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I had a Facebook memory popup today that actually really disappointed me.

It was titled ‘ONE TO WATCH’ and I wrote it 5 years ago.
It was about Sergei Polunin, the bad boy of ballet.
I wrote it after seeing this dance video he did to Hozier’s, ‘Take Me to Church’.

I should have seen the warning signs when he got this tattoo across his chest. Not exactly subtle!

He apparantly got the tattoo shortly after his birthday. This was usually an occasion when he would receive a lot of messages from his fans on social media and he wanted to send love back in a meaningful way.
Polunin has adored Putin since childhood and considered him a powerful hero. He stated “I thought I could combine love with this man to say that we must all love. And I wrote: All the best wishes you send me for the day I will send to Putin because I see light when I look at him“.
Unsurprsingly, the news sparked a strong reaction from fans. “The answer was: Bloody hell! We will kill you. He’s a dictator. And Polunin said “God, it turned out exactly how I wanted it to be“.


After the events of the last week, the fact that Polunin was born in Kherson in Southern Ukraine makes him all the more sickening to me.

When he got the tattoo, the Ukranian Government ostracized him and told him he couldn’t return and put him on a list of terrorists and war criminals.

Putin wasn’t the only offensive tattoo he had. He also has swastika-like symbols on his stomach and, on his face, a bird flying towards his left eye.
He has stated that “soon, they will be no more. “I’m removing all my tattoos. I’m sort of clearing face, purifying the tattoos, a bit. To me now, they are childish. I’ve passed the time of having tattoos.”

I get that Polunin had a tough upbringing and he was extremey rebellious as he entered his twenties, and I get that a lot of his rebelliousness and attitude were drug fuelled, but personally, I think this turnaround is too little, too late and the damage to his reputation and career are permanent, I also don’t see any hint of remorse or apology in his comments.

When I wrote that post 5 years ago I thought he would be the next Baryshnikov, but I feel even suggesting this is an insult to Baryshnikov.

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