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It’s only taken two years, but I have finally been hit by the COVID bug.
Obviously Marjorie couldn’t keep it to herself!!

I’ve spent the last two years working on the front line in a hospital ward environment and the last 3 months in a community environment, however, I did not aquire this from work! I was actually coming to the end of a week of annual leave and I firmly believe that Marjorie aquired it from someone who was being irresponsible because of the new Government guidelines where it states….

“You will not be ‘legally’ required to self-isolate if you test positive for COVID-19. Stay at home if you ‘can’ and avoid contact with other people”

I know that there will be people who have no symptoms and will be blissfully unaware that they are positive and we do have to get back to life. I am on about those that have symptoms, even mild cold like sysmptoms, that will only think of themselves and not the effect they could have on someone vulnerable and will go out and about regardless. No LFT, no precautions because the Government have given them a ‘legal’ get out to just carry on and infect others.
I find this totally unfair to people who are immunocompromised who could be unknowingly coming into contact with something that has the potential to make them extremely sick or even kill them. They must dread going out of the house.

I tested positive on Sunday morning and I am still testing positive today. Marjorie is now testing negative and as long as she tests negative again today, she can go back to work. You see, she’s been sensible and stayed at home and isolated herself as much as possible. She was actually feeling rubbish too though so she wouldn’t have gone into work anyway.

I am feeling rubbish too.
It wasnt too bad on sunday, it felt like a bit of a cold so I informed work and arranged to do some work from home.
However, as the day progressed, I felt worse and worse. By last night I was hurting all over and could barely move and a good cough had kicked in. So I had to concede and go off sick.

The cough kept me awake all night and has pretty much taken my voice away today and I still hurt all over. I thank my lucky stars that I am triple vaccinated. I hate to think how I would have felt or how sick I could have got if I wasn’t.

I have been sleeping on the sofa since the weekend so I could distance myself from Ian who has taken to walking around the house in a mask and keeping himself in the bedroom as much as possible. So far it seems to have worked and he is still negative and feeling ok.
If he catches this it’s going to be disastrous. The cough alone will flatten him but it will send his Psoriatic Arthritis into overdrive. Thankfully he’s triple vaccinated, so fingers crossed.

Dharma is also still negative and she too is walking around the house with a mask and staying in her bedroom as much as possible. Thankfully she passed her driving test a couple of weeks ago so at the moment, we have a lifeline to supplies. With that said, I did decide to get a Tesco delivery last night and topped up for the week so we shouldn’t need anything.

I will finish this off with a plea.
Please be sensible.
If you test positive, it is the responsible thing to do to isolate yourself until you are negative.

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