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Till director Chinonye Chukwu calls out misogyny and racism after Oscars snub……

Oh, Boo Hoo!

In the last few years, when it comes to awards for movies and music and the like, ALL of these have been called out for misogyny and racism, and for good reason.

However, I have been getting more and more concerned by the effect this is having on awards ceremonies.
How acturately are they reflecting the work out there?
How many people are being squeezed into the nominations simply because they are a woman or a person of colour and they will improve the ‘ratios’.
How many of those nominations actually squeezed OUT someone who genuinely deserved the nomination more?
Likewise, for any woman or person of colour, do they ever questions their awards?
Do they ever think they were ‘just’ squeezed in to improve numbers.
Does this take some of the magic out of winning?

Here we have an example of someone who is not only a woman, but a woman of colour, who has decided that because she was snubbed for an Oscar, she is going to use the snub to call them out for misogyny and racism!!
At no point has she asked herself that ‘maybe’ she was just outclassed in the voting and as good as her film is, it didn’t quite make the cut.
I believe there is also a much higher ratio of men in the industry, so there are bound to be more male nominees. This has been getting better, so in the coming years, there shouldn’t be an issue with the balance between men and women.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of women and people of colour out there who really do deserve nominations and wins, but I think that all the recent ‘calling out’ has started to blur the lines between who really deserves a nomination or win and those who are just there to make sure the ratio is met.

I will probably get called out just for writing this post because someone takes it completely out of context.
I hope not.

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