General diary entries


It’s been an interesting couple of weeks so far.
We finally completed the house purchase and collected the keys on the 4th.
Me an my girls started ferrying boxes of stuff over the 4th, 5th and 6th
My brother came over on the 5th to board my loft space so I can use it from the start.
He then disappeared to the Maldives for 2 weeks… how inconsiderate!
We also had an electrician come in and do a couple of small jobs before we moved in.
The moving company moved all the furniture over on the 7th.

We had an Ikea delivery over the weekend for wardrobes for the girls.
Thankfully, they are both old enough to sort their own rooms out and they had friends come over and help to put things together. They helped me out a bit around the house too.

Virgin hooked us back up on the 9th.
Our new range cooker was fitted on the 10th.

While all this was happening, I was slowly working my way through the boxes and trying to find a place for everything.
We are pretty much there.
The only thing holding us back now is my bedroom as I don’t have my wardrobes yet.
They are due for delivery on 17th and once they are in, I can finally finish things off.

The old house has a few bits and pieces to still come over, but most of that is Xmas decorations that will be going up in the loft.
I’ve made a start on cleaning, and by cleaning, I mean sweeping and hoovering ready for an end of tennency clean on Monday.

I had hoped to avoid this as it’s going to cost me £400
We lived in the house for 10 years so the carpets have seen a lot of wear. I don’t know how clean they are going to get.
The kitchen is also old, around 40 years according to the owner. It has definitely seen better days.
The owner actually came to the house with an agent on Weds to get the place valued and to ‘weigh up’ his options.
He could quite clearly see that he needs to do a lot of work to the house if he wants to keep renting.
He could also see that if he sells, whoever comes in is going to rip everything out and start again, so I asked him if I really needed to do this clean. Obviously, I will still go ahead with my basic clean, but I felt that doing an end of tennecy clean on a property that is likely to get stripped out is a bit pointless and a waste of money. He said he’d let me know.

Yesterday, I found out he still wants the end of tennency clean to go ahead. WTF!
So yes, I will go ahead with the clean, but I will not be breaking my back with any painting.
I get the feeling he’s decided to sell, so he wants it looking as good as he can get it, to maximise his return.

When I think about it, he’s had over £100,000 out of us over the last 10 years. That makes me feel sick just thinking about it.
In that time, for around 8 of those years, we didn’t have a working dishwasher. It was on our inventory and it was reported on every inspection, but it was never replaced.
The house had a washing machine and tumble dryer when we moved in and when they were at the end of their life, we replaced them out of our own pocket when we could have asked the owner to replace them and I’ve left them behind!!
So if he dares to come at me for a few small holes and blue tac marks and wear on the carpets, I’m going to hit the roof!

Anyway, it’s nearly there.

So, just as we’re about settled, life decided to throw a few more curve balls at us.
On Thursday this week, I had some re-directed mail from HMRC (never a good thing to get)
Turns out, because Ian had taken some money out of his personal pension in tax year 21-22, it’s taken them 6 months to decide to check if he had paid enough tax before he died. WTAF!
So, I have been wading through self assessment paperwork and making phone calls to get information I no longer had because I don’t have Ian’s personal paperwork anymore!
Naturally this has been playing on my mind and probably will do until I hear back from them.
If Ian owes money, I have no idea where it’s coming from.

On the same day that I received that little wammy, I get a call from Murron.
She has been given a permanent residence.
Again, WTAF!
She has literally just moved into a fabulous little temporary accomodation and got herself settled only to be told that she has to move again. Probably in the next 30 days.
It’s a 7th floor flat, still in town.
I was initially a bit dubious/worried as these flats have a bit of a reputation but I have been assured that it’s the better block of flats to be in as it is full of elderly and single parents with kids. It also has a caretaker and due to the fact that there are quite a few people with mobility issues in the building, the lifts are a priority should they break down.
I’ve seen some photos and once she gets some carpet down, it will be a lovely little flat.
The bathroom looks fresh and new too. She also gets a balcony.
Murron seems OK about it and is actually quite happy that this move means she will be able to decorate!
It’s just a pain in the arse that it’s happened so soon. We had expected her to be in the temp accomodation for at least a year.

Anyway, that’s my morning catchup over.
Time to get on with organising this place.

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