General diary entries


What a day.

We had JJ last night while Murron sorted her flat out (had a mate over for drinks too)
JJ was an angel. Fell asleep at 18:00 last night and woke up at 08:00 this morning with not even a whimper overnight.

This morning was a bit hit and miss as I realised the microwave we had ordered for Murron didn’t actually show up yesterday, but the order was marked as delivered. So had to sort that out. Turns out it was left with a neighbour but they didn’t leave a card to tell us.

I also woke up with what I thought was something in my eye.
I panicked as I thought I hadn’t taken a contact out properly last night and spent an hour trying to remove it.
I ended up at the walk in centre, which was heaving, and they tell me to call the emergency eye service and give me a number.
The urgent eyecare service tell me to contact my contacts provider.
Specsavers give me an appointment at 13:50 today.
Dad takes me into town where I discover I haven’t got a contact stuck, but I have triggered an infection.
So, Chloramphenicol ointment for the next week and a referral to Moorfields to double check things.

While all this was going on we were bagging up the rest of Murron’s stuff here at the house for one last van load to the flat.
Then finally, we drop the little man off with his Mum.
His room was the first to be sorted and it has all his toys in one place and he was so excited when we put him in there that he didn’t know what to do first.
Murron has a gate on the door so she can just get on with sorting the rest of the flat out while he plays.

Now it’s time to breath and start cleaning my own place.
In the meantime, my eye is really begining to bother me now. I’m gonna look lovely in the morning.

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