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It may be too soon… but… hallellujah!!
We finally seem to be getting somewhere with the ongoing saga of Ian and his physical issues at the moment.

I’m not going into detail again as it was all covered in my post titled TIME TO VENT.
Click HERE to catch up.

Today I can report that we finally have some movement and plans in place!!

The outcome of the phone call to Addenbrookes was that because of his previous neck surgery, they wanted to see more imaging. So they wanted a CT scan and an X-ray.
He was given a follow up in July, so he had been expecting to hear from Bedford regarding the imaging.

Nothing…… not a dicky bird!

Ian had to call the hospital to find that the requests were there but had not been marked as urgent or required before an appointment date!
So he updated the hospital with the urgency of the imaging and arranged his own date in June to get them done.
I guarantee that after the images are done, he will be pushing to make sure the results are sent to Addies.
The lack of communication is exhausting!

Anyway, on to the Carpel tunnel and Cubital tunnel in both wrists and elbows.
Bedford stated that they they had a big waiting list for this surgery and asked if Ian would be willing to go to Luton.
Ian agreed and today he went to see them.
He has just arrived home and has signed consent paperwork for the start of surgery on his right arm, both the wrist and elbow.
They stated that due to his psoriatic arthiritis they may have to do a little more work on the elbow and he ‘could’ end up in a cast, this would all take 6 – 8 weeks to recover from and then they would look at his left arm!!

This first procedure could potentially get him back to work in some capacity.
Work have been amazing and are still paying him fully, even though they could have stopped over a month ago.
We can only hope that now Ian has plans actually on the go, they will remain just as amazing.

So it looks like Ian will be in and out of surgeries for the forseable future and hopefully slowly getting back to work in some capacity before it’s all completed.

We now have everything crossed that the ball keeps rolling and we can keep our heads above water financially, but this is all dependent on Ian’s job and the hope that they ‘really’ want to keep him!!

So we have now gone from Def Con 3, to Def Con 4.
There is still concern there, but it is not all consuming and we can live with it for now.

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