General diary entries


Seriously! The Deja vu vibes from last week are so strong.
The only difference this week is that we are waiting for Dharma’s Covid result instead of Ian’s.

As I sit here, poised and ready for work…. just like last week.
I’ve had my coffee.
I’ve trawled all the overnight FB posts, Twitter posts and Instagram posts.
I’ve had a quick look at the BBC News but to be honest, I’m sick of hearing about that Moron and how he STILL hasn’t been removed from office.
The house is tidy.

I’m debating a movie but with the chance we could have Dharma’s result at any moment, I may not get it finished.
Do I put the TV on? Catch up on the News?
What’s to catch up on really?
We’re in a lockdown and Donald Duck is still president of the US…. at least for the next 13 days, unless the vice president and the rest of the US government pull the 25th Amendment card.
I suppose I wouldn’t want to miss that!!

There’s probably enough of a wash load. I could get that going.
I can’t do a shop because I can’t leave the house until this result is back.
We’re not desperate for anything anyway and I see a take away on the horizon this evening.

The only other option is to have a crack at Dharma’s 1000 piece Harry Potter puzzle that I got her for Xmas.
We’ve done the edges and a lot of the faces but we are now left with all the frames and when all the pieces are laid out, they all look the same!!!

It’s going to be a long day!!!

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