General diary entries


First of all, happy new year to all.
I genuinely hope that the next year brings you everything you had hoped for.
I think we all need a break from the shit the last few years has dealt us.

Anyway, I’m going to start my new year with an apology.
An apology for being quite quiet for the last few weeks of the year.
No real excuse except to say that I’ve had a lot on my plate getting into a new job in the last 3 weeks and my PC has decided to play silly buggers on me.

I have just completed my 3rd week in my new job and I am still getting used to the total change in pace and way of working.
So far, it’s been a good move.
My knee is not giving me as much of an issue as it has been and I am generally more relaxed.
There’s a lot more opportunity to work from home and the team I am working with have all been supportive and welcoming.
It’s been a little strange starting just before Xmas with all the breaks and people on annual leave which was unheard of in my last job. I go back to work after the new year break on Tuesday, when I expect things will take a little turn as the service returns to normality. I should start to get a feel for what my role will actually look like although I don’t think I will be doing my actual job much before Easter!
For now, I am getting to know the service I have become part of. Meeting potential future clients and getting to know my team.

My PC has sort of died on me in the last couple of months.
I have been getting the blue screen of death more and more often and after the Hubster took a look at it just before Xmas we discovered that the system can’t handle all the new Microsoft updates and won’t be able to run Windows 11! It also meant that the current copy of Corel Draw, a design package that I use, won’t run any more.
So! Decision was made to purchase a new, updated copy of Corel Draw and a new PC.
The PC Arrived on Xmas Eve and we set it aside to deal with after Xmas.
When we went to put it all together after Xmas we discovered that they hadn’t loaded the Windows 11 operating system!!
Bit annoying considering Ian had specifically asked them if it came with the operating system before we purchased.
Anyway, after querying this, they are sending out the operating system for Ian to install but because of the odd bank holidays this year, it still hasn’t turned up!! So I’ve resorted to plugging the old PC back in and putting up with the odd crash until the new PC is up and running.

We had a lovely Xmas this year.
We stayed home and we celebrated our first Xmas with our first official grandchild, accompanied by their 2 brothers and their Dad.
Jordan has made a good addition to the family and has completely turned Murron’s life around.
She has turned out to be an incredible Mum and has taken on the responsibility of Mum to Jordan’s 2 little boys like a duck to water.

We were lucky enough to avoid Covid but it didn’t miss the family completely!
My Brother tested positive on Christmas Eve, which meant that Mum and Dad’s plans were turned on their head.
Thankfully Mum had prepared for any eventuality and after coming to see us for a few hours on Xmas morning, she then spent the rest of her day enjoying a quiet Xmas day with Dad.
However, my Dad then tested positive on Boxing Day!!
He is still testing positive today, so he’s not happy.
On the up side, apart from feeling like he’s got a cold, he’s not been suffering.
He’s fully vaccinated and boosted so this has probably helped.

Anyway, because of our two hours contact with Dad on Xmas morning, we’ve all been doing daily LFT’s.
So far we are all negative, but considering how this Omicron variant seems to be spreading and considering none of us have tested positive since the beginning of all of this, I think our luck is running out.
We are all double vaccinated and boosted, so if we get it, we probably won’t be too unwell. We just have to be careful because Ian is immunocompromised because of the medication he has to take.
We continue to wear masks when we go shopping or are in crowded places and that’s all we can really do.
It will be interesting to see what happens in the next 7 – 14 days after families have been together over Xmas and people partied over New Year.

Anyway, back to today.
All my Xmas decs are now down and put away for another year.
I am on my 2nd glass of Prosecco and Limoncello.
I have a big leg of lamb defrosting for tomorrow when I plan to just put my feet up and chill.
On Monday, I will be celebrating the new year with my best friend who had to work over new year.
The aim will be to work our way through the leftover Xmas food and booze!

On January 8th, the resolutions will start. This year will be to lose weight and get a bit fitter. Like every other year since ……. forever!!
I make it a point NEVER to start a resolution on the 1st of January as it will be destined to fail.
No one is going to start a diet successfully on the 1st of January.
They are probably going to be hungover from New Years Eve and there is going to be leftover Xmas food kicking around.
Our house is no exception.
We have loads of chocolate and nibbles leftover. The booze is not a worry as it will be drunk throughout the year anyway, but the food is a real issue because I desperately want to start a diet on the 8th.
The last real diet I did was for my brother’s wedding in 2017 and I did quite well. Unfortunately, I let myself down after the wedding and have piled it all back on since.
Dieting is probably going to be a little harder this time around as I am now ‘officially’ in Menopause. I also have ongoing issues with my knee, although this can be helped by losing weight, so there’s another incentive!!

I’ve just ordered a Fitbit to help with the ‘new year, new me’.
My old work colleagues gave me an Amazon voucher when I left and I have been struggling to think what I would do with it and this evening I decided a Fitbit was required! It will be arriving on Tuesday and will give me a bit of time to get used to it before I start to use it in earnest on the 8th!

So! A couple of days to enjoy and relax before getting back to work and really getting stuck in to my job for real!

I hope you all have a fabulous bank holiday weekend and your new year starts well and continues to remain well.
Stay safe, play safe. Use your masks. Make sure you are vaccinated. Use your heads!!

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