General diary entries


My exciting life, yet another update.
Seriously exciting enough to be a movie….. not!!

I’m coming to the end of my second week of annual leave in the last three weeks.
It didn’t all go to plan, not that I had much planned.

Initially I had planned the week to go to Huddersfield with Marjorie, who was thinking about doing a Masters degree. She said she had always felt like she missed out on the University experience by staying at home and doing her degree locally.
We had planned to travel up on the Tuesday, spend the day checking out the University, stay the night and then come home Weds, however, we had a good chat on Monday and came to the realisation that she was doing it all for the wrong reasons and it would probably be a really bad decision.

So, Tuesday was spent having a quick pre-spring tidy of the garden.
That literally meant sweeping up all the leaves that had built up during the winter storms.
A whole garden bin later and it’s not looking too bad. I just need to remember to put the green bin out on bin day now that they are collecting them again.

On Thursday I spent the day out with the hubby as a pre-birthday treat. We decided to do something we haven’t done in over two years and go and see a couple of movies with dinner in between.
The first film was ‘Marry Me’. Bit of a sappy romance but it was actually a lot of fun and we both really enjoyed it, which is just as well because the second film we went to see was ‘The Batman’ and it was really disappointing. Out of the two I was really looking forward to ‘The Batman’ but it was tedious and slow and just under three hours too long. Batman was pretty bloody useless to be honest. No cool gadgets, useless in a fight, nothing special about the car or the bike. The last 20 minutes showed some promise but overall it was time I am never getting back!
To cap it all off, dinner was a let down too.
As we were in MK, we decided to check out the Beefeater over the road from the cinema. We haven’t eaten there in years and it used to be a lovely place to go with good food, however, it was awful, tasteless and dry, we would have been better off going to Macdonalds. Would have been a hell of lot more tasty and enjoyable.

The rest of the week has been the usual housework kind of days.
I’ve had a couple of visits from an old friend as we catch up on the new series of Picard and I introduced him to ‘Upload’ which is hysterical and a new season of that started this week too.

The one thing we didn’t plan on though is COVID.
After two years of managing to avoid it, it finally found its way into the house when Marjorie tested positive on Thursday. She is now pretty much isolating herself in her bedroom and trying to avoid her dad who is immunocompromised. She’s triple vaccinated, she feels rough, but she’s ok. Fingers crossed it doesn’t go any further. It does mean that I will be doing daily tests for a while when I go back to work on Monday.

So, quiet weekend getting back on top of the washing, binging some TV. I may do a trip to Tesco tomorrow, we may even go out for Ian’s ‘actual’ birthday, but I’m not doing much else.


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