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Tomorrow is D-Day and I could be in for a big change in more ways than one.

August 30th is Murron’s due date.
Official Grand Baby number one will be arriving at any moment.
I saw Murron today after a quick visit to deliver the piano she loves and she is absolutely HUGE!
She’s is glowing and is now totally ready for baby JJ to arrive.
I say official Grand Baby because she is the first of my kids to have a baby, but in fact I am already a Grandmother to her partners two little boys and they are so excited for the arrival of their little brother.

August 30th is also the closing date for the new job I have just applied for!
This has taken me very much by surprise as I wasn’t actively looking for a new job.
I love my current job but I can’t deny I’ve been finding it very tough over the last few months.
Out of the blue, a friend pointed me in the direction of this job advert for a new team being set up based in the community that involves a recent interest I have developed at work.
I have spoken to colleagues who have all said that it’s right up my street which has given me a little more confidence.
It’s a scary prospect and I am still very much in two minds about it, but going for an interview if I’m offered one will give me an opportunity to find out more. Watch this space!

So! It’s going to be an interesting few weeks.

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