General diary entries


I have been in a life spring clean for the last few months, and one of the last things to be attacked is my blog site!!
I did toy with the idea of giving it up completely, but I was talked out of it, and to be honest, I do enjoy blogging occasionally.

However, I don’t use it anywhere near as much as I used to, and certainly not to require me to purchase the business plan that I have been doing for the last few years to the tune of $300 a year.
So I am not renewing my business plan.

What does that mean for the site?

As far as I can tell, from August 13th when the plan expires, I will lose any fancy plug-ins I may have used and the site will revert back to basics.
So some, if not all of my pages, may look a bit different and some of the features may not work as intended.
I may have to go in and fix a few things.
I may not.

I’ve never been overly ambitious with my site, so I’m hoping it won’t be affected too badly.


The main clean up has been the decision to cull blogs and images.
You will not be surprised that I made the decision to find the first mention of Adam Driver on my blogs and delete everything prior to that.
So my blog now starts from Dec 2015 with an aptly titled ‘OH DEAR‘ blog and all things Adam remain firmly in place!

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