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OK, here’s an update on what’s been happening.

With the delay in tenants moving out of our forever home, the decision was made to postpone moving until after Xmas. The Solicitor advised making sure the tenants were out and we were still happy with the property after the tenants had moved out before going ahead with exchange and completion. So we resigned ourselves to the fact that we would be spending another year where we are. There was no way I could think about moving in the week before Xmas. It was a bit upsetting, especially for the girls who really just want out of here now.

So I went into the beginning of a week of annual leave on 26th November and promised myself I’d get Xmas sorted and try and feel at least a little bit festive.
However, I was feeling quite run down and had been fighting off a cold and a cough and on the 24th and 25th I could feel my knee starting to annoy me more than usual.
By the Saturday I could barely walk, I couldn’t bend my knee so getting into and out of my car was interesting, my entire calf muscle felt crampy and my thigh was going to the same way. Great!

I had quite a few plans over the week and one of them was a trip to London with my Dad to see my cousin’s little girl in Mary Poppins again. If my knee didn’t improve, there was no way I could manage this.
So I dug out my deep muscle massager and worked on my calve and thigh over the weekend and I rested.

It seemed to work and on Monday I put my knee to the test with some Xmas shopping in Milton Keynes with all three girls and JJ. I was very aware of my knee but it held out!
So Tuesday was a trip to the nail shop to get my nails done again. I haven’t done this since losing Ian and thought it was about time I started to look after myself again.
Wednesday was a quiet day with the girls and we finally laid Ian’s ashes to rest with his Mum in the Summer garden at the crematorium.

Thursday I did go to London with my Dad to see Mary Poppins.
It was the first time for my Dad and the second time for me. My Mum isn’t up to going into London any more and my Dad really wanted to see it, so he got me a ticket for my birthday.
I think I actually enjoyed it MORE the second time around and Sophie is just amazing!
We had some food at the Three Greyhounds, over the road from the theatre before we went in and the food was lovely!
We stopped in again after the show for a drink and the place was absolutely heaving!
Instead of heading straight back home, we took a wander around Covent Garden to check out the Xmas lights.
I took my Dad into the Whiskey Exchange to show him the price of some of the whiskey’s. I think the most expensive one we saw was £60,000! It’s an amazing place and if you like your whiskey I highly recommend it. Don’t worry, they have something for every budget!

The rest of the time was spent decorating trees for me and my Mum and getting goodies and bits and pieces in for the Xmas period. Then it was back to work that had got a bit busy in my week away!

On Wednesday this week, Murron was FINALLY offered temporary housing and she picked the keys up on Thursday morning. Until then all we knew about the place is that it was a 2 bed flat in the middle of town.
So thankfully she wouldn’t be far away, but we still didn’t know what state the flat would be in.
We held our breath.
Turns out it couldn’t have been more perfect. It’s a brand new build and a lovely size, has a washing machine and fridge freezer but is otherwise unfurnished and more importantlyand she is over the moon.
So! this weekend has been spent moving her in. I got a van and we emptied the storage unit which has been draining funds since June.
She has everything she needs and could even fit the piano in.
Chances are she’ll be there for a good year or more while she keeps bidding for her forever home but I am happy that it’s not a damp riddled hell hole. In fact, it’s a shame she can’t stay there!

Today we’ll be spending the day getting the last of her stuff out of my house and then I can get my house back to the way it was pre-JJ.
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the little guy and he makes me laugh every day, but I want to be a part time Nanny. I want him to come for visits and then go home!

I went to see our new house again yesterday now that it is empty.
I had a discussion with the Estate Agent about a completion date and I have instructed the Solicitor to exchanged before Xmas with completion hopefully on 4th or 5th January.

Work have remained amazing and cancelled the annual leave I asked for before Xmas when I thought I would be moving and I can rearrange it when I have an actual completion date.
We’re having a Xmas meal out as a team on Wednesday and I’m looking forward to it.

So, time to relax a bit for Xmas but ‘hopefully’ just a few weeks of chaos afterwards and then the disaster of the last year will all be over.

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