General diary entries


Is it something we’ve done or is fate trying to tell us something?
Let me explain.

Ian started a new job nearly nine weeks ago. Nothing major, just a move to a different team within his existing company. A good move with lots of potential to move forward in his career.
4 days later all his current problems started and he’s been signed off ever since!!

Marjorie has landed a new job that starts in January. January requires her to do lots of training and exams which she cannot miss if she is to continue with the job.
Then, after two years of waiting, she finally gets a call about the operation she’s been waiting for on her foot!!
She has a consultation next week. How much are we going to bet they want to schedule a surgery in January?

Back to today and feeling a bit cursed when it comes to new jobs.
I did not need this right now!!

Back in February 2016 I became acutely aware of a problem with my right knee when a Baker Cyst I didn’t even know I had, ruptured on my way across the carpark after work one evening.
At the time, I could barely put my foot to the floor and it was absolute agony.
It took a couple of months to fully recover and I was left with meniscal tears and residual cysts that the Orthopaedic surgeons said they couldn’t do anything with as an arthroscopy could potentially make things worse.

So! For almost the last 6 years, I have lived with a knee that kind of works, is uncomfortable at times, but is manageable. I have noticed that over the last 12 months, it has got a little worse, but calling the Dr was not an option due to Covid blah blah blah. I thought it would just have to wait.

Anyway, waiting is no longer an option.
As I was re-arranging things in my living room yesterday, something went pop in my knee.
I wasn’t even doing anything strenuous. I was sat in my office chair and as I twisted and bent down to pick something up I suddenly felt like I was being stabbed in the knee. When I tried to walk it was agony.
After moving around for a while the pain eased off to point where I could hobble but if I sat down for any length of time I had to go through all that pain to be mobile again.
I topped up on pain killers and went to be in the hope that it would ease off over night, but when I woke up this morning, the pain was actually worse and I literally had to hold onto walls and furniture to make it to the toilet.
I can only assume that one of those residual cysts has been growing over the last year and decided to rupture yesterday. I have to go through excruciating pain to mobilise each time I have to get up. I can’t bend my knee beyond 90 degrees and I can’t fully straighten it.

I’ve just made an appointment to have a chat with one of my GP’s. I have no idea what the next step will be.
As it’s a pre-existing condition, can they refer me direct to an Orthopaedic surgeon or do I have to go through the excruciatingly slow process of seeing muscular skeletal first before any decisions can be made?

It’s now a waiting game.
My next job is to dig out some old crutches so that I can actually get on with that little thing call life.
The bad news is, those crutches are buried in a cupboard behind a big sofa in the hallway with a whacking great Xmas tree in front of it!!

This couldn’t have happened at a worse time.
I am supposed to be taking Dharma to Coventry on Monday to see a close friend and do some Xmas shopping.
I’m supposed to be going to Milton Keynes on Wednesday with Dharma again, and hopefully Mum, to finalise the Xmas shopping.
I have my old works Xmas do on Thursday evening.
I may be going out for some drinks with the old work colleagues next Saturday.
I have a family Xmas dinner at the pub over the road Next Sunday.
Then I am supposed to be starting my new job on Monday the 13th!!

As a family we just seem to be a bit cursed at the moment when it comes to new jobs!!
Only time will tell how this one will go, but I think it’s safe to say that something needs to be done about the knee now.

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