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We all know that 2020 has been an absolute shit show of a year.

With all that’s happened, I actually consider my circumstances to be pretty good.
As a nurse I have seen, first hand, the effect this pandemic has had but thankfully, I am a Paediatric nurse, and apart from being seasonally busy and having to make some changes to work practice, Paediatrics has not really been effected and I have managed to keep my sanity and my job over the last few months.

My husband has settled into working from home and it has actually benefitted him health wise. With the lack of travelling making his days a lot less strenuous, he is not taking as much medication as he was prior to the pandemic and he is actually producing more work. His company have seen the benefits and working from home may become a permanent thing.

My two youngest kids have got through furlough with their jobs still in tact and have both just started back at University.

My eldest has actually made a life changing move. She managed to find the love of her life during lockdown and has now moved out.
I’ve never seen her so happy!

So why the blog?

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my movies.
They are my way of relaxing and getting my head out of the real world for a while.
So, as you can imaging, the last 6 months have been tough with the lack of new movies making it to the big screen.

There were plans for a few big movies before Xmas but after the new James Bond Movie got put back for a second time earlier this week, Cineworld announced a temporary closure of all it’s branches for the forseable future.
They simply cannot afford to run them when furlough ends and there are no new movies pulling in the customers.

OK, I can live with a temporary closure, however, I doubt they will reopen every single outlet.
This would be the time that they weed out the older screens requiring upgrades and refurbs and unfortunately I think my local Cineworld falls into that category.

Only time will tell on that one.

Jamed Bond was one big movie that we were looking forward to before Xmas but there was another movie that I was looking forward to more.

It looks like Dune may have had its release date pushed back from Dec 18th this year to October 1st next year!!
I could cry, I really could! The only new film I’ve seen in the cinema since March is Tenet.


I was really looking forward to this film and I’ve already waited long enough for it.
The thought of waiting a whole year is devastating.

I’ve just checked the IMDB site and it is now confirmed.
I’ve just re-set the milestone clock to the left of my blog and it has gone from a 74 day count down back to a 12 month wait!!


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