7 months of keeping our heads above water before our ultimate plan is executed around March time.
We literally just need to hang in there until then.

So! I have a few hours before I need to get dinner ready so I’m going to have a play.

I’m going to start a playlist for my 50th birthday party.
I’m having a jam night at our local music venue and all of my daughters talented musical friends have been invited to come along and have some fun.
In between the jamming, there will be some music played and that’s what i’m going to have a crack at today.

I’m also going to have a look at the way my blog site looks.
Maybe change it’s theme.
Watch this space.


So today is the last day of my annual leave.
Time to get back to work and back to brushing up on my learning.
Today is a clear up day.
Not only do I have a bit of housework to take care of but I have also just realised that after 9 years of blogging on WordPress, I have run out of storage space for photos and videos!!

I may just cry!!

I have some decisions to make today.
The first one being……

Do I delete a ton of photos and videos and old posts to make way for new ones or do I bite the bullet and upgrade my account to unlimited storage.
The only problem with this is I will be doubling what I already pay each year right at a time when I need to be reducing my spending!!

I’ve just gone back and had a look at those old posts and photos and to be honest, I really don’t want to lose them.
They may be old and outdated but they are ‘me’!
It’s nine years of my life, my interests, my days out and holidays, my rants, my movies, my men and of course, my family.

The second one being……

Annual leave is over, I really have to get back on my diet but I need to consciously make the decision.
I am just about there. In the last couple of weeks I have eaten too much, drunk WAAYYY too much and I have noticed my clothes getting a little tighter and I am becoming very conscious of it.
So this decision is kind of already made.
Today will be my last day to enjoy whatever I want.
Tomorrow is a clean slate and time to start getting healthy again.

Now I just have to stop procrastinating and actually get going!


I have been watching a story unfold over the last week.
A lovely story with an innocent start that snowballed into an amazing achievement and is STILL going.

Now I have to explain how I discovered this story.

Just over a year ago I discovered a wonderful human being called Mark Kanemura.

Image result for mark kanemura

I was spending a morning checking out my social media when I came across this little gem……

This Instagram post went viral and Mark has since appeared on stage with Carly Rae Jepson, several times, to re-create it live!

It was the start of Mark’s ‘Cut To The Feeling Fridays’ and he continues to make little videos for fun in his spare time and loves sharing them on his Instagram.

I’ve been following him ever since.
Born to be a dancer, Mark became well known when he entered a TV show, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ during it’s season 4 series in the US.
His style of dance is infectious.

His career has included being a dancer for Lady Gaga.

He continues to inspire young dancers with his energetic choreography and enthusiasm.

It’s his enthusiasm and his giggle that makes me smile on a daily basis.

Now, down to the reason for this blog.
About a week ago, Mark posted a small fun video on his Instagram titled ‘showing up to my child’s first piano recital like…’


After this he jokingly posted this picture of the makeshift keyboard he’d made out of cardboard and a sharpie marker……..

He was then contacted by a fan (@mathewterrancefricks) saying that he wanted to donate $100 to a charity of Mark’s choice.
Mark was overwhelmed and suggested the Trevor Project. A charity that helps save the lives of young LGBT kids in crisis.

The guy was true to his word and Mark got a notification of the donation in his name. Mark, of course, sent him the cardboard keyboard.

However, this generous gesture started a trend which quickly snowballed, with Mark’s fans donating to the Trevor Project in his name.
He started by thanking every single person that donated, but it quickly became too much to keep up with.

He has continued to post updates like this…..

And as of the 7th August, in only one week, he has reached an amazing $20,000.
It shows no sign of stopping.
All from one silly video, made for fun.
It just goes to show how powerful social media can be!

Go check out Mark’s Instagram at @mkik808
His facebook at @OfficialMarkKanemura

If he inspires you to check out the Trevor Project, you can do that here…
You can also make a donation to the charity at this site.
Go on! You know you want to, and do it in Mark’s name!


I love London.


After a few days in London you need a holiday to recover.
Walking around London is hard on the body.
In the last few days I found out just how out of shape I am.

We arrived at our hotel on Monday at midday and returned home midday on Friday.
In that time My health app clocked me doing 80,593 steps, which is equivalent to 58.45 Kilometers or 35.69 miles!

But London streets are hard!…. and a bit cobbley at times.

I’m sat here at my computer, catching up with everything, and I am exhausted and my muscles are sore.

Anyway, we didn’t want to waste any time, so after checking into our hotel and unpacking, we headed over to Camden for the afternoon and ended the day wandering along the Thames and taking in the sun and a few drinks.

Tuesday was our 25th anniversary and we spent it taking a boat down to Greenwich. We wandered around the Cutty Sark, took a stroll up to the observatory and then came down to the Maritime Museum. They were setting up to film something in the grounds of the Maritime Museum but we’re not sure what for. We took a stroll underneath the Thames before heading back into London via boat and ending the day at Wagamamas along the banks of the Thames.

Wednesday was a general stroll around London, getting our barings for our Ghost Bus trip that evening and checking out where we were to meet Ian’s cousin for dinner on Thursday evening in Covent Garden. The only time we encountered rain this week was here and we were inside the market in Covent Garden at the time and we had an obligatory drink in my favourite cinema, The Picturehouse Central, with fond memories of my encounter with Adam Driver!

Thursday we had a quiet morning and stayed around Wembley.
The amount of re-development going on around Wembley at the moment is insane! We can’t wait to see the end results in a few years time.
We went to Cineworld to see The Lion King before having an afternoon nap and then heading over to Brewdog in Covent Garden to meet up with Ian’s cousin Debi and her partner Greg for dinner.
Our quick 7 stop journery from Wembley Park turned into a 14 stop journey with a bus ride to start, when we were turned away from Wembley Park because of Trespassers on the line and we had to re-route with the evening commuters onto a bus to Wembley Central.
We left our Hotel at 16:45 and should have been in Covent Garden before 18:00 with a bit of browsing time around Covent Garden before meeting Debi and Greg at 19:00.
We eventually arrived at the Brewdog at 18:50!!
Anyway, despite that, it was a lovely final evening in London.

Friday was a lay in, pack up and have breakfast at Franky and Benny’s before heading home and now we’re both paying for it.
The pavements are hard on the old bones and muscles in London.
I can barely move today.

But it was a lovely break.
I just need a holiday now to recover!


I’m into the third day of annual leave. I’m not back at work until the 14th.
The last day at work on Thursday was an absolutely crazy day, so the last two days were spent relaxing and chilling.
I had a lovely evening on Friday, over the road at our lovely Bluebell Pub with my mate Debbie…. probably one of the best things to come out of the last two years of University study. She’s just as crazy as me…. if not more.
She’s definitely a bad influence though as one too many were imbibed and Saturday morning was a little delicate.

Today is preparation day.
Me an Ian are celebrating 25 years of marriage on Tuesday.

I still can’t believe where that time has gone!!
I went from saying I would never get married and never having kids, to being married for 25 years with 17, 19 and 21 year old kids!!


Anyway, we’re leaving the kids behind tomorrow and heading to London for a week away from reality.
I’ve been keeping an eye on the weather which has been a little bit wet over the last week and the forecast has been changing on a daily basis.
The good news is that it’s going to be pretty warm all week, even if there are a few showers here and there.

So! Lots of wandering up and down the river.
There are plans to take a boat up to Greenwich for a day.
We have tickets for a Ghost Bus Tour on Weds evening in a black routemaster bus.
Ian wants to see Camden which I’m not complaining about and Murron will be soooo jealous.
Might even get to see a film in my favourite cinema again, the Picturehouse Central.
Basically just taking it easy and enjoying each day as much as possible.

Right, back to chillin’ and prepping.


So, after a really stressful day yesterday, we ended it on a high note.

There was an Unlimited Secret Screener on at the cinema that we’d got tickets for weeks ago. We nearly forgot about it!

I wasn’t really in the mood for it.
Ian wasn’t particularly in the mood for it.
We thought it might have been ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ which neither of us are particularly wanting to see and vowed to leave the cinema and go for a pint at the pub if it turned out to be that.

The film turned out to be ‘Crawl’ which is due for release here in the UK on 23rd August.

You’ve been warned.

Crawl Movie Poster

Now I like a good animal attack film occasionally and this one wasn’t too bad.

The story in a nutshell is a young girl goes to find her father during a category five hurricane. They both end up trapped in the crawl space under their house being hunted by alligators.

There are a few good ‘jump right out of your seat’ moments but in the end, the actual attacks are a bit flat and to be honest, a little too much.
The amount of attacks and injuries sustained by both girl and Dad and still survive are just too much.

The fact is, you don’t come out of a death roll with a 12 foot alligator with nothing but a few puncture wounds on your shoulder. You’d be lucky to survive a death roll full stop!

Anyway, it was entertaining enough to stay to the end. I can safely say we won’t go and see it again. Might buy it on DVD when the original price goes down a bit.

Anyway, after yesterday’s ordeal with the bank and Paypal, I am determined to put my feet up today.
I have two 12.5 hour shifts ahead of me and then I have 12 days off!!
I can’t wait.

I have just started watching the new Prime original series ‘The Boys’ with one of my favourite actors, Karl Urban. So far, so good. Will review later. I will continue to watch that later, but first I am going to watch ‘A Star is Born’.

I still haven’t seen it and people keep telling me I should.
I have been put right off seeing it because of that bloody song, Shallow.
Before the film aired, after the film aired, during the Oscars, every talk show, EVERY TIME I TURNED THE BLOODY RADIO ON!!… there it was.
I was sick to death of it and it put me right off.

Now all that hype has died down, I am intrigued and want to see what all the fuss was about.

So watch this space.
I will give it a little review later.