General diary entries


Yesterday was a wake up call.

When I went to bed I had a bit of pain between my shoulder blades that I put down to tension and being tired. It wasn’t unusual and I didn’t worry.

I had set my alarm for 05:30 as I usually do when I have to get up for work, however, I was woken up at 04:30 by a very uncomfortable central chest pain.
It didn’t matter how I positioned myself, it just wouldn’t ease off and took a good 45 minutes to dissipate.

I got up and got ready for work but while I was drinking my morning coffee I felt a bit of fluttering in my chest and this got me a little worried. Worried enough to do the NHS 111 symptom check which then told me I should be seen in A+E.

I arrived in A+E just before 7am and was triaged pretty quickly.
After observations, ECG, Chest X-ray and bloods the possibility of a heart attack or aortic aneurysm had been ruled out but I discovered I was hypertensive!

Thinking back, I have been having the odd dizzy spell as I put my head on my pillow at night for the last couple of weeks, so I’m thinking this has been going on for a little while.

Anyway, I have been started on Ramipril for the hypertension and I have to go back for a follow up next week to see if it has had any effect or the dose needs changing.

So! Time to stop dancing around the fact that I really need to lose some weight and think about my fitness.
Shit…. I hate getting old.

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