General diary entries


I am so tired! I can’t wait to get back to work!!

Yes, I know that sounds odd, but after the week I’ve just had, working 7 days a week would be preferable!

As you know from my last post, my eldest daughter, who had ‘just’ finished settling into her temporary accomodation that she thought she would be in for around a year, was actually offered a permanent residence. She was just waiting to hear back from the council with details and was under the impression she had around 30 days to sort things out.

I was getting on with my own unpacking.
The old house has been cleaned and I just have a few small holes to fill.
The garden has a few things to clear out and the garage has a few odds and ends to finish clearing out, but I have until 31st January for that, so I wasn’t in any kind of panic.

On Tuesday this week, my wardrobes turned up and I planned to spend the afternoon sorting through my clothes and the last of my bedroom boxes so that I could actually sleep in a ‘Bedroom’ and not a store room for the first time in a month.


Just after midday I received a phone call from Murron who was in tears and an absolute panic.
She had just been informed that she was being taken to see her new flat at 13:30 and she would be given keys.
She was then told that she would have until the end of the day on Thurs (so less than 48 hours) to vacate her temporary accomodation.


She is a single Mum with a 16 month old toddler and she is being asked to move the contents of a 2 bedroom home with no warning, and if she didn’t have any family and friends willing to step up, she’d be up shit creek without a paddle.
There was talk that ‘maybe’ they could get a man with a van to help her, but they never called back.
The only saving grace is that her new flat is right over the road from her temporary accomodation, so things could just be walked over to the new flat.

Anyway, the first step was to go and see the flat and measure up for carpets because three rooms were just bare concrete and tile which wasn’t safe for JJ. It also required a cooker and fridge freezer.
The flat is a good size. She actually has more space and storage than she had in the temporary accomodation.
It’s had a fresh ‘slap’ of paint, and I mean slap! But this is now her place, so she can actually decorate and tidy things up.
The heating is ancient and shit, so she is having to run oil fired radiators, but appart from that, it has a lot of potential.

So, after seeing the flat, we went to get carpets.
I have to say a HUGE thank you to Mounters and Turners on Barkers Lane for stepping up, doing us a great deal (after name dropping my brother who is mates with Paul Mounter!!) and actually fitting the carpets in all three rooms that very same day! They made the next few days so much more manageable.

We then went and sorted out a fridge freezer to be delivered the next day and a cooker that will be delivered in a few weeks because it needs professionally fitting.

£1900 later, we made a start on ferrying a few bags and boxes over before calling it a night.

So, Weds and Thurs this week was all hands on deck for moving.
I had to cancel a training day that was scheduled for Thurs, but I had no option.
The help from a Man with a Van never materialised, even after several phone calls, one of which stated, ‘we could fit you in next week!!’
Slowly, bit by bit, the furniture, boxes and bags were ferried over with the aid of a barrow trolley that I bought at B+Q.
So, after my Dad, in his 70’s and me with a dodgy knee, some wonderful friends who gave up as much time as they could, and lots of arguing and flared tempers, we finally had everything moved over at 19:00 last night.

JJ’s room was ready for him to run riot in, Murron had a mattress to sleep on and the flat looked like a storage unit, but she was in!
As guilty as I felt, we literally left her like that and called it a night.

So today, I actually get to concentrate on my own house again, but I’m so stiff and sore from the last few days that I really can’t be bothered!!
Might do a few hours of chores and then watch a movie or two with a bottle of plonk!

So yes, work on Monday is looking like a holiday compared to the last week!!

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