General diary entries


What a week!
Started my new job on Monday and the realisation of how much I have to learn is sinking in.
However….. It’s been a good week.
The whole pace of life is different. So much more relaxed. I even got out of the office to meet two of my daughters in town for some lunch today.

I am currently shadowing the Community Eating Disorder team and learning the ins and outs of what they do.
My actual job, when it’s up and running, will be to support this team by seeing and supporting clients in their own home.
At the minute there is still some uncertainty on how it will operate. They are even still recruiting into it.
It’s just so new that we are coming in at ground level and hopefully building a good robust team that will give the ED service the extra support they so badly need.

I had a day in the Luton office earlier in the week and I will be working with one of the team’s dieticians at the Luton and Dunstable hospital on Monday.

So! Getting to know a lot of new faces is going to take some time but I have already found the office geek!
I shall be reporting back to her on Monday after seeing Spiderman: No Way Home tonight!

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