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So today is the day that all COVID restrictions are lifted here in the UK. Live music and sporting events can go back to full capacity and there will be no limits on guests at weddings and funerals etc.

However, certain areas will be keeping their Facemask rule and social distancing measures. Places like hospitals will continue with no real changes to masks and visiting rules. Some shops will be keeping their mask rules and the public are being asked to keep their masks on public transport and THINK when they are out and about in general.

This is where I’m getting s little worried as I see more and more people who are NOT thinking and posting pics online of themselves and friends ‘getting back to normal’ standing at a bar with no face covering, or symbolically burning face masks and referring to today as FREEDOM DAY.


COVID is still very much with us and will be for years to come. We have simply got used to living with it and dealing with it.

People need to seriously look at getting vaccinated if they haven’t already done it. The country will soon be divided, not into vaccinated and unvaccinated but vaccinated and infected!

You can still catch and pass on COVID if you have been vaccinated but you are much less likely to get serious or life threatening symptoms.

Vaccinated people should STILL be wearing masks in busy places along with the unvaccinated people.

I have been doing a good job at keeping my mouth shut so far, but I don’t think it’s going to last.

C’mon guys THINK!!!

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