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DAY 10

Day 10 and STILL testing positive.

I honestly didn’t expect to be testing positive at this stage.
I had a really rough first week.
I woke up on the Sunday with what felt like a cold and tested positive.
On Monday I tried working from home but by the end of the day I was feeling rubbish.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were a nightmare. I just couldn’t stop coughing and I got no sleep.
Ane I mean, NO sleep.
Then over Friday and Saturday, the cough really eased off and I just felt like I had a bit of a cold.
I have been waking in the mornings from that point on, thinking that I have got to be negative at some point soon.

It hasn’t happened yet.

Looking at Government guidance is worrying.
I had been hoping that I would test negative last weekend as Friday and Saturday were day 5 and 6 and my cough had really eased. If anything, the positive line on the test strip was getting darker.
But Government guidance then says that if I’m still testing positive on day 10, I can return to work after just one negative test.
I’m actually OK with this one and if I wake up tomorrow and I test negative I will be more than happy to get back into the office and get back into a routine.
However, it also states that if I’m still testing positive on the 14th day, I can STOP testing and return to work on the 15th day after a management risk assessment.

Surely if I’m still testing positive, I’m testing positive for a reason?
I would feel extremely uncomfortable returning to a busy office and seeing vulnerable clients knowing that I was still testing positive!

Typhoid Mary springs to mind!!

Thankfully work also feels that coming to work while still testing positive is a bit reckless.
At least I am well enough to field a few calls from home and trawl through all my e-mails and try to catch up with all that has happened in the team before I physically get back into the office.

When will that be?
Any day now….. it’s got to be. I am improving daily.
I literally just feel like I have a mild cold. I have a bit of an irritation on my chest which means I still have a small cough.
My ears are still a bit blocked and I feel like I have my head in a bucket of water, but these are all minor irritations that I would normally get with any cold. They wouldn’t usually keep me off work.

Ironically, it is 2 years to the day since we went into our first lockdown!
I clearly remember going over the road to our local pub with my best mate Debbie on the eve of lockdown, to enjoy one last drink and face to face chat before they shut their doors indefinately.

I spent the last 2 years working in a hospital on the front line and I finally fall fowl of COVID while working in community and I wasn’t even at work when I caught it!!
I had been on annual leave for a week and it was my last day of annual leave when I tested positive!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting out and really enjoying that spring sunshine we’ve been having over the last week. Standing in the back garden just doesn’t hit the same spot.


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