General diary entries


6 days ago, I aggravated an old knee injury.
I thought I had done some real damage and I could barely walk without crutches.
Getting out of the bedroom in the mornings was agony.

I managed to see a Dr who had a good look at the knee.
The ligaments all appeared in tact and the knee was stable.
As it was already a diagnosed injury, and Orthos have already said that until it stops me from walking they won’t do anything, it was decided not to jump on any new imaging.
The Dr increased my pain relief for a couple of weeks in the hope that the knee would settled back down.

I am so, so, SO pleased to say that after a couple of days on crutches, some deep muscle massaging and the new pain relief, I am now walking with no real issues.
I am still very conscious that the knee may ‘go out’ on me at any time, but for the most part, I am practically back to where I was before the incident last week.

I can even walk in the sandals I want to wear for the Xmas party tomorrow night….. but I don’t think I will be cutting a rug on the dance floor very much!!

Such a relief.
It couldn’t have happened at a worse time.
There’s so much going on with the rest of the family at the moment and I start a new job next week.

Right, time to do some cleaning today.

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