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After a week off work, suffering with a case of flu, I headed off into London for the weekend with daughter number 2, who had got me tickets for the ‘Back to the Future Musical’ show at the Adelphi Theatre on Sunday afternoon.

This had been planned for a couple of months and we had decided to make it a weekend trip and booked, and paid for, a hotel for 2 nights. Neither of these could be changed or refunded, so it was a case of we’re going whatever!!

Marjorie has also been suffering a bit this week too but we both got up on Saturday, took a couple of Lateral Flow tests to confirm that we both just have seasonal flu, and headed off into London.

We made a perfect team this weekend.
I have been left with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, which means I feel like I have water in my ears ALL THE TIME and I’m a bit deaf because of it.
Marjorie has completely lost her voice and can barely whisper.
So in noisy environments, I couldn’t hear anything and Marjorie couldn’t talk!!

Anyway, Saturday was a case of heading into London just to have a bit of a look around.
We arrived at the hotel just after midday and then went to get on the DLR.
We choose this hotel because we don’t get charged a congestion fee, the hotel is out of the city so relatively cheap, the parking is roughly £10 a day and the DLR is literally on the doorstep, so getting into and out of the city is a doddle.
However, for this weekend only, the first few stations from Beckton were closed for engineering works!!
We had a slight panic before a lovely gentleman pointed us in the direction of the replacement bus service that took us to the next available station.
Bit of a pain each morning and evening but nothing major, and still practically on the doorstep of the hotel.

We started by stopping off at Royal Victoria and getting the Cable Car to North Greenwich and then we headed off to Westminster to take a look at Big Ben now that it’s not covered with scaffolding. We headed past parliament square where there was some sort of Brexit protest on the go. Seriously! give it a rest. It’s been 5 years. The country voted OUT. This is supposed to be a democracy. That’s the way it works!!

Anyway, we headed into St James’s park, marvelled at all the squirrels and parrots!!

We walked across to The Mall and headed down through Admiralty Arch, past Trafalgar Square and down The Strand to get our barings for the Adelphi Theatre the next day. This is where we realised how close to Covent Garden the Adelphi Theatre was.
We had a nosey around The Whisky Exchange and picked up some Limoncello and Chambourd and decided that we were beginning to feel a bit wiped out, so we headed over to Regent Street where we wandered down to Hamleys to have a little browse before dinner.
I treated myself to a new Star Wars themed Loungefly backpack and then we really started to flag.

We had pre-booked a table at the Carnaby Patty and Bun so that Marji could have one of the incredible Gluten Free burgers and it was just as scrummy as the last time. She was happy.
Then we headed back to the hotel to check in and crash!

We got a message earlier in the day from Ian’s Cousin Debi, who lives in London with her partner Greg, and we arranged to meet up on Sunday morning for brunch.
So Sunday morning we got into Covent Garden, initially very early and it was really wet! so we sat in a Cafe Nero for a bit to dry off and have a fabulous mocha coffee and then we met Debi and Greg and finally found a table suitable for both Gluten Free and Vegan at The Black Penny.
We had a lovely catchup before parting ways and heading back into Covent Garden for a mooch around before the show.

We found ourselves in the Doc Marten’s shop and both of us got new winter boots and then we headed back to The Whiskey Exchange. Marjorie wanted some gin and I had spotted something I wanted the previous day.
I wanted the bottle more than anything!! The contents won’t last too long.

Sat next to a regular bottle for comparison!

Then we headed to the show which was absolutely amazing.
The special effects, particularly on the car were astounding.
When the car first appears on the stage, it did so in a lightning crash and literally appeared, out of nowhere, and came to a screeching halt on the stage.
When the car was supposed to be moving at high speeds, the technique used really made it feel like the car was moving at high speed.
The end of the show when Doc comes to take Marty back to the future, see Doc and Marty strap themselves into the car and they take off!! They head out over the audience and spin a full 360 degrees, it was so clever.

The actor playing Doc brown was hysterical and there was something very familiar about him.
I found out today that he was an actor called Roger Bart. Not an istantly recognisable name but definately a recognisable face. He’s been in loads of stuff that I’ve seen which is why he was so familiar.

After the show, we headed for The Hawksmoor Borough in London Bridge for my dinner treat.
I’ve been to the Hawksmoor in Seven Dials a few times and wanted to try a different one.
It did not dissapoint.
Great atmosphere, great food, little bit on the pricey side but for something a little bit more special, highly recommended.

Then we waddled our way back to the underground and made our way back to Beckton, loaded with Big boxes, back packs and a double Magnum of Jack Daniels.

It was a lovely weekend despite the fact that both of us are recovering from flu.
Kind of put a bit of a dampener on the weekend because we were both so tired, but never the less, still enjoyable.
It has pointed out that I really need to work on my fitness. I have plans for New York at the end of next year and want to make the most of it!!

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