General diary entries



After my little scare on Thursday, I have spent a few days chilling and letting the Ramipril take effect.
It seems to have done it’s job as my BP is now a blisteringly perfect 120/83!!
It will be interesting to see what it is after the next two days of 12.5 hour shifts!

Anyway, I have also spent the weekend getting rid of (i.e eating!) all of the rubbish in the house.
So, no more crisps and snacks and absolutely no more milky coffee.
Alcohol consumption……. will now be reduced. I’m f####d if I’m giving that up completely right before the pubs and restaurants open up again!

I may not get into those tops at the back of my wardrobe this summer, but I’ll give it a good go.

So, if any of my work colleagues see me making a milky coffee, sneaking a chocolate, or heading to the canteen for a sausage roll and a packet of crisps, you have permission to slap me!

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