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Seriously! If I was a dog I would have been euthanized already.

I cannot remember the last time I ever felt this bad.
The cough is the killer.
I cannot lay flat without coughing up a lung.
I will just get comfortable in a chair before coughing again and having to move.
I haven’t slept properly since Sunday night.
I hurt all over and the cough hasn’t helped this either because my ribcage and back now feel like I’m getting stabbed every time I cough.
I can hear my breathing which is now crackly on exhaling.
My nose blocks when I lay flat and runs like a tap when I’m sitting. I’m now getting the subsequent red, sore nose.
My head feels like it’s exploding.
My eyes are puffy.
My ears are beginning to block and I feel like I have my head under water.
I haven’t exactly lost my sense of taste but nothing actually tastes right and I’ve lost my appetite.

I’ve had flu before, but this is something else!!
If this is something we are now going to have to live with, all I can say is, MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR VACCINATIONS!!
This will more than likely become an annual vaccine like the existing flu vaccine.
Train your body to fight it before you get it.

I dread to think how poorly I would have become if I hadn’t been vaccinated.

I have been sleeping and existing in the living room since Sunday to stay away from the Hubby and so far, fingers crossed, he is still testing negative.

It’s definately COVID.
I’ve had three positive LFT’s since Sunday and I had to get a PCR to confirm for work.
Marjorie is now free after two clear LFT’s on day 5 and 6 and she’s actually feeling much better, so I’m hoping that on Friday this week I will be over the worst and getting my first negative LFT.

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