Last updated 20/12/2017

As the title suggests, I am actually a Mother of three beautiful young girls and as the title also suggests all three of them can be little devils when they want to be!

Before I had my family I was a Graphic Designer and a Customer Service assistant/supervisor.
I was a stay home Mum for over 10 years and then ‘need’ forced me back into work.
I was in the right place at the right time and kind of ‘fell’ into Clinical Support work.
I love my job. If I had found it 20 years ago I think I would probably be a nurse now.
That said, after 9 years of learning on the job, I was gently pushed into taking a Foundation Degree to become a Nurse Associate.
I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be going to University at 48 years old!!
I have have been a registered Nurse Associate for exactly 3 years now and I am undertaking my first revalidation.
However, my title is no longer Nurse Associate as I have moved on into Community and I am now a Child and Andolescent Mental Health Eating Disorder Home Intensive Therapy Support Worker! How’s that for a mouthful!
I am part of what is known as the HIT Team and I am absolutely loving the job!

The kids have just started to fly the nest as my eldest moved out with the man of her dreams in Sept 2020 and they produced my first Grandchild in Sept 2021.
My middle daughter has gained a degree in Media Studies and my youngest is still working on hers. They have both achieved this while working at MacDonalds. Don’t knock it!! It’s a stressful job but it’s good money and flexible around college and Uni days.
My youngest is also the first of the bunch to get her driving licence which she is absolutely loving!

OK, now for the geeky stuff.
I met my husband because of Star Trek!
Way back in 1990 when Star Trek Next Gen made it to our screens, the inner geek I had been hiding my entire life decided that enough was enough. As I had no family interested in everything Sci Fi I decided to join a club to find some like minded people.
That is where I met my husband. He was the ‘Captain’ of the club.

We married in 1994 and we carried on attending conventions and multi media shows right through to around 2007.
It was during those years I developed a computer artwork business that allowed us to sell at these shows. This helped to fund us actually attending the shows.
Unfortunately this became very difficult to do after the kids started coming along and towards the end I was simply selling on Ebay.
The BBC decided to ‘pounce’ on me for selling ‘Dr Who’ artwork and that was the final nail in the coffin.
So I had to find a real job and here I am as a Nurse Associate out in the community world.

I’m still a geek at heart.
You will get sick of me blogging about current obsessions like Star Wars and Star Trek and anything Marvel and DC.

This leads me onto beautiful men.
You will see from my blog that I will occasionally (OK, quite a lot really!) do a ‘dish of the week’ post.
This will be a man, who for whatever reason I find extremely attractive. Sometimes I can actually develope quite an obsession which is exactly what I have done with ‘Adam Driver’ at the moment.
The new villain of Star Wars has completely taken me by surprise.

I have started doing a Dishette of the week but need to work a little harder on that one as there are some really beautiful women out there too!

That is really me in a nutshell.

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  1. Hi my names Debbie. I really hope that you still doing this page still. I.m really really wanting to watch In your veins with english subtitles. I.m in uk and was wondering where and how i can get it to watch. Please could you help me. Thank u.

    • That’s a really tough one to answer. I have literally given up downloading TV and the harder to find movies because it’s becoming harder and harder to find sites that stay up and my provider is constantly blocking access. Unfortunately the site I found this one on is no longer running! The only thing I can suggest is that you search for iskavar.avi and you may find a site. Be careful though as there are some really dodgy ones out there!! You will also need the .srt file which is the subtitles. Again, there are some well translated ones and some horrendously translated ones. You just need to play until you find a good one. Sorry I can’t be much more help. I feel your pain. It’s a beautiful movie.

  2. I.v tryed the site you told me about and its no longer in use. I suppose i.l never be able to watch it. Just trailers. Same with Johan Falk. Can.t find nothing there with subtitles either.

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