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Yesterday was a lovely day but didn’t end quite as planned.

Ian dropped Dharma at work and she was on a 09:30 to 19:00 shift.
I spent the morning doing some cleaning and the we dropped Marjorie at work for a 14:00 to 23:00 shift before heading over to Murron’s place for dinner.

I never thought I’d be saying that. Murron’s place.
The change in her over the last few months has been astonishing.
She has slipped into her new life like a perfectly fitting glove.
She has even taken on a parenting role as Jordan, her partner, has two small boys of 2 and 4 year that he shares responsibility for with his ex.

Seeing her with these kids was another level of unexpected.
She’s so good with them!
They even listen to her when she disciplines them which is something I could NEVER get Murron to do in 23 years!!

She cooked us a lovely roast dinner which was cooked to perfection and I even asked her how she did her roast potatoes because they were heaven!

Anyway, we left Murron’s at around 19:00 because I needed to get home because I was ‘supposed’ to be working today.

Yep, there’s that word. Supposed.
Before you think it, I didn’t come down with food poisoning after Murron’s dinner!

When we got home, Dharma informed us that she had been brewing a bit of a sore throat and a niggly tickly cough all day. She had done a symptom checker and it informed her that she, and anyone she lives with, should self isolate and she should get a COVID test.

She booked a drive through test for this morning, which I will be taking her to in about half an hour.
We then made a phone call to Marjorie at work and got her sent home.
I made a phone call to work to inform them of the situation which means I won’t be back until Dharma’s test result is back. Hopefully is won’t take long.
It won’t affect Ian as he works from home now anyway.

The worrying thing for us now is the fact that Dharma has had close contact with Nan and Grandad over the last 48 hours and Grandad even picked her up from work yesterday.
So we’ve told them to stay at home until Dharma’s results are back.
Hopefully it will come back negative and she is simply brewing a bit of a cold.

So, not quite the end to the day we expected.

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