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A few weeks ago I was in London with the hubster.

Last weekend I went to London again with 2 of my daughters. Marjorie and Dharma.

Marjorie is very familiar with getting out and about on her own and has tackled London and New York.
It doesn’t phase her one little bit.
Dharma is a bit of a social butterfly and has never even stayed in a hotel on her own, never mind tackling the underground system in London.

We stayed at the Premier Inn in Beckton again.
It’s perfect. It’s simple. Somewhere to crash at the end of a busy day. Somewhere to have a bath/shower each morning. It’s attached to a bar and restaurant. It has it’s own parking. It’s outside of the congestion zone. There is an Asda supermarket right over the road and it’s literally a 1 minute walk to the DLR into London City.

Anyway, the journey down went smoothly, even on the M25, but as we got into Beckton there was carnage as idiots blocked the roads and roundabouts outside the hotel, queuing for fuel over the road from the hotel.
This wasn’t a one off either. On Sunday AND Monday mornings the car horns started at 05:30!!! As people blocked the roads up again trying to get to the petrol station.

Anyway, we secured the car but couldn’t check in to the hotel until later, so we headed to the DLR to start our weekend. Saturday was a planned shopping day so first stop was Camden.
We had lunch and a good mooch around Camden Lock before heading back over to Oxford Street as the girls wanted to go to Primark of all places!!
Yeah, let’s drag Mum into London JUST to go to Primark!!
Anyway. they weren’t impressed and we ended up heading over to Leicester Square where Marjorie got to go to the Lego store.
By this time, the streets of London were taking their toll on everyone’s feet and we decided to call it a day.
We had dinner at Bella Italia in Leicester Square which Dharma loved and there was a fantastic selection of Gluten Free items for Marjorie so it was a win, win!

Sunday was a bit more of a tourist day.
We headed over to Tower Hill and we took a Citycruise tour from Tower Hill to Westminster and back again.
Ironically, it was the same boat me and the Hubster had a trip on a few weeks ago, with the same crew member doing some amusing commentary.
However….. we struck lucky with this trip.
On the way back to Tower Hill the crew got word that Tower Bridge would be opening for a tall ship to pass through as we were coming into the pier. So they slowed the boat so that we could watch the bridge going up and as it was going up they swung the boat round right underneath it! and then we watched the clipper go past.

It’s always amazing to see the bridge opening up but it was an absolute privilege to be able to see it from the viewpoint we had on the boat! We were very lucky.

After the boat trip we did something I have NEVER done and actually went into the Tower of London.
To be honest, apart from the Crown Jewels (which were gobsmacking), I had no idea there was so much there.
So much that we had to come away before we could finish seeing everything because the girls wanted to do some more shopping down Regents Street and it was already mid afternoon on a Sunday.

So, we racked it up as something to come back and do again when we have more time! I certainly think I need to bring the hubster for a look.
Anyway, we headed over to Regents Street and spent WAY to much money in Hamleys.

I finally plucked up the courage to get a piece of movie memorabilia I’ve had my eye on for a while

We came out of Regents Street at Piccadilly Circus and couldn’t resist popping into the Picturehouse Central for a drink. The bar has had a bit of a face lift since I was last there and they’ve renewed the seating which was WAY to comfy.
Netflix also had a Festival running and there were some costumes from Bridgerton there.

As we headed out of the bar to the top of the stairs, we literally ran into Ricky Gervais as he was being escorted down the stairs by his enterage!

We then walked back through to Leicester Square and we were thinking about Bella Italia again but at that time on a Sunday there was a long wait for a table so we decided to head back to the hotel and have dinner there instead.
It was a great weekend but as is usual, there is never enough time to do everything you want to do in London.
It’s also very hard on the body if you’re not used to it!

Anyway, it was a lovely weekend and I think Dharma really had a good time, even if it was a bit of an eye opener for her!

One of the last photos of the trip!
I have NEVER noticed Canary Wharf from the station at Beckton before, but this sunset showed it off beautifully.

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