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So as you can see from the last post, things have been a bit interesting over the last two weeks.

To make it even more tricky, and something I didn’t mention in the last post is that Ian tested positive for Covid last Saturday when we had to go and grab Murron’s stuff from her ex-partner’s house.
We found this little nugget out AFTER we had arrange the van and storage hire so he spent all day Saturday sitting in the van on his own because he was the nominated driver, while me, Murron, my Brother and his mate Jason, cleared out the house and unloaded at the storage unit and followed him around in our cars.

Because the hubby is positive, I have been sleeping on the sofa, and right about now, my body is screaming.
I did cave and sleep in the bed last night because he’s not coughing as much but I feel like I’m dodging a bullet!

This put even more pressure on poor Marjorie who was trying to get to surgery on Monday and was already staying clear of her Covid positive sister!
Anyway, thankfully she stayed clear and made it to Surgery on Monday and everything went well. She has been mobile and comfortable ever since and fingers crossed, she feels there is an improvement already. She has a follow up appointment with the surgeon next week and they will do a wound check but so far, so good. Keeping my fingers crossed for her that this has done the trick and she can finally walk, pain free for the first time in around 10 years.

So, Monday night, I thought that nothing else could possibly go wrong.
Marjorie was comfortable after a long day at the hospital.
Murron and JJ were settling in nicely and we were all getting used to the new routine.
Dharma was on the mend and Ian was keeping himself to himself and staying away from everyone and feeling a bit rough.
However….. Tuesday morning saw Ian taking a turn for the worse.
He was finding breathing laborious and could barely swallow.
We have a finger saturations monitor and it showed that when he was awake and sitting upright his oxygen levels were fine, but when he laid down they dropped to 94% and when he was asleep the dropped to 88%.
So after having a look at 111 online and having a chat with the GP, they all suggested getting an ambulance.
This did not go to plan.
Because Ian was talking and not in any immediate danger, the wait for an ambulance would be around 12 hours!
There was nothing for it, I took him to the hospital in the car myself.

We arrived in A+E at 16:00 and things then happened really slowly.
Eventually he got a cannula and IV paracetamol and he got an X-ray to check his lungs.
The Dr then informed us that he had really nasty tonsillitis on top of his Covid so he was started on IV antibiotics and Diflam spray.
At 02:30 they decided to keep him in hospital over night so that is where I left him.
He didn’t make it to a ward until midday the next day!

His oxygen levels were dropping right down to 86% at this point but they were self correcting very quickly so he didn’t require any oxygen, but because they didn’t know why his levels were plummeting all the time, the Drs decided they needed a scan of his lungs to check for clots and they kept him a second night.
The scan was all clear and they let him home on Thursday with antibiotics.
Ian is now much better, still positive, but feeling better each day.

In the middle of all the drama over the last two weeks I received a phone call myself.
A few weeks ago I self referred myself to the physio therapy service.
Experience has taught me that going to the GP would then involve being referred to the Muscular skeletal service, who would then refer me to physios before I get any kind of referral to a surgeon, so I cut out the middle man and referred myself.
They called me for a chat last week and after about 15 minutes they informed me that because I had given an extensive description of the problem and after a few quick questions, they were referring me to an Orthopaedic surgeon because they think I need an arthroscopy on my knee.

So! after all that has happened over the last two weeks, things are finally turning in the right direction again.
Marjorie is going from strength to strength and is walking around and fully weight bearing and fairly comfortable.
Dharma is FINALLY testing negative.
Ian is eating solid food again and feeling much better but still positive for now.
Murron is really happy and settled in the decision she’s made to be a single Mum and JJ is more than happy with all the fuss he’s getting from his Aunts and made a little friend when he went to a toddler morning at kidsworld yesterday and met one of Murron’s mates kids.

I have been holding it all together.
Apart from the ongoing issue with my knee I’m fine. I have been Covid testing on a daily basis because I work with patients but other than that, I have just been taking it all one day at a time.
I am now counting down three weeks when I will then be having 2 weeks of annual leave.
In the meantime, I am going to get on top of all the cleaning and gardening so I can just relax and enjoy it!!


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