General diary entries


OK, so I’m almost 13 weeks into my new job and things are going well.
I have a good understanding of what the Eating Disorder Team does and my own team is just about complete and beginning to formulate how our supporting the ED team will look. We’ve even made a start with a few clients already. It’s all so new that things keep changing and ideas keep flying around, but it’s getting there.

I was on annual leave 2 weeks ago, I had a week at work last week and now I have another week of annual leave!!
I really should have planned that one better!

Anyway, it’s given me time to think about how things are going, and for the most part, I’m really happy. I’m more relaxed, less stressed, more laid back……. but….. I’m still feeling like a bit of a fraud!!
It’s silly really. I’ve been qualified now for 3 years and I’m bringing plenty of experience from my 14 years on a ward but I’m now being asked to ‘specialise’ and this is where I am losing a bit of confidence in myself.
I’m working with amazing people who are very experienced and I am very much still learning, so when I talk to clients and their carers, I’m always second guessing myself and wondering if I’m telling them the right thing and asking myself if it’s my place to be saying this. It still doesn’t feel natural.
Give me an adenotonsillectomy or a fractured limb and I’ll talk with confidence until the cows come home.
ED’s are a whole new ball game but I suppose this feeling will go with time, I just need to be patient.

So what have I done with my time off?
Not a lot really.
Got my nails and hair done.
Did some cleaning.
Got on top of the ironing.
Went to the Cinema to see ‘Uncharted’ (meh!)
Had dinner at the pub.
Sat on my behind and binged some TV.
Was thinking about tidying the garden but the last few weeks have been WAY too cold and wet.
This next week doesn’t look to be getting any better.

Anyway, it’s the hubster’s birthday this week so I see a day out at the cinema and meal on the cards.

My youngest, Dharma, passed her driving test on thursday. I now cannot keep her in. There has been no stopping her and I think her confidence is going to go from strength to strength. The only downside is that she needs to look at working a bit more to cover the running cost of the car!! I certainly can’t afford to run two cars.

The only other thing I have planned this week is a trip up to Huddersfield with Marjorie who is seriousy looking at doing a Masters degree in Media Studies. She wants to check out the Uni and it’s facilities. It will give us a chance to have a good chat on the way there too.

Right, time to crack open a bottle of wine and start the new season of Outlander!!

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