General diary entries


So where do I begin?

I’ve been enjoying my annual leave before I start my new job on the 13th.
Yesterday was a bit of a pamper day.
I got my hair cut and I actually got my nails done for the first time EVER!

Anyway, I did a little bit of shopping with Marjorie and we met Dharma after Uni for some dinner.
Dharma needed to pop into the big Tesco on Cardington road for a few bits and pieces so we decided to do that on our way home.

We got to Tesco at around 17:30 and didn’t expect to be in there for more than 15 minutes but fate had other plans.
We were having a little nose around and Marjorie pointed out a Smart TV they had on sale.
It was a Sharp, so a good brand, and it was 70 inches! It was also at a price that was too good to miss so I messaged Ian.
We decided to go for it and I collared two lovely young men working in the electrical section to help me get it through customer services and out to the drop off point at the front of the shop.

A hurried call to my Dad to get him to bring his large car over to help get it home was the next step.
There was no way it was going to fit into my little Viva and probably wouldn’t have fit into Dharma’s Corsa, however, turns out it wouldn’t fit in my Dad’s Tiguan either!!
A few minutes of panic before I called a friend with access to a pretty large car.
He was an absolute hero and drove all the way from Rushden to help us out.
We left Tesco just after 19:00!

The TV was delivered home safe and sound.
Now we needed to unbox and put it all together and this is where the saga took another turn!!


I thought it would be a case of swapping the old TV out, which is sat on top of a couple of Billy book cases, for the new TV.
However, the feet on the new TV are too wide!!
Major panic and a bit of furniture moving and we now have two book cases in front of two book cases with the TV on top!


The whole setup is seriously triggering me!

My DVD’s and Bluray’s are a mess and the whole unit sticks out WAY too far.
It’s a mess.

So! What to do?
I’m waiting for my Dad to get in from golf in the hope that he will drive me over to Ikea in MK to pick up a TV Bench I’ve found.
If all goes to plan, it’s actually going to look quite stunning when it’s all in place and I can start to enjoy my movies cinema style!

Watch this space.

New Year resolution….
No more snap decision when it comes to buying expensive things!!

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