General diary entries


I have finally reached my limit.
I live in a house with 3 other adults.
My husband, Dharma who is 19 and Marjorie who is almost 22.
My eldest, Murron, has moved out and is starting her own adventure and grandchild number one will be here anytime over the next 3 weeks.

Over lockdown and since Murron moved out we have had some MAJOR clearing out and moving around in the house.
What is beginning to urk me are silly things.
When I go out to work I will list things that need doing in the family chat group like, washing up, tidying up, putting shoes away and doing the washing.
I have to do this list EVERY DAY.
If I didn’t, nothing would be done and when they do do them, they tend to do the bare minimum or a half hearted job.

A couple of recent examples.
The hubby did a shop for me yesterday. He threw a new kitchen roll on the side and left it.
Instead of taking it out of the packet and replacing the empty roll on the stand, he just left it thrown on the side.

The shopping bags themselves are another urk!

This is how they should look when they are finished with.
They are folded nicely and fit in this bag with the handle hooked back up to keep them all out of the way.

How they should be

But this is how I quite often find them and it does my nut in because I have to put them away before I can get to anything.

How I find them

Coats and hoodies are left on the bannister or hall chair instead of being hung on the rack which is practically in the same room.
Shoes are left where they are taken off and I have found them recently in the middle of the kitchen, under a sofa in the living room and all around the hallway.
There are TWO racks for shoes but I still have to pick shoes up.

Pots and pans.
For some reason, it is acceptable to let them pile up in the hope that I will do them when I’m home.
Baking trays left on the hob unwashed.
Frying pans used with the promise of being washed ‘when I’ve finished eating’…….. which never happens.
Chopping board never gets wiped down, cooker top never gets wiped down.

General cleaning, like bathroom, toilet, dusting and hoovering, only gets done if I specifically put it into the family group chat and ask for it to be done. God forbid anyone should think about doing it because they think it needs doing!
People leaving items laying around like ear pods, cups and bottles, parcels or letters that they’ve opened, instead of putting them away.
I could go on and on and on.

Don’t get me wrong, when Ian had to leave the house for work each day and the kids were smaller it wasn’t such a chore but now that the kids are old enough to completely look after themselves and Ian works from home it’s beginning to get to me.

To put things into perspective.
I’m no spring chicken anymore and I have a knee problem that is only getting worse.
When I’m at work I go out of the house at 7am and I don’t get home until 20:30 and sometimes later depending on the day I’ve had and the writing up I need to do before I leave, so I’m out of the house for around 14 hours.
Sometimes I’m lucky if I get to sit down for more than 45 minutes during that time.
I do two of these shifts in a row, sometimes 3 and occasionally 4!
If I only have a day off between these shifts, I need to rest.
So when I get home and I’m confronted with silly little things like washing up, clothes and shoes not put away, general tidying up and cleaning that hasn’t been done when 3 other adults have been in the house all day…. I get a little urked!

Yes, I know my husband works 9-5 Monday to Friday…….. BUT….
He does that SITTING at a computer and he gets to walk away from that screen whenever he wants to.
I’ve seen what he does for work on my day off and if he thinks he even comes close to what I do,,, he is sadly mistaken.
I don’t deny he works hard mentally but he doesn’t come any where near to what I do physically and he wonders why I get angry when I get home to silly little things that haven’t been done!

So! I am starting a name and shame blog.
If I find anything that urks me, I will take a photo and I will post it here.
If I know for ‘definite’ who did it, I will name them, otherwise I hope these posts will be a way for my family to get an idea of what I actually expect from 3 adults who live in the same house as me.
There is no magic fairy to do the washing and cleaning. Four people use this house and it is actually the responsibility of EVERY one in the house to keep it tidy and clean.
The ‘but I didn’t use it’ argument doesn’t work anymore!!

Watch this space.

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