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Remember that name.

On the run up to Xmas last year I was stupidly tempted by a pop up advert from Facebook.
I usually steer clear of these adverts like the plague but I just couldn’t resist.

It was from a company called Quoyora who regularly have pop up adds for interested looking clothing.
They were advertised as gloves and they were to be a stocking filler for one of my daughters who loves pandas.

May be an image of animal and footwear

I went against my usual caution and ordered them and this was in November.
They finally arrived today and after all that time, what I received today was a complete disappointment!!

They are badly shaped mittens and not gloves.
However, the most disappointing thing is the panda itself.
It is simply a large flat patch that has been stitched to the back of the mittens. No three dimensions to it in any way and no shiny glass eyes.
So badly made a two year old could have done a better job!!

Thankfully I didn’t spend a huge amount on them so it’s not a huge loss.
But for people who are tempted to buy more than a few pieces of their clothing it is simply going to be money down the drain.
Don’t be tempted by these adverts!!

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