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Over the last few days I’ve been catching up on an old favourite obsession, Joel Kinnaman.
Back in 2014, I became quite obsessed with a Swedish actor by the name of Joel Kinnaman.
It was kicked off by the re-make of Robocop back in 2014.
My review can be read HERE

Suicide Squad' Star Joel Kinnaman Is Ready to Be a Leading Man | IndieWire

After Robocop, I expected big things for Joel, but although he has teetered on the edge of ‘A’ list, he’s never quite crossed the line.
He continues to have a lead role in the Suicide Squad movies and he’s had numerous other roles in movies like ‘Run All Night’ with Liam Neeson, Edge of Winter and The Informer, it is in TV that he appears to be most comfortable.

Before Robocop, Joel made his name in a fabulous TV series called ‘The Killing’.
He is currently in a series called ‘For All Mankind’ and I have been binge watching it.
It’s so good!!

The series starts off during the 1960’s space race and is a bit of a ‘What If’ series.
It basically asks the question, what if women had been involved from the start.
How would things have gone?
What would have happened if the quest for equality for women and gay men and lesbian women and black people had taken a leap forward way back in the mid 60’s?

It starts with the moon landings and has a kind of butterfly effect on the rest of the series.
A Luna base is situated on the moon after the original landings.
After that, what would have happened if this is the way it had gone?
Right into series 2 in the 80’s with subtle changes like Lennon surviving an assassination attempt, Camilla marrying prince Charles instead of Diana, the moonbase expanding and the situation with the Russians.

Joel has been brilliant so far.
In Season one, he was the all American hero astronaught and in season two, he’s the same character but with a desk job at Nasa that realises he should actually be in space!

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I am just coming to the mid section of series 2 and it just keeps getting better and better.
I know series 3 is currently in production so I am really looking forward to where series 2 is taking us.
Suicide Squad 2 is due in July this year, so things are looking rosey for Joel.
Gives me something to look forward to too!!

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